Saturday, August 22, 2015

You Completed the Caption

What was this lovely maiden up to in her room? Let's find out:

Simon: Milly knew that times were hard even for the aristocracy but somehow Lord Carter's explanation that he could not afford to buy his maids skirts didn't seem entirely convincing.

Baxter: Oh my oh my oh my. Here I am again, bottom almost bare, about to be spanked. Why oh why did I talk back to my husband and yell at him when it was all my fault that the check book bounced, the water and gas were shut off, and there is a small ding in the fender of his Mustang? Well, suffer I must as I never learn. And oh am I looking forward to the warm glow of my to be spanked bottom.

Leigh: Based on the serenity she shows, she's expecting something great with someone great. "I hope I'm not disappointed."

Ronnie: Better get my seams straight or I'll be for the high jump. Matron's a stickler for straight seams.

Six of the best: Standing in the corner with her knickers down. This naughty lady is awaiting 'Six of the Best' given to her by Six of the Best, upon her voluptuous bare bottom.

Sir Wendel: Too sore to sit down, Sara surveys the spanking damage.

ricky: Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella in her own little corner.
"In my own little corner, in my own little chair...."

Hermione: Marge loved to show off her red bottom to the pledges when they were given a tour of the sorority house.

Meet me in the corner for brunch, coming up next!
From Hermione's Heart

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