Thursday, July 25, 2013

Writing Spanking Fiction

Each week I visit the blogs of successful and prolific writers of spanking fiction. Recently I have also seen a few bloggers who are planning on entering the world of professional writing. My hat's off to all of you. Fiction is not my strong point, and I admire those who can come up with good plot lines for interesting stories that include spanking.

Rollin Hand, a veteran author of excellent spanking fiction, has prepared a series of posts describing the various techniques of writing a good spanking story. I learned a lot from them, and feel a little bit more comfortable about trying my hand at fiction in the not too distant future. I hope you will drop by his blog and read his series on writing.

Writing the Spanking Scene - Part 1

Book Review - Betrothed by Renee Rose (It's Part 2)

Writing the Spanking Scene - Part 3

Writing the Spanking Scene - Part 4

Rollin plans to add more to the series.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Hermione, thanks for the information, I'm going to read it.
I have written a few spanking stories for my wife to read, and she enjoys them. And after reading a few of them, I've received a wonderful spanking. Please try your hand at writing and post them.

Daisy Christian said...

Thank you for the info I will check it out...have u seen my fiction I have some on a website is the blog and is the website

if u do write I'd love to read it and put it on the site if you would like

Hermione said...

Arched one - If you think your wife wouldn't mind, I would love to read one or two, and possibly publish them in my From the Top Shelf feature.

Daisy - Thanks for the links. I will certainly read your stories.


ronnie said...


There are some fantastic fiction writers in our community.

I'm hopeless at fiction but have always wanted to write some so thanks for the link. I will certainly pop over.


Ami Starsong said...

Thanks Hermione - I didn't realise Rollin Hand blogged here. I have several of his stories on my Kindle and am very open to receiving advice on writing.

You should have a go yourself - we'd all read your stories! I bet they'd be good ones!



Hermione said...

Ronnie - I agree, we have some very talented writers in our community. Rollin has some good advice to share.

Ami - I'm so glad I posted this, then. Rollin has loads of great stories on his blog.


Anonymous said...

Hello Hermione,
Your readers should know that as of this morning there is now a part 4 up on my blog. Hope you find it interesting.

Enzo said...

Thanks for posting this Hermione as I always appreciate learning about what people enjoy and or consider a good spanking story.

As most bloggers do, I look to the feedback on my blog as a gauge to the enjoyment of my stories. That feedback via comments or polls unfortunately tends to be limited so I never truly get an accurate reading/review of my stories.

Autumn said...

I'll have to check that out. Thanks for sharing.

Not sure if you've stopped by my new blog, but I'm including some original works. I haven't really given myself time to write since high school... its been a LOT of fun and I'd LOVE any input you may have. =)


Hermione said...

Rollin - I added the fourth link. It was quite interesting. I've read some of Sharon Green's work, and it isn't your usual spanking lit.

Enzo - Lack of meaningful comments is always frustrating.

Autumn - I didn't know about your blog. thanks for mentioning it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links, Hermione, very helpful!