Thursday, February 21, 2013

For a Dom across the sea

Blogs written by male Doms are few and far between in the blogsphere, so I was pleasantly surprised when I started visiting New Life in DD by a charming gentleman called Bas. I always enjoy hearing a Top's point of view on the subject of spanking. While I know from personal experience what bottoms get out of the experience, I regularly wonder what's in it for them. In his posts, Bas makes clear the benefits that both he and his wife derive from their DD lifestyle.

My favourite post is one called One Man, Four Women and Morning Maintenance. In it, Bas describes a day out with four lovely ladies, and it's a perfect example of his eloquence and humour.

Speaking of humour, I look forward to reading his comments on my blog. He manages to see things from a unique perspective and writes with both wit and wisdom.

To Bas himself, I have these words of encouragement:

Warm hugs,

From Hermione's Heart


Anastasia Vitsky said...

Oh, there's Unique! All happy! Aww...

ronnie said...


I remember that post. Loved the pictures.


Blue Bird said...

LOL I remember that post also. I had forgotten! Thanks for reminding me! : )

Cat said...

Thanks for the reminder Hermione...that was one of my favorite posts!

Happy Spankful for Bas Day!


PK said...

LOL! Love the dog - the one about the 4 women he spent the day with was great!


Anonymous said...

That was a cute post - I remember it well.

Rogue said...

Well said, Hermione. That is a perfect example of Bas and his unique take on life. :)

Minielle Labraun said...

That post was great...He exhibited great patience!lol

Roz said...

Hi Hermione,

I remember that post as well LoL. Very nice, I love the pics!