Monday, July 11, 2016

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for July 10

Who would you really like to tell about your interest in spanking?

Dragon's Rose: I would tell my military friends from the playground. I bet some of them were spankos. So many type As. The odds would have been in my favor.

Jan: I wold love to tell my brother. There is no one on earth who needs a spanking like my sister in law. They are so unhappy at the moment.

Michael M: I would tell some friends of ours, who we think are also into spanking, given a few hints we have had over the years. I would love to see their faces as my wife announces that she is taking me upstairs for a thrashing. Who knows maybe they would join us.

Dr. Ken: I would have told a lady named Rose, who was the ex-wife of a friend/acquaintance. One time during a 3-way conference call she was being sassy and handing out some really good zingers, and (without really thinking about it) I finally said, "Rose, behave yourself or I'll spank you." Within seconds her then-husband got on the phone laughing and said, "I don't know what you said to turn her on, but her face is bright red right now!"

Later, when she became single, I made a few overtures in her direction, but she very subtly let me know that I wasn't her type. Maybe if she'd known I was really a spanko, things would have worked out differently....

Fondles: I would tell my close friends - especially the ones whose relationships with their significant others would benefit from a good dose of TTWD and/or spanking! They often tell me about problems they're having with their partners and I'm a little frustrated that I can't share my secret weapon with them.

kdpierre: Rosa and I are out to most everyone in our "circle", both family and friends. While we haven't told everyone, I would say that we have told more people than we've kept it from. We live a FLR-DD, and do so fairly openly.

Six of the best: Dear Hermione, I would love to tell the Whole Wide World, that I am a 'spanko', but since this is impossible. I would Love, and I do mean love, to meet all my 'spanko' friends that I am met on these blogs, and tell them to-day July 10th 2016, is 83rd Birthday. And that I am going to have 'spanking good time', with them all.

Happy birthday, dear friend!

Wilma: I have two friends and a cousin who know we lead a D/s lifestyle. One friend knows there can be repercussion in certain situations. I like to think of her as one of my 'funky friends' as we discuss things that I rarely do with others, i.e. clairvoyance, ghosts and, well, submission. She informed me she had another friend who also was in a D/s relationship (as did my cousin) and has asked me numerous questions surrounding it. Questions that have to do with the personal benefits.

My other friend has now found out all of what my relationship entails. Currently he is a single gay man (he's always been gay! lol) and has experienced far more in life than I have even in D/s. He and I have had many discussion surrounding the benefits of the D/s part and I have tried to explain the benefits of the spanking part (he's not sold! but is open minded about it).

I never planned to tell anyone, but in all 3 situations conversations sort of evolved in that direction over time. As I said, they all know someone else who are in similar relationships, so I don't think it is really a huge deal in some areas.

I'd NEVER tell my immediate family or people in my neighbourhood! Mind you some have seen evidence on my thighs, and I am not sure how many times they are going to buy my excuses! LOL

Amy: Eric and I have this fantasy that one day he walks into my office, "Excuse me. Sorry to interrupt but Miss Amy needs a spanking", puts me over the desk and spanks me in front of all of my co-workers. Then he'd kiss me passionately and head out the door. I work with a rather judgmental and gossipy group. We think it would be a kick to really shake things up over there.

Anon 1: Wow! The most exciting, daring, mind-blowing - and frightening! - question I have ever seen on this site! (And congratulations on that, Hermione. I guess.) My mind is just reeling from this one. " anyone from your past or present, without fear of repercussion"? Whew!

Who would I tell? Ex-girlfriends, of course; all of whom I loved. I wouldn't tell anyone I didn't. And never family, either.

My reason for telling? Maybe they would share the moment with me? Try it...? Love it? Laugh?

Would you want to explain, confess, or shock your listener? explain? Seduce...? I don't know!!!!

What do you think the reaction would be? What a question. And "...without fear of repercussion..." Hope they would smile, and laugh? And ask for more? Have them say, "Me, too!"?

What a question. This will take a lot of thought before answering, if I even can.

Anon 2: Well, as I've mentioned in the past, my lady and I don't hide our lifestyle, but we don't go out of our way to let people know either. That said, and now that I'm comfortably settled in on numerous pillows and an ice pack: It would be the principal of the small Midwestern Christian school my parents insisted that I attend. Why? To shock the ... out of her over the immense pleasure I derived from busting my butt with her paddle. (I should be blind and long ago afflicted with ED from those many memorable afternoons in the closet after school.) The woman was a Spanko's dream! She was short-fused and I'm fairly certain a Sadist, who used that board with the impunity our parents bestowed upon her. It didn't take much, even slightest bit of insolence would get you beat to tears. And yes occasionally pants came down and skirts went up.

In ending, for those curious about the pillows and ice. My arrogant Irish arse wound up in the basement (urban woodshed) for both an epic and merciless belting yesterday afternoon from my Lady.

Anon 3: I've told two friends and both had mildly negative reactions. I learned my lesson. They both are still my closest friend, but we don't ever discuss this. There is no reason for most to know.

I think my brother suspects, but he probably would be OK with it. We are in a mild D/s; spankings are rarely for punishment, more like funishment. Maybe once or twice a year do I give an unwelcome spanking.

Hobbes: Had an office for many years next to an openly gay guy who was also a leather type. He was the de facto leader of a large city gay leather group. We got along very well but I never had the courage to tell him my own [probably closely related] special interest in spanking with my wife. Now I have moved away and often wish I had opened that conversation with him just to see where it might have led.

KB: I think I would have told an old boyfriend. I think he would have been into it. Too bad I was in denial at the time. we could have had fun!!

Dan: I would tell the wife of one of my friends from work. He has some behavior problems, and suggesting that she take him in hand with a good paddling would probably do him a world of good.

Ronnie: I was tempted to tell SIL. She's an ex now so I'm glad I didn't. I would dearly like to tell a friend as his wife would definitely benefit from a spanking. She is a real pain (he's a lovely person) and always putting him down.

Hermione: I would tell a few of my former work colleagues. I'm pretty sure some of them are kink-friendly or even kinky themselves. I'd love to see the expressions on their faces because I was pretty quiet and kept a low profile; I think they would be surprised but understanding.

I would also like to tell my ex-husband that I'm still into it, I have a partner who enjoys it too, I have lots of like-minded friends and ya know what? It's perfectly normal!

I'm overwhelmed and delighted with the number of enthusiastic responses to this week's question! Thank you all for participating.
From Hermione's Heart

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