Monday, August 24, 2015

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for August 23

What is your ideal spanker or spankee like?

Dr. Ken: For a spankee, I like a lady with a good sense of humor. One who can be a bit of a brat (without overdoing it). One who likes to earn her spankings, although not averse to a spanking "just because". And someone willing to show her reactions while being spanked. Honestly expressed verbal sounds, squirming, kicking (again, not to excess) add to my enjoyment and help me in the progression of the spanking. A lady who just lies there stoically is of no use to me whatsoever....

Bogey: Compatible interests.

Nina: Hi Hermione, I think my ideal spanker makes me feel loved and cherished even during a spanking. When I am in trouble he has to be able to get us through the situation and afterwards both of us have to feel that the slate is clean again.

Sir Wendel: I like a little bit of protest when I spank her over my knee. If there is no wiggle I feel I am not spanking properly. For the spanker I prefer quiet. I don’t like talking or scolding during spankings. Don't need her telling me why I am getting paddled. The spanking should do all the talking.

D: I have had my ideal spankee for some time - S . Her gorgeous bottom just begs for a spanking, and when it gets one, which is often, she squeals and wriggles realistically until my palm has changed her cheeks to a glowing red, when her yells become genuine. She knows that sometimes I like being more severe, and allthough she protests, she submits her bottom to a paddling or caning, knowing that I know her limits, and she will not be left in a 'no sit' state for days to come ! She also knows that the harder her spanking, the better the sex afterwards.

S: D spanks skillfully and considerately . His hand spankings leave my rear smarting and sexy. The implements can get rather painful , but I can yell and squirm, knowing he will not over do it, and the sex will be even better, and the marks and stripes will not last too long.

Six of the best: When the knickers down lady, feels the pain of 'six of the best' with a cane on her bare bottom, I am sexually and erotically satisfied. And she likewise.

Anon: Good dialog to accompany the spanking is important to me - it helps to make it seem real.

Enzo: I enjoy it most when the spankee is an "active participant". If the girl being spanked is verbal, protests, kicks and squirms that makes for a more interesting experience. I also like to scold during the spanking so there is an interaction going on.

When there is little or no reaction from the spankee, it makes for a sterile ilke experience.

sub hub: As I having only 1 spanker, my Mistress Wife, my field of view is limited to her. The characteristics she displays are a firm hand when delivering a punishment spanking, and genuine desire to have me naked before her, bottom presented for a spanking. Sometimes she will spank simply because she wants to at any given moment. Because she enjoys it. I am honored to be the one she wants to spank at a moments notice.

Ronnie: P's my idea spanker. Good humour, spanks skillfully, look after me with care, lectures during a spanking (which I do enjoy, depending on the spanking:))

Hermione: I like a man who surprises me with a spanking when I least expect it. I also like variety: different rooms, different positions, different implements. I like a spanker who teases and jokes about the proceedings, although sometimes sternness is very appealing. Ron pretty much ticks all the boxes on this list.

There you have it!
From Hermione's Heart

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