Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wednesday WIN

 One of my favourite visitors and frequent commenters, Six of the best, is celebrating his 80th birthday today. Happy birthday, dear friend!

To celebrate the occasion, here is a miscellaneous collection of fun pics - all bottom-related, of course!

A lovely piece of embroidery, suitable for framing and hanging in the boudoir.

Look but don't touch!

Big butts everywhere. (This must be a depiction of some spanko's nightmare.)

Erotic dice with the option to spank. What's really interesting though is the first pair. This has taken off big time in Japan. The latest fetish is not for the squeamish; read more here if you dare.

Target shooting - now a spectator sport.

From Hermione's Heart


DelFonte said...

Eye ball licking - not a fetish for me, makes me squeamish just thinking about it!
Do like the spikes on the butt, those could be useful in certain situations.

abby said...

Thanks for my morning chuckle. I have dice suited just for spanking...they are fun.
hugs abby

Roz said...

Eye ball licking - *shudders* makes me squeamish just thinking about it too!

Love the target practice LoL. Thanks for sharing these Hermione.


garyntboy said...

Ten smacks for every point dropped....that would improve her aim somewhat....or....maybe not.
Kind regards,

sixofthebest said...

Hermione, here is another Wednesday Winner. Today I celebrate my 80th Birthday, yes 8o years YOUNG today. 70 of those years as a SPANKO, having learnt my trade, as a school-boy in England, when I fantasied, wishing to spank one of my female teacher's on her bare bottom.

Hermione said...

DelFonte - Not for me either. Yuck!

Abby - Your dice sound like something we would have fun with too.

Roz - Very unhygienic. No wonder they get eye infections.

Gary - I think my aim would deteriorate drastically!

Six - Happy birthday, dear friend.


Sassafrass said...

Thanks, for the laugh this morning. Big butts everywhere that's hilarious unless you're the janitor.

Irishey said...

Happy Birthday, SOTB!

Hermione, these are great! Well, except the eyeball licking. @..@


Minielle Labraun said...

Happy Birthday Six Of The Best!!
Hermione....That eyeball licking thing....Can I say eeewwwwww?

Aimless Rambling said...

Happy Birthday Six.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Six.

ronnie said...


Wonderful. Happy birthday to you.

Thanks for the smiles Hermione. Big butts, very funny.


Erica said...

Happy birthday, Six!

sixofthebest said...

Thank you Hermione, my dear Canadian friend for that wonderful 80th Birthday cake. I've been trying to eat each delicious morsel off the internet screen. Plus I would offer each of my other 'spanko' friends a slice if I could. Thank you all.

ricky said...

Happy 80th, Six of the Best!
Have a spanking fun time!
& thank you, Hermione, for posting.
I just love #4,

ricky said...

Oh, excuse me, I meant # 6.

Kenzie said...

Happy Birthday, Six!

Oooh, the eye ball licking fetish is not for me!

Hermione said...

Thanks, everyone, for visiting and for celebrating Six of the Best's birthday with me.