Monday, August 10, 2015

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for August 8

This week we discussed Consensual Spanking Day.

Nina: Hi Hermione, I had never heard of this day before, but I love the idea. We would love to celebrate, and we'd both benefit from that :) , but that will have to wait until next year, because of my pregnancy.
I don't know if it is helpful to have this day or not, but I like that there is the c for consensual in it, because it is important to make clear that this is among two adults who want spanking in their relationship.

abby: I think it is a good idea...might give someone who has been hesitant to bring up the topic to a partner, the courage to do so..."Hey, you will never guess what today is?"
We certainly are going to celebrate in a very appropriate way...

Ronnie: Have to agree with Abby. Could definitely encourage them to speak with partner.
No chance for us this weekend. So hopefully will have a belated CS Day.

Six of the best: Hermione, on this special day August 8th, like I do on my birthday, I invite a certain mature lady over to have a 'spanking good time. She is dressed to my satisfaction, wearing a suspender-belt and stockings that will accent her bare derriere, when I take her knickers down. Then with sexual erotic excitement, I CANE her. Yes, I give her 'six of the best', yes very best strokes of my pliable stinging corporal punishment implement, upon her naked rear end with delight. The evening ends with a glass of wine, and a visit to her inviting vagina.

Downunder Don: As Abby said, if it can encourage even one person to "come out" then it is a success. What will we be doing? In the land of Oz it is already the 9th, and yes a spanking happened!

Bonnie: I totally forgot until I read this reminder. Randy assures me that we can improvise a celebration. :)

Jenn: Well, as I just found out about it and there's only 41 minutes left in the day, I almost certainly won't do anything to commemorate the day,

Will it help "promote" consensual spanking? I doubt it. Most people are unaware of the day and if they knew of it, they would probably just dismiss it outright without considering whether it might be a good activity.

Roz: I hadn't heard about this either but agree it's a great idea and could open up the lines of communication. We did celebrate :)

arched one: R does not need a special day to spank me as she has spanked me for her entertainment for some time. Along with punishment and maintenance. I guess you would say it's consensual as a long time ago I asked her to spank me and to this day when she wants to spank me I eagerly get our implements out so she can select what she wants to use. But having said that we have many special days why not one for spanking. And yes I did get one on the 8th.

S&D: We have never hears of CSD either, but when S saw the post, she said' Well what are we waiting for' , and upped her skirt, dropped her knickers , handed me a large slipper, and presented her bare bottom temptingly bent over the sofa arm. After a sound slippering, and a happy rodgering, her now very red bottom is still being rubbed as I finish this comment

Dr. Ken: Considering I never heard about until the day AFTER, I'd say they need to do a better job of promoting it....Not that I would have had anyone to celebrate with, anyway...

Hermione: I think Consensual Spanking Day is as good a reason as any to include a spanking in your day, and we did just that! However, since the day is only known in a small part of the blogosphere, by people already engaged in spanking, I don't see how it will help to spread the word about our favourite percussive activity.

Whether you knew about it or not, happy CSD!
From Hermione's Heart

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