Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Read your blog backup

Because of the recent threat from Google to remove adult blogs that receive money from advertising adult site,  many of us who use Blogger  have been backing up our blogs in the event that we have to move our blogs elsewhere.

If you haven't done that yet, here's how.  Settings, Other, Export Blog then choose a place on your computer to save the file. This will create a backup file of your blog in .XML format, ready for importing into another Blogger blog, or into a blog on a different platform. Go on, do it right now. I'll wait...

Unfortunately, the backup is unreadable by humans; it is meant for machines only. Or is it?

If you have the browser called Opera installed on your computer, you can actually read your backup file and see your blog posts, pictures and comments, even if it has (shudder!) been deleted.

If you don't have Opera, go to http://www.opera.com/ and choose your operating system (Windows, Mac or Linux).

Click Download. Follow the instructions on your screen, and you're done! Open Opera by double-clicking on the icon on your desktop or by clicking on it in the Start menu.

Now go find the backup file that you created and saved on your computer. You remember where you saved your backup file, right? It looks like this: blog-01-01-2013.xml but the date would be different for you.

Right-click on the file and select "Open with..." Choose Opera, and voila! You will see the inner contents of your mysterious backup file. The template comes first, and all the details about it. Skip past that.

Then you will see comments that go with the post that you will see if you keep scrolling down. A little upside-down, but at least you will be able to read your precious blog.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

I don't understand where this country is coming from. In school they teach it's ok to have sex. It's ok to post on the net that you are gay and discuss all issues connected with it. But talk about adults spanking consenting adults and that is a no-no.

SirQsmlb said...

OK, so why deleted? I just opened mine and it's all there.

You are so fabulous...keeping us all updated and informed. I do keep calmer because your here!!

thank you!


Anonymous said...

Thank you! You always have the answers. I've read a few forums besides the blogs and seen you there too. Thank you again for the help!

ronnie said...


I had no idea how to back my blog until you came to the rescue. You are a star. Thank you.


Anastasia Vitsky said...

Yet another reason to be glad I have wordpress. :D

I like your new picture!

Anonymous said...

excellent explanation, and a good reminder to do once a month...
Thanks... you should receive a good girl spanking today for helping every blogger today..
bottoms up

Aimless Rambling said...

Thanks Hermione. I will try this later although I don't think there is anything there worth saving. lol

Hermione said...

Archedone - It's okay to blog about it as long as you aren't making money linking to adult porn sites.

Fiona - I'm glad you are still here with us.

Emi - Yes, I help on the forum, but I don't advertise the fact that I have this blog.

Ronnie - Yay! I'm glad you are safe now.

Ana - There are advantages and disadvantages to both platforms.

Red - Thanks for the suggestion. I will pass it along.

Sunny - Your stories are very much worth saving. At least you could copy them from Opera and paste somewhere else. OR maybe you already have them stored away.


Erica said...

Very good information, Hermione. Thank you. I am backing up my blog regularly these days.

sixofthebest said...

Hermione. You might love to read Celeste Ruperts blog out of Calgary, Canada. You might say it makes a lot of 'horse sense'. You will find it on 'Bonnie' menu list.

Roz said...

Thank you so much Hermione, I haven't backed up my blog yet, but will do so.


Hermione said...

Erica - Good for you. You really can't be too careful these days.

Six - I visit her blog regularly.

Roz - There's no time like the present!


Terpsichore said...

thanks for the valuable information. Haven't back up my post yet...though I did copy and paste some into word just to keep...will add backing up to my to-do list...thanks Terps :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I followed your instructions including downloading Opera.

You do know everything, you are so similar to the Hermione in Harry Potter who has all the answers.

Big Hug,


Hermione said...

Terps - I do that too, and save all my posts and pictures to a flash drive.

Joey - There are several similarities between me and the real Hermione. It's a good fit.

the other Hermione

Fondles said...

Genius. Thanks!