Sunday, July 7, 2013

You Completed the Caption

Today we are enjoying a sight you don't see too often in the military. Here are your thoughts.

Ricky: Vive la rouge, peut-etre?
(Sounds sexy in French, don't it?)

It sure does!

 Ronnie: If he doesn't take this hint, I'll be spanking myself.

Six of the best: When I joined the WACS (Women's Auxiliary Corp), I didn't know it meant 'spanking whacks'.

Michael:  Chairman Mao's army of the People's Republic was equal in all ways except when it came to disciplining insubordinate female recruits.

DelFonte: New recruits who slipped to the back of the line found they were greeted with a special kind of motivation and a new meaning to the phrase - bringing up the rear.

Kingspan: Some parts of a Red Army soldier were made redder than others.

Sir Wendel Jones: The rear end distraction on the front line.

Mitch Philbin: In an effort to thwart enemy surveillance, a new diversionary tactic was implemented.

Vfrat25000: Why do I feel a draft?

They gave me see-through pants and no bullets in my gun. I don’t think General Bendergoken is really serious about having women in the army.

Sergeant, why are all the men volunteering to bring up the rear of the line?

Hey Lydia, do want to try out for the new reality show called “The People’s Army”
Sure Jennie sounds like fun.
Jennie if I EVER get the chance I am going to strangle you.

It’s the General’s Birthday. I am guessing one look at my bottom in this see-through uniform and the Little General will come to attention and salute me. Hee Hee

Hermione: The obstacle course for basic training included a startling number of spanking benches and a large assortment of military paddles.

Thank you all for participating today. I hope you will all join me in extending your condolences to Lisa on the sad loss of her husband Bas, one of our fellow bloggers. His farewell post is here.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm sorry I didn't see the contest sooner. I'll watch for the next one.

"As the column marched
a penetration of the
Red flanks became more
and more enticing...."


Hermione said...

Hi Mike and welcome! This is a regular weekend feature, so I hope to see you next Saturday.