Thursday, July 16, 2015

Complete the Caption

An old photo, found in an attic, of four very stern women seated in a row on some steps. At least they look stern, because back then nobody ever smiled in photos. Perhaps they are friendly and pleasant. On the other hand, they might be conscientious disciplinarians. What do you think?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment, and I will publish your suggestions in a future post.
From Hermione's Heart


ronnie said...

Right, which of you gentlemen is going to take his spanking first. Come along and don't keep us waiting.


Baxter said...

In an early version of the Olympics, the four women judged each others spanking ability and technique.

"Well Ernestine, we think you spanked him pretty well, but you should have concentrated the paddle more on the sit spots. Go back down and start again, will you? Maybe another 50 or so hard spanks? That should do it."

I agree. I will make up for my oversight.


Anonymous said...

Notice how all the women are sitting in a “side saddle” position. This is because their husbands just carried out their threat to spank them so hard they wouldn’t be able to "sit comfortably for a week." It seems their husbands had made the threat after overhearing the four talk about joining in a suffrage parade and explaining that such participation would lead to four very sore bottoms. The headstrong women decided to disobey their husbands’ wishes because they thought they were too old to be spanked and didn’t believe their husbands would carry through on the threat. When the husbands spotted the women marching down the street, they yanked the four out of the parade and proceeded to give them each an over the knee, bare bottom spanking right there on the courthouse steps. Afterward, the women were told to pose for this photo to serve as a reminder of the consequences they would face should they ever again consider disobeying their husband’s wishes. It was reported that the example set by the four husbands resulted in most of the other parade participants exhibiting similar sitting problems over the next week.

Anonymous said...

"Silly boy. You thought we would be satisfied with the right to vote? Bend over. We're ready for round two with our canes on your naughty bottom."

Simon said...

" Let's do something disgraceful. At the count of three we'll all remove our hats!"

Anonymous said...

These four woman of vintage years are looking sad, because their husbands have promised each one of them, that their old-fashioned bloomers, will be coming down to their knees, for a good old fashioned spanking on their bare bottoms. They will be caned. 'Six of the best', they will receive on their naked rear ends.

WendelJones said...

Vintage Drag Queens??

A. Lurker said...

The year was 1915 and these co-eds spent their Spring Break week getting drunk on raspberry cordials and showing their ankles on Girls Gone Wild. Now they are spending a week unable to sit properly after being severely disciplined upon their return to campus.

ricky said...

Remember, girls, no squirming for the camera!