Monday, July 20, 2015

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for July 19

Our discussion this week was about spanking games, and here's what you said:

Simon: Nice looking cake, is it a marble cake? Anyway back to the point, we don't play games as such but we do do quizzes. She will ask a series of questions, sometimes geography, sometimes arts & literature and sometimes history with cane strokes for wrong answers. I always struggle with history as I always get my Kings and Queens reginal numbers wrong and this frequently earns me a very sore bottom.

Nina: Hi Hermione, we don't usually do that, but for fun we have had a few times when soccer results influenced how many swats I got. My team leading meant 10 less for each goal, hubby's team leading meant 10 more. It was fun and made watching a few matches far more interesting. :) Wishing you a great weekend.

madeha: We are both switches, and we don't use spanks as punishment, only for fun. For years we've played games where the bet is for spankings given and received. We started maybe 20 years ago with Trivial Pursuit, where a small number of spanks were on the line whenever one of us went for a little pie...correct answers would win a number of spanks on the other person's bottom; wrong answers were penalized with spanks on the answerer's own bottom. Then the number of spanks doubled when a player was going for the sixth, winning pie. Over the course of the game, we'd both enjoy lots of spanks, given and received.

Welcome, madeha!

arched one: Just a little South of you R and I play a game during football season. I pick a team then she sets the rules. For every rule my team breaks I get X number of spanks. If they are off side I might get 10 spanks. if they fumble I could get 20 and so on. By the end of the game I'm sporting a very red and sore bottom and a big smile on my face.

Anon: Just a dream - a group of friends have a tennis match; mixed doubles. When all have played all, the man from the pair which has won the most games gets to spank the lady from the pair who have won the fewest. She gets five times the difference in games, applied of course with a rubber soled tennis shoe, a very stingy weapon indeed! They all gather round to watch the fun, as the poor loser has to raise her short skirt, lower her tennis knickers, and offer her bare bottom nicely bent over a chair back, and often held in place by two others, when her cheeks get really sore. It certainly encourages spanker and spankee to play harder next time.

Sir Wendel: We have played a good old fashioned game of strip poker from time to time. First one with a bare bottom gets spanked. It’s a nice build up. You get both nervous and excited at the same time.

Ronnie: No, don't usually do that but a couple of times for fun, P had a bag of numbers and I had to pick one and whatever number picked I got that number of spanks.

Hermione: The only sport Ron enjoys is American football, and sometimes he says he will spank me if his preferred team for the afternoon doesn't win (and it rarely does.) Other than that, we play Red or Black, where I have to guess which side of the ping pong paddle is being used on my bottom.

Thanks to everyone who responded to this playful question!
From Hermione's Heart

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