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From the Top Shelf - A Man with a Maid

A Man with a Maid - Book 2 is a sequel to the original Victorian Man with a Maid,  the ultimate male fantasy concerning Jack, a wealthy man who converted his study into a punishment room for naughty girls. In this excerpt, Jack has enticed his fiancee's haughty sister Marion into visiting him, then has  her bound and secured in his punishment room. He intends to teach her the error of her ways, but she does not give in without a struggle, cursing, slapping and spitting at him for his outrageous behaviour. This, of course, does not help matters in the least.

I went to the cupboard and procured the glove box of feathers and the springy whip, then resumed my place behind her. Taking up the whip first, I put my left hand to the back of her neck and enquired, When you and Alice went to school, Marion, were you ever birched or caned?"

"No-o....o-o-nly on my hands once," she replied in a faint trembling voice.

"Suppose" I continued grimly, "you had slapped your teacher? How many strokes do you think you would have deserved?"

"Oh please," she groaned nervously, "more than I could bear, I am sure of it!"

"And then what if you had spat in her face?"

"Oh please don't torture me so! I-If you must have your revenge then take it while I still have the courage to endure it. But if you only knew how uncomfortable I am, how my limbs ache, you would show kindness and put an end to it," she sobbed.

"Very well, I shall pronounce sentence. For the slap, eight good cuts with the whip on your naked behind!"

"Oh dear!! Oh my!!"

"For spitting, twice as many. You may prepare yourself, Marion, and I shall keep an exact count because, this being your first whipping, I very much doubt your ability to retain an accurate accounting."

I pushed her lovely cascading black hair to one side so that I could grip her neck firmly with my left hand and, standing off to the left and with the whip in my right, raised it slowly so that she could not help but see it in the mirror in front of her. She uttered a sob, closed her eyes and tensed herself with all her might. The play of her muscles under the rippling satiny olive skin was enchantment itself. My cock was as hard as it had been at the very start of our afternoon.

But now there was a difference. Now I had learned much of Marion's secret nature and I could proceed undaunted to adapt and shape it as Pygmalion fashioned his immortal Galatea, to my very own whims, fancies and lusts!

I kept Marion waiting a long, languishing moment with my whip upraised and my left hand gripping the back of her slender neck. I must say she showed more bravery than could have been expected after her emotional breakdown and her confessional. I daresay if I had been thoroughly pacific with my intentions, I could have shown a nobility of character by forgiving and releasing her, then persuading her to make love to me.

However I think I correctly estimated that this would be a show of weakness on my part in turn and that she might try to regain her lost terrain and be haughtier than ever. No I must harden my heart and proceed to a thorough subjugation of my sister-in-law to be.

At last I brought the whip down smartly across the top of her hips. It made a soft smacking sound but left no mark, although Marion sucked in her breath and jerked nervously, perhaps more from the torturing suspense than from the stroke itself. "That is one!" I counted aloud.

She bent her head, closed her eyes, while I stared over her shoulder at the mirror, feasting my appetites to the utmost. You can have no idea how really mouthwatering Alice's sister was, standing there stark naked except for her black stockings and the flouncy rosette garters, her legs slightly spread, her arms drawn up so high that her pectoral muscles were in bold relief, and the uptilting insolent pears of her breasts surged out in dazzling elegance as if in a contest of love goddesses!

I dealt the second cut a little lower down, just over the top of her prominent and firm bottom ovals, and I enjoyed the sight of the lash clinging to those tender hemispheres and the tip flicking round towards the area of her tender groin. Marion gasped a little more loudly this time, nervously tried to shift from foot to foot, and dragged on her wrists. From the way her sides were trembling, for I could see her ribcage plainly outlined against the taut olive skin, I knew that she must be fatigued from the long duration of her atonement. As this would increase the overall stress on her nerves and psyche to bring me the most voluptuous gratification I hardened my heart and directed the third cut about an inch below the place where the second had landed.

Her hips gave an involuntary swerve to this side and that, her head tilted back a little and her eyes opened wide. Intently following her reflection, I perceived that her eyes were full of tears and that her nostrils were beginning to dilate rapidly...

Naturally, Marion eventually succumbs to the delights of the whip and the later erotic ministrations from Jack, and another spanko is born.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Excellent story. Thank you for sharing.


ronnie said...

Nicely chosen. Thank you Hermione.

is the book worth a read?


Rollin said...

This may have been written by Paul Little, a contemporary (well, 1960's) pulp fiction writer, who among other things wrote sequels to many erotic classics. "Happy Tears," a 1930's spanking novel, comes to mind. he was a great mimic in that he could replicate the style of the original and this may have been one of those. It certainly reads like him.

Aimless Rambling said...

Thanks for the story Hermione.

Hermione said...

Joey - It's always my pleasure to share spanking erotica.

Ronnie - Quite a lot of explicit sex - too much for my taste.

Rollin - How interesting. I had no idea he was a modern writer.

Sunny - You're welcome.


ricky said...

Oh, excuse me, I drifted.
What happened next?
I know, I know, read the book, right?
(I knew there was a catch to it.)

Hermione said...

Ricky - Sorry to leave you hanging, as it were:)