Monday, July 6, 2015

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for July 5

What are my readers' experiences with slippering? Read on:

Leigh: Way back when we experimented with a leather flip flop. Hurt like the dickens. Love your cake.

Six of the best: Hermione, what a beautiful Star Spanking Cake to celebrate U.S.A.'s Birthday. May tomorrow bring us also the Woman's World Soccer Gold Cup. If they win or lose, I sure would love to spank some of those lassies on their knickers down bare bottoms.

Jan: Yes, hubby sometimes picks up his slipper, hurts like mad!!

Emerging Lurker: We haven't tried it. I am curious but cannot get "what has this stepped in" idea out of my mind and I'm too cheap to buy a pair of shoes when I'm only interested on one of them.

Welcome, E.L.!

Minelle: No we haven't ever used footwear. Just hasn't occured to either of us.

Roz: Love the cake Hermoine. Wishing our American friends a wonderful 4th of July weekend.

Rick spanked me once with a sandle with a leather sole. Hurt like the dickens!

Simon: When I was at school, a really long time ago, the PE teachers would often use a plimsoll on the bottoms of boys and girls who had displeased them. Watching young ladies being punished wearing their tight red gym shorts was certainly a big factor in my lifelong fascination with spanking. So as an adult it was one of the first implements I tried both as a giver and receiver of punishments. In both cases I found it a rather disappointing implement. Whilst a plimsoll or slipper can impart a sting it is unwieldly in the hand and doesn't make a very interesting sound. If over the knee I much prefer the hand of my Mistress or a hairbrush or small paddle and if bent over a strap or cane.

Nina: Hi Hermione, awesome cake, I love the colours. Hubby has used a slipper with a rubber sole, and that was a very bad spanking. I don't know if another sole would have made it easier to endure, but the rubber sole hurt awfully.

Michael M: Slippering was common at my school, over shorts and on the bare if we were messing about in the changing rooms.

My wife does not use the slipper on me because it is fairly soft and low impact. However she does use a leather sole sandal to great effect when we are on holiday.

Katie: I've never heard of that term before. Rob has given me a seat or two with a flip flop in the past. Just as a fun thing. More recently he picked up a shoe (Rubber soled slip-on summer shoe) from our closet and I told him (respectfully) that I didn't like the idea of being spanked with a shoe that gets worn outside on the streets. My health professional head just raised a red flag. Who knows where the shoe has stepped (think about dogs pooping outside, and their humans pick it up, leave no trace). Well there are traces that one can't see. That sounds like a huge setup for infection. No thank you. Rob agreed right away. So if someone wants to do that kind of activity, my suggestion is to have a pair or more of slippers/shoes that are reserved for that. We won't be using them.

Bonnie: I think anything in our house that could be conceivably be used as a spanking implement has been tried on my bottom. That includes slippers, sandals, shoes and flip-flops. Some hurt, but most were ineffectual. As a result, footwear are seldom a part of our spankings.

S: I love a good slippering. D has a huge slipper, too big for him and so never worn and soiled by the floor, with a soft leather sole.

I drape myself comfortably over the arm of the sofa., bottom bared. He takes a short run up, and delivers a mighty whack, which sounds like a thunder clap, but doesn't really hurt or bruise, and as he slippers away my bottom gets hotter, and smarts happily. The slippering goes on for some time, and by the time he has finished I am just longing for him to take me between my happy cheeks, still over the sofa arm, which he always does. We have to keep the window closed, as the noise of my slippering would carry a long way!

Ronnie: P has used my slipper, leather sandal (his), shoe, flip flop and a gym plimsoll. His sandal hurt the most.
I would love a piece of your cake.

Sir Wendel: The misses used her sandal on me a couple of times. I would prefer the wooden paddle over the sandal. I walloped her bottom with it once. She complained it hurt too much and that she couldn’t sit for hours.

Anon: Never used a slipper in my spankings. I don't really want to, either. Nothing against it (except health reasons - would only use a brand new one), but it just doesn't particularly interest me.

Hermione: I must confess that after I read the story about slippering, I went to my shoe rack and examined all my shoes for possible spanking purposes. I found a pair of light, supple red leather shoes that would fulfill the purpose. I wasn't even sure which end you hold when using a shoe, but I'm assuming it's the heel end. (Correct me if I'm wrong.) We haven't tried it yet, but I might suggest it to Ron next time he feels inclined to spank me.

Thank you all for your responses. Have a lovely week!
From Hermione's Heart

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