Saturday, July 30, 2016

You Completed the Caption

What plans does this threesome have for the day? 

arched one: The style back then left a little to the imagination. They are smiling because they are going to swim then the girls' suits will come off and they will get a wet bottom spanking.

Ronnie: Mary and Jane were all smiles thinking Jack was taking them for a swim but Jack had other plans - a red bottom for each.

Simon: I'm basing my captions on the theory that is a very young Clint Eastwood but I could be mistaken.

The ladies were about to find out why he was called "Dirty Harry"

The original cast of "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" was quickly changed as no one was willing to play Ugly.

Bogey: Clint's first studio job was as a lifeguard. I think you can imagine how that went.

kdpierre: It is Eastwood with Olive Sturges & Dani Crayne. (just right click and google it). So since it is ol' Dirty Harry himself:

"No shirt, No shoes, No ass. Here's where you two ladies can 'go ahead and make my day.'"

Leigh: Clint's thinking it's the last damn time he's going to be caught dead wearing a bathing suit.

Six of the best: "We're rushing home" said the man, "because I've promised these two young ladies, that they are going to receive a knickers down spanking, on their bare bottoms this evening".

Anon 1: Clint, having just witnessed a woman get spanked by her husband on his TV show, Rawhide, found himself very much in the mood to see what it felt like to have a naughty lady across his lap. To his surprise, these two women, having also seen the spanking scene being shot, approached him and asked him if he agreed that naughty women ought to be spanked. When he admitted that he did, they told him that they had been very bad and were each in need of a good spanking, and they asked him if he would he be willing to put them over his knee. When he said he would, the three of them headed off toward a quiet spot where Clint could spank them in private. As they were started across the boardwalk, one of the girls mentioned that unlike on TV, real life brats should be spanked on their bare bottoms. With that, Clint grabbed each of them by the hand and ran toward what he knew was going to be a very hot afternoon.

Anon 2: These two girls had approached Clint about having a three-way. When Clint said he'd be willing but that he'd first have to spank them for being such naughty girls, the two girls smiled at him and told him that would "make their day."

Pete: "Funny both of you mistook me for that actor guy Clint something."

A.J. What do you think they're all laughing at? Those suits? Seriously; wearing something that awful in public your only recourse is giddy laughter.

js666: These two girls have just arrived from the north and are eager to get well tanned.

Sir Wendel: We’re off the see the Wizard who’ll spank our bottoms red.

Hermione: Girl on the right says, "Little does he know I'm wearing my new Ban-lon suit with the double-reinforced seat. His hand's gonna hurt!"

What creative captions you all came up with. For more creative fun, be sure to come back for brunch. Everyone's invited and there's no cover charge.
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