Sunday, February 17, 2013

You Completed the Caption

The march down the aisle will be so much more fun with all your captions.

Archedone: OMG, it's going to be a spanking wedding. Red bottoms for all the bridemaids.

Bas: Bride: Do you see that ink on her arms? It's a shame!

Bogey: You don't men doing things like this. Girls have more fun.

Six of the best: "Spank me daddy, so I can be a blushing bride".

Sir Wendel Jones: “Sally is such a brat! Wearing pink panties so she can be the center of attention in the photo. She needs a good spanking.”

Sunnygirl: I guess they didn't think to wear 'cling free' undies.

Ronnie: The girls said they'd surprise her on her wedding day.

Bonnie: "We carefully selected matching bridesmaid dresses, shoes, and bouquets. I can see now that I should have specified the panties as well."

Michael: "Cindy's bridesmaids were acting very cheeky but soon their nether cheeks would pay the price - being turned fire engine red by the groomsmen in front of all the guests. The naughty girls would be standing for the rest of the day."

Gary NTboy: The scramble for the wedding bouquet had got out of hand so the groom had no choice but to spank all six bridesmaids. The bride's turn would come later, and she knew it.

Ami Starsong: The blushing bride pointed at her bridesmaids' cheeky bottoms, but they reminded her that getting hitched could have its advantages.

A. Lurker: Looks like the bride isn't the only one "getting hitched".

The bridesmaids had given her so much grief about their dresses. The bride would give them all a thorough spanking in front of the guests, before the reception, thereby ratcheting the term "bridezilla" up a notch.

Not only was there a blushing bride, but there was about to be a few blushing bridesmaids at this wedding, too.

You can tell who the maid of honour is - she's the only one with bright pink panties.

Ricky: Oh, carry me back to sweet Virginny . . .

Sir Q's mlb: The groom dared the women of the bridal party to show their panties, knowing the bride wasn't wearing any.

Bobbie Jo: As bold as the bridesmaids were with their joke on Sherrie, she convinced the six groomsmen to make sure each bridesmaid had a glowing bottom on display. Next thing she knew she was over Kent's knee getting her own red glow.

Hermione:  The bride realized that her "something borrowed" wasn't going to be a pair of panties from one of the bridesmaids.

Lillie: Every woman has a horrid selection of bridesmaids dresses that they will never be able to wear again. You just never know what the bride will pick and you have to wear it.

KiwiGirlieGirl: "is it my turn next?" complained the bride.

Thank you for having fun at the wedding. See you all next week!

From Hermione's Heart

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