Sunday, February 3, 2013

You Completed the Caption

A lady having trouble with her stockings always gets a man's attention. Here's what you wrote:

Joey: "Move smartly my dear. Unfix that garter belt and down with the panties. Do not keep me waiting much longer or you will not be sitting comfortably for a couple of days."

Gary Ntboy: 'I'm going to leave the curtains open so that the neighbours can see you getting this well deserved spanking my dear.'

Ronnie: Jim was wondering what he'd look like in stockings and suspenders.

Prefectdt: "I had better be careful not to ladder those stockings, when I am over her knee."

Six of the best: "Yes, first ungarter your stockings my dear. Then remove your dress and knickers. For I propose to give you 'six of the best' strokes of the cane, across your bare bottom, as a birthday present Hermione" said her ever loving husband, to his darling wife.

Sir Wendel Jones: No more back talk or I’ll spank you again.

Dr. Ken: "Well, what do you know? That spanking really DID 'knock her socks off'..."

Young Lady: "That's not a bruise, that's a birthmark you've had our whole marriage, stop whining or I really WILL give you something to cry about"

Girl: And you're REALLY certain the invite said no underclothes? I want your mother's garden club to accept me, but I feel so naked.
Guy: MmmHHMmmm.

Ana: Him, thinking to himself: I did good.

Fanz123: Daughter, how many times must I tell you! Use the bedroom not the lounge to adjust your clothes. NOW! go get your hairbrush.

Hermione: I can't fasten my stocking, there's something in the way. I think you left your hairbrush under my skirt.

Thanks to all who contributed this week. Now go enjoy the Superbowl!
From Hermione's Heart

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