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From the Top Shelf - Sebastian Has a Proposition

Sebastien, who is Lucy's tutor, is also the Governor of Carstairs school. Today he has an interesting proposition for the gym mistress, Wendy Williams. But she will soon find there are strings attached.

Wendy Williams had never met the Governor, so she felt quite honoured when he appeared in the gymnasium alone and announced that he wanted to inspect the establishment with her as his guide. He was very charming , but Wendy was aware that both the Principal and Angela Parkin held him in considerable respect. This could only mean that he was a man with a powerful, even dominant, character. Anything less would not have impressed her two employers. However this side of his personality remained hidden for much of their tour around Carstairs. He was polite and attentive to her explanations as she pointed out the various rooms and gave brief character sketches of any of the girls whom they saw as they progressed around the building.

Despite her efforts, Wendy sensed that he was not totally focused on what she was saying. Once she turned towards him unexpectedly and was surprised to see that his gaze was more on her than on the subject she was explaining. His penetrating stare bored directly into her and she felt as though she was being measured against some unknown criterion. The thought made the hairs on the back of her neck prickle.

When they returned to the gymnasium, Wendy was especially enthusiastic, as this was her own domain. "I think it is very important that we keep the girls fit during their stay here," she enthused.

Oh, I agree," he said. The tone of his voice did not match his apparent interest. "Tell me, Miss Williams, do you enjoy your work here?"

Yes, very much." Wendy was surprised at the question.

"I mean the disciplinary aspects, as well as the educational."

Wendy noted a change in his tone and began to understand. "Yes, I must admit, that too." She smiled. "I do enjoy seeing these young ladies submit to my discipline from time to time. Of course," she added hastily, "it is always for their own good, and I think they realise that. Quite a lot of them actually thank me for their lesson, even after I have given them a really sound thrashing."

"Yes, I heard about that." He seemed more interested now than at any time during the tour. Perhaps that's what he really wants to hear about, mused Wendy to herself.

"I believe there has been some, shall we say, animosity between some of the girls?"

"Yes, that's true, although I doubt it was anything very serious. However it was becoming disruptive to the rest of the class, so when two of the girls actually began to fight I acted very firmly to stamp it out."


"Yes, I am afraid I deemed it necessary to go beyond the usual spankings that suffice for minor discipline here at Carstairs and used the cane."

"I see. Tell me more." As they had been talking, they had slowly been walking back towards Wendy's office. She opened the door and stood back so that he could see inside.

"There's not much to tell really. I thought that one of the girls, Juliette, was being victimised by some of her classmates, so although both girls were caned I gave Juliette a little help to even things up."

"How did you do that?"

"First of all, I got her to walk the length of the gym, knowing all her classmates would be watching her, to fetch the cane from this office." Wendy stepped into the room and opened the cupboard, displaying the row of canes, exactly as Juliette had first seen them. "I allowed her to choose the cane herself. I felt that having to make that choice would heighten her anticipation of what was to come. The other girl, Joanna, was kept waiting while this was going on, and I could see she was almost wetting herself at the prospect in front of her."

Wendy picked out the same cane that Juliette had selected and handed it to Sebastian, who fingered its smooth length appreciatively.

"Then I complimented Juliette on her choice, to put her at ease a little. I didn't want to frighten her altogether. I showed the two of them how beautifully flexible and whippy that particular cane is. It's one of my favourites , and I don't get the chance to use it all that much."

Sebastian flexed the cane in just the same way that Wendy had done in front of the two girls. Suddenly Wendy shivered; had she in fact overdone the build-up to the caning and been too cruel?

"Yes, it is very pliant, I see." The rod cut through the air with a wicked swish.

Wendy gulped nervously and continued. "I bent Juliette over one of the running track hurdles which we had brought into the gym for just that purpose, and gave her six strokes on the bare, which she fully deserved. She had never been caned before, so I made her think she was getting the very best stripes I could deliver - although in fact I didn't whack her all that hard. You don't really need to use that much force with that particular cane, it's so pliant."

"I see - or rather I don't. I thought you were evening things up between the two girls

"Ah yes, but while this was going on, Joanna was watching and taking it all in. She knew what was coming to her and had plenty of time to think about it - and that's when I sprang my little surprise. I let Juliette administer Joanna's punishment herself. I was careful to see that she did not overdo it - just a light sting across the bottom half a dozen times. Joanna certainly felt them though." She smiled, trying to judge what Sebastian was thinking.

"How was that?" His voice was silky smooth, but Wendy still felt uneasy.

"I think she was play acting, making a lot of 'oohs' and 'aaah' noises which were not really justified for the strength of the caning she received. It was almost as if she was enjoying it."

"From what you say, perhaps she was. How did this affect Juliette?"

"I don't think that she realised that Joanna was playing up, but she seemed to enjoy the experience as well."

"Hmmm; that was, perhaps, an error of judgement on your part."

The bald statement startled Wendy. After all, who was this man to criticise her work, whatever his connections? His next sentence startled her even more.

"You may be wondering why I am asking these questions. There is a reason, which I will come to in a moment." Again the cane swished through the air. "One last question; have you yourself ever been made to submit to corporal punishment?"

Wendy felt a cold shiver run down her spine. It was a secret between her and Angela, which no one else at Carstairs knew, yet somehow she felt compelled to tell this stranger. "I- er - that is to say, yes. Angela - that's Miss Parkin - she, er, well, when I took on the job here, she made it a condition of my employment that if she was displeased with my performance it was either that or the sack."

"So? Have you ever displeased her?"

"Only once, and I got ten strokes of the tawse for it. She likes the tawse, does Angela."

"And did you enjoy the tawse?"

"Not the actual tawse itself. It stung a lot, and it was my first time and I was a bit frightened, but afterwards Angela made it up to me in other ways." Wendy was beetroot red by now. Somehow this man had the power to read her mind and make her admit things she would normally never have done.

"Wendy, you have been very frank with me." Sebastian put down the cane, to Wendy's great relief. It had seemed so threatening in his hand. "So I will be frank with you. I would like to offer you a promotion, a place in a little project I am organising. I have spoken to both Angela and Elspeth, and they have recommended you most highly. We are going to expand our operations here at Carstairs and I want you to take on extra responsibilities. There will, of course, be a substantial pay rise in it for you."

To say that she was amazed would be a gross understatement. To have such an offer was totally unexpected. Wendy felt almost foolish at harbouring suspicions about the strange questions she had been asked. "I don't know what to say. Thank you."

Sebastian paused, then, "There are, however, some issues which need to be resolved first."

Wendy's rapidly rising spirits took an instant nose-dive.

"Firstly, if you are to have time to take on the new duties I have in mind, you will need an assistant."

Again the relief was almost a physical wave washing over her. Why was it that she dreaded every new sentence the Governor uttered? Was it because she was suffering from a guilty conscience?

"You may be aware that Juliette, of whom you spoke a moment or two ago, came to Carstairs in slightly unusual circumstances?"

Wendy nodded, puzzled.

"I can tell you now that she is a distant relative of Elspeth's and in need of some direction to help her find her place in life. I don't mean the sort of direction she might receive here as a pupil. No what we - that is, Elspeth and myself - feel she needs is a job. Something which will occupy her and yet still allow her to be guided when guidance is needed."

Wendy began to see a glimmer of light in this so far obscure conversation.

"What we intend is that Juliette should cease to be a pupil, with effect from next week, and join the staff at Carstairs as your assistant."

Wendy's heart leapt. This was simply too good to be true.

"Before this can take effect, however," Sebastian continued, "there is one other matter to resolve."

Wendy looked into his eyes and again felt the shiver of fearful anticipation.

"If you are to be successful in this job, I need to know you can be completely obedient. There will be plenty of opportunity for you to express your own will and personality, but in your dealings with me, I need to be sure that you recognise that I am the master. You have already admitted that you erred slightly and have perhaps been a little selfish in your dealings with the girls , particularly with Juliette. Angela and Elspeth are aware of this too, and we have decided that perhaps a little corrective action is indicated."

"I-I don't understand," Wendy felt a knot in her stomach. She was playing for time.

"Oh I think you do. If you want this promotion and the perks that go with it, you must show yourself worthy and it must be entirely your choice. Do you accept?"

Wendy knew that this could only end one way and only the detail was unknown to her. Suddenly she was overwhelmed by a terrific sexual excitement. In for a penny, in for a pound. "Very well, I accept," she said. "What do I have to do?"

"Just give me your total obedience and I will do the rest."

Before she had time to think, he moved swiftly behind her. His right arm came round her body and grasped her right wrist, and her arm was twisted behind her back. He didn't hurt her, but the sudden action startled her and her natural reaction was to struggle, but he was too strong for her.

"Easy, now," His mouth was close to her ear, his voice no more than a whisper. "I am just going to restrain you temporarily." Retaining his grip on her right wrist, he encircled her body with his other hand and pulled her left arm back. Soon both her wrists were held in one firm grip, her hands crossed behind her. She felt him fumbling in a pocket with his free hand.

"These ties are very convenient. Electricians use them, so they are readily obtainable, very cheap and very secure." As he spoke she felt a thin plastic band encircle both her thumbs and draw tight. She tried to pull her hands apart, but could not. She was tied just as effectively as if he had used a yard of cord.

"Now, out into the gym, I think." Firmly but not unduly roughly, he pushed her out of the office and into the main gymnasium hall. Keeping a firm grip on one shoulder, he looked around and swiftly spotted what he needed. "Ah yes, the traditional gymnastic vaulting horse. How very convenient."

Wendy, with a sinking heart, allowed herself to be pushed across the room towards the horse. She was beginning to realise how Juliette and Joanna must have felt and her bottom was beginning to feel rather vulnerable already.

"Over you go!" He manoeuvred Wendy to face down the length of the horse.

Obediently, Wendy bent at the waist and allowed her stomach and chest to rest on the broad leather of the horse. Her torso and legs formed a rigid right angle.

"That's not quite right, but I do see your difficulty." He sounded cheerful. Now his hands were at her waist and, with one quick tug, her track-suit trousers and her panties were down below her knees. "I am going to take these right off, I think. Lift your leg, that's right. Now the other one." Wendy had no option but to obey as he completed stripping her lower half. The cool air wafted around her exposed legs and rear and suddenly there was an exciting tingle in her groin.

"You have been very good on the obedience test so far," he said, conversationally, as he slipped the belt out of his own trousers and used it to secure Wendy tightly to the horse. "There is still time to back out, if you wish - or shall we move on to the corrective action?"

Wendy tried, not very successfully, to turn her head to look at him and settled for shaking it.

"Does that mean you don't want to proceed? I am disappointed in you, Wendy."

"No, I mean yes! Just cane me, please - now. Cane me and get it over with."

His voice was amused. "Cane you, eh? So you really think you deserve a caning, not just a hand-spanking?" His hand was on her bottom, stroking it, then down to the tops of her legs. Wendy realised that she had committed herself; it was true that Sebastian had not mentioned the cane. She had just made the assumption.

"I won't tease you." He laughed and slapped her bottom gently. "I think a caning is just what you need. "

His footsteps retreated as he left Wendy draped helplessly over the horse. Her bottom retained the feel of his hand where he had slapped her and all sorts of interesting sensations were now pulsing round her body. She recalled how it had stung when Angela had given her a taste of the tawse, but she had an uneasy feeling that this was going to be much worse, and she could hardly ask Sebastian to apply a cold cream as Angela had done after disciplining her the last time.

She squirmed helplessly on the smooth leather of the horse, feeling the dampness seeping between her legs. Her body wanted it, wanted him, and so did her mind. She could hear footsteps; he was coming back. Which one had he chosen? Please God, not the thick heavy one; that would raise weals an inch high and bruise her black and blue. She had enjoyed seeing the bottoms of the girls under her control squirm and wriggle as she had carefully, almost lovingly, striped them. Joanna had a particularly pert little bottom, almost boyish in the way it jutted as she stood up, but it had marked very neatly as Juliette had followed her instructions. Wendy guessed that her own cheeks were probably more like Juliette's fuller curves, more feminine perhaps, and a broader target for the cane to curl around.

"You may be pleased to know I chose your favourite." Sebastian moved into Wendy's field of vision so that she could see the cane as he flexed it, testing the spring. "This cane needs oiling, I think. I saw that you had a bottle of linseed oil in your cupboard so I've brought it along."

Wendy smelt the pungent oil as he splashed some on a rag and wiped it into the wood. "You haven't changed your mind, I hope? I can see you have been thinking about it from the way your bottom was wriggling as I was walking across the gym."

"No." The excitement made Wendy almost shout. "Just tell me, how many must I take? Then please get on with it. Please don't tease me any more."

"I am gratified that you are so eager. Well now, let's see. An error of judgement; that's worth six on its own. Then there is your selfishness, not considering other peoples pleasure as well as your own. Six more seems fair for that as well, I think. Then perhaps another six, maybe after a short rest, just to let the lesson sink in?"

"Eighteen? Oh, dear God, I can't take eighteen. Please I don't deserve that many; please I don't."

"Well," his voice was doubtful," you do really, you know, and I shouldn't start this project any way other than I mean it to go on. But then you have never been caned by me before, so I suppose if I make them real stingers, with absolutely no mercy, and let you off with a dozen, you won't feel that I have let you off so lightly."

Wendy didn't know whether to be grateful at the reduction or horrified at the thought of her hitherto unmarked bottom with twelve burning hot stripes across it. "Please," she almost begged, "I never give the girls more than six, and sometimes I worry that I have hurt them terribly."

"No arguments, twelve it is going to be, and real good ones too. I shall want you to count them out loud after each one." He laid the cane across Wendy's upturned rear. "No time like the present! Shall we begin?"

Gritting her teeth, Wendy nodded her head.

The caning was slow and thorough. Despite his threat, Sebastian did not use anything like his full strength. The natural whippiness of the cane was more than sufficient to ensure that each stroke landed with real stinging force. He took his time, waiting fully thirty seconds between each stroke to ensure that she could feel each separate, wonderful, individual stripe.

Sebastian was clever; he did not lay the stripes in a regular sequence, but moved them around randomly so that Wendy never knew where the next one would fall. Every single stroke was both agony and ecstasy, and Wendy writhed and howled in her passion. As each crisp sting added to the fire in her rear, she ground her pubis harder and harder into the rough top of the horse. Although she started to count as she had been instructed, by the time the count passed six she was past caring.

Sebastian made no comment, but seeing his victim lost in the throes of the experience, he allowed the score to rise to the eighteen he had originally awarded.

When at last he was done, Wendy slumped and her knees sagged. Only Sebastian's belt securing her to the horse prevented her slipping to the ground. After a moment or two, she felt his hand on her rear. Although he was gentle, she still flinched as he ran his hand across the fiery weals which criss-crossed her bottom. As the blood gradually pounded a little less loudly in her ears and she became more aware of what was happening, she realised that his hand was slippery with something cool and oily. As his fingers spread the substance across her aching posterior, her nostrils twitched at the scent.

"An arse like yours is worthy of more than just a caning," he whispered in her ear. Wendy made a soft mewling noise in response; she was awash with excitement and sensation and could manage nothing more.

"If you work for me, then I decide what you deserve. Is that understood?"

The words seemed stuck in her throat. Her bottom was on fire and she felt faint.

"Say. 'Yes Master'"

"Yes, Master," she repeated obediently, the effort almost more than she could bear.

"Do you still want that job? With all that it entails?" His voice allowed no argument.

"Oh yes Master." There was no hesitation.
Some people will do anything to get ahead! I wonder if Miss Parkin will feel the same way.

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