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From the Top Shelf - Joanna's Turn

Juliette has just received six of the best from Miss Williams, and was told to go to the locker room to get dressed, then to hurry back because Joanna was waiting. Waiting for what? Let's find out.
Lucy was puzzled by the succinct 'Joanna is waiting', but she was almost relieved to see Juliette rise stiffly from the hurdle and, without stopping to pick up the towel or her T-shirt, walk towards the changing room. Lucy, frantically trying to fix every detail in her mind so that she could write up her notes later, knew that this would be a day she would not forget in a hurry. And, she thought, observing the bold red stripes crossing Juliette's shapely buttocks, it will be a long time before Juliette forgets today, either.

As soon as the dressing room door was safely closed so that the class could no longer see her, Juliette's hand went to her stinging bottom and she began to massage the tender flesh to try and reduce the throbbing. Looking round, she spied a face cloth hanging on a locker door. Quickly, she drenched the cloth in cold water and applied it to her glowing posterior. The relief was considerable and she realised that she had better do as she was instructed and get dressed quickly, or she would be in line for another dose of the same medicine for keeping the class waiting. As she ruefully pulled on her panties, easing them gently over her throbbing bottom, her thoughts were a jumble.

Funny, I heard the swish but I didn't hear the crack! It hurts though, sharper and more intense than the strap and certainly much more than any spanking, but it's bearable - just!

She fumbled with her bra straps. Damn! She had left her T-shirt in the gym. She'd just have to go back out as she was. Must hurry, Wendy said to be quick. Wonder why she wants Joanna to wait? Still if it means I get to watch the little minx take a good caning, then so much the better. She deserves it a damn sight more than I did.

She pulled on her skirt and quickly splashed some water over her face to cool it down before returning to the gym. She wished she could have cooled her smarting bottom-cheeks the same way, but there was no time.

Wendy raised an eyebrow when she saw Juliette enter wearing only her bra and skirt, but soon realised what had happened and made no comment. Juliette saw that her classmates were still sitting exactly as she had left them a few moments earlier. Joanna, looking very downcast, was still standing near the hurdle, clad in her towel. Obviously her punishment had been delayed expressly for Juliette's benefit.

Wendy Williams beckoned Juliette to come to the front of the group. As she approached the teacher and pupil standing by the hurdle, Juliette became aware of a curious change in the demeanour of the other members of the class. There was a tension in the air which had not been there before, but Juliette could not quite define why.

Miss Williams broke the silence. "While you were away, I had a most interesting discussion with the rest of the class on the subject of justice being seen to be done. The general feeling was that I had been too severe in awarding you a caning."

Juliette, surprised, did not know how to reply, so said nothing.

"I do not agree, of course. You were caught red-handed in some noisy horseplay and that sort of disruptive behaviour cannot be tolerated at Carstairs. You do understand that, don't you?"

She looked Juliette straight in the eye. Juliette wondered what this was leading up to. Surely she wasn't going to be punished further - that wouldn't be fair. Was she mistaken, or did Wendy have the glint of a twinkle in her eye?

"I asked you a question."

"Er, no, miss, I mean, yes I do." Juliette was confused.

Wendy was definitely smiling. "In any case, as I am sure you realise by now, your caning was by no means a severe one, so you can hardly claim to be hard done by."

If that was not a severe caning, I'd hate to experience one that was, Juliette thought to herself; the turn of the conversation focusing her mind back on the six throbbing lines of fire which still burned across her bottom.

"However, the feeling among the majority of your classmates -" Wendy gestured at the assembled girls "- was that perhaps you were provoked. That shoe-print on your derriere did rather indicate that Joanna here had been particularly vexing."

Juliette looked across at Joanna, who was shifting uncomfortably from one foot to the other.

"So although you deserved your caning - I have no doubt about that - natural justice would seem to indicate that you be allowed something by way of compensation." She held out the cane to the astonished Juliette. "Take this and listen. Joanna has something she wants to say to you."

Juliette felt she had no option but to grasp the cane which was thrust at her and took it gingerly in her right hand.

"Please, Juliette," Joanna was gasping out the words, almost choking with the effort. "Please, I'm sorry I got you into trouble and please would you give me the thorough caning I deserve?"

The last few words tumbled out as if the flood-gates had suddenly been opened. To Juliette's amazement, she saw Wendy Williams take the younger girl by the shoulder and turn her towards the hurdle. With one swift jerk of the wrist, Wendy whipped off the girl's towel and pushed her naked body forwards.

"Well said, young lady, now over you go."

Joanna did exactly as she was told and presented an astonished Juliette, whose mind was still reeling, with a clear view of her pert bottom as she bent over the hurdle. The youngster's rush to bend over suggested that perhaps she found baring her bottom less embarrassing than having to look Juliette in the eye and asking to be caned.

"You may give her six of the very best," continued Miss Williams. "May I suggest that you do not make the mistake of striking too hard. You are a novice, so concentrate on accuracy. Aim only for the fleshy part of her bottom. You will find that the rattan is quite pliant and springy enough to inflict all the damage you want without undue effort."

Juliette's mind was in a whirl. Was Miss Williams serious? Was she really being given the opportunity to obtain some natural justice. She stared at the perfect globes of the unblemished bottom thrust out submissively before her. Desire and natural caution were in conflict. "I-I don't know, miss, I'm not sure I should," she stuttered, but simultaneously thinking there could be nothing more satisfying than to give this little minx, the author of so many of her own recent misfortunes, a good taste of her own medicine.

"Of course you should - and you will." Miss Williams's voice was now sharp and authoritative. "For several reasons. One because you know she deserves it, two, because I know you really want to do it and three, most importantly, because I am ordering you to. If you are telling me you wish to disobey me, then, of course, I will punish Joanna myself, and considerably harder than you are likely to. But after that I'll have you back over that hurdle and you'll discover what a real caning feels like. Is that what you want?"

"No, miss," Juliette replied hastily. That warning had made her mind up. There was no way she was going to martyr herself on Joanna's account, that was for sure.

"Very well then. Let's get on with it; it's cruel to keep the poor girl waiting in suspense." As she said this, she gestured at the unfortunate Joanna, thrusting out her bottom, silently awaiting her fate.

Juliette stared at the shapely globes displayed before her and suddenly received a rush of excitement. She would like nothing better than to stripe those gorgeous tight little buttocks. It would serve Joanna right. She took a deep breath. Her own bottom stung and this little pest was the reason for that. The cane began to rise, then suddenly, with no conscious effort or thought on Juliette's part, it was whipping down again.

More by luck than good judgement, Juliette planted the first stroke fairly and squarely across the teenager's tight bottom. As if in slow motion, she saw both cheeks distort and flatten under the impact. A red weal appeared as if by magic. Joanna gave a shrill cry and her curly head jerked up then flopped forward again as Juliette drew back the cane for a second stroke.

It was as if the shock of the first impact, transmitted up the cane to Juliette's wrist, had unlocked all her inhibitions. She felt a joyous exultation as the cane slashed down for the second time, bringing forth another pain filled yell from the hapless Joanna. The youngster's feet drummed a tattoo on the wooden floor of the gym and her whole body was tense as she fought to control herself.

"Don't get too excited and watch that aim!" Wendy's voice cut through the red mist that was clouding Juliette's vision.

The second weal was a little below the first, but not quite parallel with it. Juliette had not struck quite square and the two lines converged on Joanna's right buttock to give a deeper red bruise where they overlapped. Juliette paused and took a deep breath. She would concentrate on her aim. She laid the cane softly across Joanna's wriggling bottom as if to steady herself. She also remembered the strokes which had caused her the most discomfort, both during her caning today and during her official strapping just a few short weeks ago. Oh yes, she'd give this little madam something to wriggle about.

With an almost relaxed sweep and follow through, just as her tennis coach had taught her, Juliette laid the third stripe across Joanna's bottom, right into the under curve at the top of her thighs. The response was a very gratifying shriek and a wobbling of Joanna's hitherto firm bottom. Juliette knew beyond doubt that she had ensured that Joanna would not be sitting comfortably at breakfast the next morning. Whatever the state of her own rear end, and there was no doubt she was also going to be uncomfortable at breakfast, she felt that revenge had a very soothing effect.

She examined her handiwork carefully. Joanna was only slightly-built and her bottom presented only a small canvas on which to work. However there was still a sufficiently large untouched area for Juliette's purposes. Crack! Crack! In quick succession Juliette applied two more stripes. Her haste spoiled her aim and the lines criss-crossed her squirming victim's bottom in an almost random pattern.

"I told you to be careful!" Wendy had to raise her voice to be heard above the shrieks and sobs of the unfortunate Joanna. She grabbed the cane from Juliette and pushed her to one side. "This is how you keep control; it's all in the wrist, do you see?" With an effortless flick she applied the sixth and final cut to the curly-haired teenager's squirming rear, overlaying Juliette's third stroke to the top of the thighs.

"Now do you see?"

Juliette realised that it was not intended to be a rhetorical question.

"Yes, I think so, miss. Thank you." She looked at Joanna's well-striped bottom. She had certainly given the little minx something to remember. Juliette's heart was pumping wildly. The excitement of what she had just done was almost like....she could hardly have formed the word in her mind, but every screaming nerve told her that she was ready to orgasm. She hardly heard Wendy Williams tell Joanna to get up.

Her face as flushed and red as her victim's bottom, Juliette waited while Joanna tearfully stood up and stepped away from the hurdle. Then the reality of what she had done began to sink in.

"I suggest that you two go back to your rooms and find some cold cream to apply." Wendy addressed the two girls, each rubbing unashamedly at a sore bottom. "Perhaps it would be a reconciling gesture if you were to assist each other, don't you think?"

Shamefacedly, Juliette turned to face her younger companion in suffering. She had enjoyed giving the little madam her caning, but the price had been a high one. "Friends?" She gave a lopsided grin and held out her hand.

Joanna nodded ruefully and took the proffered hand.

"Come on then, let's see if I can cool you down, then you can help me too." The two girls began to head for the changing room.

I'll bet you weren't expecting that! Neither was I. What's in store for the girls next? Come back next week and find out.

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Linda said...

Ooooo I loved that installment! As always looking forward to the next!

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Wow, no I definitely wasn't expecting that! I think taking the caning was almost worth it for Juliette. Looking forward to what they get up to next :)


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Thanks for another chapter, really enjoyed this one and no, I certainly didn't expect that. Looking forward to reading what happens next week.


Cat said...

Whoa...I'm with you...certainly didn't expect that. I could see Wendy allowing her to give one swat with the shoe as she received but really...six with the cane...a bit much in my opinion. Thanks for sharing Hermione...looking forward to where this goes.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

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Wow, what a turn of events. But will the girls be friends? What will happen as they rub cream on each other? Hmmmmmmm


Hermione said...

It keeps getting better and better, doesn't it? I'm so glad you all enjoyed this week's selection. I won't spill the beans on what's in store for the girls next.