Monday, July 1, 2013

146 Birthday Spanks

Today is Canada's 146th birthday. I know there are many popular misconceptions about the country in which I live.

Many people believe that Canada is a land of perpetual ice and snow. Not true. We do have warm, sunny weather on occasion. I believe it's due on July 19th this year.

You can do anything to a Canadian. We won't sue you.
(Heh, heh, heh. Just try it.)

No, really, we don't all look like Bob and Doug McKenzie. The other 1 million of us are quite normal.

One thing that is true is that today, we will be celebrating!

 There will be parades...

Cake and other good things...

And fireworks!

I'm proud to be a Canadian, and do you want to know why?

I hope that wherever you are in the world, you will raise a glass and toast our fair country (or toast the bottom nearest to you), and may you enjoy your own fireworks in honor of this special day.

From Hermione's Heart


geekie kittie said...

Yay! Happy Birthday to Us!!! I will actually be spending part of my day downtown ... in Ottawa! o.O

Oh well they don't call us Crazy Canucks for nothing!

Enjoy your day!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Canada. I will toast to your country sometime today. We are very lucky to have such wonderful neighbors.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, there were Canadians in our neighborhood helping fix our electrical lines.

So, have a terrific day.


ronnie said...


Happy birthday to Canada. Enjoy the day and celebrations.

Fun pictures.


Minielle Labraun said...

Happy Birthday Canada!!!
Toast whatever way you enjoy and have fun!

abby said...

Happy Birthday Canada..I actually have spent a bit of time enjoying your wonderful country since I grew up in a bordering state...good memories.
Hope your celebration has personal fireworks!!
hugs abby

Susie said...

Happy Canada day Hermione!

sixofthebest said...

Hermione, Happy 146th Birthday to you and all Canadians. Whenever I hear your National Anthem, "O Canada", it always reminds me of our friendly neighbors up north. If only the world could be so to.

Meg said...

Happy Canada Day! Wishing our wonderful neighbors a fun celebration!

It does get hot in Canada. We were hoping for cooler weather as we headed north for vacation, but if anything it was hotter! Still had the best vacation ever! Beautiful country, great food, and the nicest people.

Roz said...

Happy Canada Day Hermione! Hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy the celebrations .. and some personal fireworks :)


Aimless Rambling said...

Happy Birthday Canada. I'll get my Canadian friend to sing "Oh Canada" for us all.Oh yes, she'll clear the place so maybe not.

Thanks for always being there on our side even when we are being 'nuts'.

It is a beautiful country. Love the comment about summer on the 19th of July. Ray, who hails from Rochester, NY originally, used to say he "worked the day" they actually had summer.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Canada, and may Ron give you 146 spanks to show his love to you today and always
bottoms up

an English Rose said...

Happy birthday to Canada, hope you all have a happy day today,
love Jan.xx

*Bonnie* said...

Happy Canada day eh! I've been to Vancouver on this day once and I must say I love it there! Hope you have a great day!

Hermione said...

Lost Kittie - Welcome! You're sure to have a great time in our nation's capital.

Joey - We try to help our neighbours whenever we can.

Ronnie - I will enjoy the day. Glad you liked the pictures.

Minelle - Thank you. I'll raise a glass of white wine!

Abby - I grew up quite near the border too. It was so easy to cross in those days.

Susie - Thank you.

Six - I have the same wish.

Meg - Yes, sometimes it's hotter here than in the US, depending on where you are. I was only joking; it has been quite hot here for at least a month.

Roz - That could possibly happen:)

Sunny - You guys are the very best neighbours we could wish for.

Red - Thanks. I'll let him know what you suggested:)

Rose - Thank you.

*Bonnie* - I've never been there but I know it's a lovely city.


Sarah said...

Happy Canada Day to you!! Hope you have a fabulous day filled with much toasting :)

Ami Starsong said...

Happy Canada Day to you Hermione. I remember the years I lived in Ontario as a child with pleasure and nostalgia. Have a lovely day!



Hermione said...

Sarah - Toasting and roasting, I hope!

Ami - Ontario is a lovely province but then, so are all the others.


Christina said...

Happy Canada Day! Enjoy the holiday, wear the red and white and have fun watching the fireworks!

garyntboy said...

Well happy birthday to Canada, lets hope you get your 146 spanks...But not all at once..
Kind regards,

Daisy Christian said...

When I was growing up I was actually in Canada alot. I have good friends there ..but I like mayo on my chicken sandwich and they always looked at me weird lol...anyway love you guys and Happy Birthday!!! I'm actually goin to get fire works soon

Bonnie said...

Happy Canada Day, dear neighbors. I particularly enjoy the Canadian sense of humo(u)r!

Is it true that McKenzie Brothers live next to the Trailer Park Boys?


Hermione said...

Christina - We both wore t-shirts with the Canadian flag on them. Weren't up late enough to see the fireworks, though.

Gary - How many at a time would you suggest? :D

Daisy - What's wrong with a chicken sandwich with mayo? That's how I like them too. Must be a regional thing, like vinegar vs ketchup on fries.

Bonnie - Yes, the rednecks tend to stick together; after all, they're family:)


Daisy Christian said...

Idk when I went to Canada no restaurant served we love vinegar on fries ...where we grew up that was common..where we live now the think were nuts ..But 5 guys burgers has vinegar!!