Saturday, July 4, 2015

You Completed the Caption

Six of the best: On July 4th American Independence Day, these learned gentlemen, will be celebrating this wonderful holiday, by inviting many naughty ladies to be put over their knees, so that they can have a 'spanking good time'.

Minelle: I can't imagine, although it looks like some sort of wedding attire minus 99.9%!

Simon: In an attempt to prove that they really didn't have anything up their sleeves, the Magic Circle had adopted a new dress code.

Delfonte: Freemasons depend on secrecy, however the new dress code has caused much debate when the lodge met for their latest meeting.

Rollin: "I thought you said you hired the Chippendales for the bachelorette party."
"Well, these guys were cheaper."
"Just, Run, Mary Beth. Run."
"They do have nice hats..."

Leigh: All I can say is that they are brave souls and look quite proud of themselves.

Jim M: Adult summer camps in Spankoland are a real gas. There is something for everyone. I am spending a week at F/M spanking camp and I can’t remember having so much fun and getting so many spankings from so many wonderful tops.

The counselors have tons of great spanking scenarios we can use or we can make up our own. Today we had to swim over to the mid-lake house and change into male thongs. Then we had to swim back and put on these top hats. Inside each hat is a picture of a flower or pet or something. Now we have to find the female top who is wearing that picture on a lanyard around her neck. The we have to sing and dance to request our spankings, somehow using the top hat as a prop.

I just love F/M spanking camp. I wish I could spend a month here.

Sir Wendel: The New Terminator – Cyberdyne Systems Model 116XXL – I’ll be Fat.

Liza: Magic Mike 2025

Welcome, Liza!

Baxter: One Guy: Why did our wives tell us to wear these very silly things?
Another guy: To embarrass us, probably.
yet another guy: Actually, when we get up to the beach, they are going to give us spankings.
fourth guy: Good.
Hermione: The Sir John A. Macdonald lookalike contest was well attended by the cottagers.

From Hermione's Heart

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Vfrat25000 said...

Sorry I'm late. I was outside working on my parade float.

Don’t tell anybody but in that photo I’m the third one from the left. Aren’t I a handsome devil?

It’s nice to see all the US Presidential Candidates spending a little quality time together in preparation for the upcoming debates.

Jim this “back to nature” outfit idea of yours may be your worst idea yet. I think I have a sunburn in a place that should NEVER be burned?

George…I have a real bad itch. Could I ask a favor of you?

Mom…You PROMISED Uncle Henry and his golfing buddies were not coming to my wedding!

I see the men from the Wal-Mart Family have finally arrived at the stockholders meeting. It’s about time.

Sharon…How well did you read that brochure before you hired the Smokey Mountain Dwellers Synchronized Swim Club to perform for our Annual Summer Tea Cotillion?