Monday, July 25, 2016

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for July 24

Have you ever had multiple spankings on the same day?

Anon 1: Multiple? Absolutely not! My spankings are strictly punishment, and when the wife's done belting the living daylights out of me I don't want to hear the word spanking for weeks. As I've mentioned in the past I spend a fair bit of time sitting on pillows and ice after having her lay the leather into me.

Peter: Indeed I have, not often but it has been effective. My spankings are also for punishment. The few times it has happened I have been spanked with belt and hand and then sent to the corner. When it came time to come out of the corner my wife felt I was not truly repentent and so she repeated the same punishment and the bruises didn't fade for several weeks. Each time I sat I felt the pain was the reminder.

Six of the best: These days because of my age of 83, I am able only to spank a mature lady on her bare bottom once a week. Most of the time as a 'spanko' I enjoy reading and watching other 'spanko' blogs that interest me such as yours and Erica's, and Chross, etc.

Roz: I have in the past received multiple spankings during an evening, mainly because the first one didn't quite make its mark (pun intended lol). Whether I would want a repeat? I'm not sure.

Dr. Ken: I have given multiple spankings on occasion, but it's rare. I'd certainly do so again given the chance and a willing partner....

kdpierre: I have experienced this several times. Multiples have occurred when one of us, usually Rosa but sometimes me, just feel like "one is not enough" and the "clean slate" feeling has not been reached. The time in between sessions can range from an hour or two to a day and the repeat sessions can be range from one extra to several. Usually the second installment is harder to take since my bottom is now already sore, but any endorphin numbness has worn off. However, if there is a third or fourth installment, THOSE are pure hell! (It's like getting spanked over sunburn.) Though a caring Dominant, Rosa has no guilt in administering these sequential punishments when she feels it necessary even though she is fully aware of how painful they are. Even on a sore bottom, she doesn't go any easier.

I can't say I think she's wrong to do this, but I do try to avoid repeats since they do scare me. So they are effective. Because we are both serious about this, I am OK with a repeat of the repeats, if that is what is called for.

Bogey: Anyone that has ever been to a spanking party knows that women will indulge themselves in several spankings in an evening and look forward to more the next day. How they can do it, I have no idea.

Ronnie: Yes I've had several multiple spankings. Would I want a repeat, yes definitely.

Leigh: I have not - but I am ready and more than willing.

Jenn: On a few occasions I have received two within an hour or so. The first time, it was really surprising, so that made it very thrilling.

Wilma: Sadly yes. As Roz pointed out it is generally because the first one didn't leave it's mark or 'take', get us/me where I needed to be. Often during these times I have been left in 'the angry zone' and my attitude is WORSE than it was before! LOL.

Like Kd, they get worse after the first one and I tend to avoid any one after 2 (even though that one is no fun either, I still hope to go to where we need to be), a 3rd time? God I hate it...ALTHOUGH, subspace is much easier to achieve because of multiple spankings in a 24 hour window. It is just getting there that is pure hell!

Amy: Six Hour Saturday - only happened once, here.

Hermione: We haven't done this, but I think it would be effective. after several minutes of spanking, my bottom becomes somewhat numb and I don't feel the swats as much as I did at the start. But after an hour or so, my bottom is quite tingly. A second spanking at that time would be very ouchy! On second thought, maybe that would be too much of a good thing.

As usual, we all have different experiences. Thank you all for sharing yours.
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