Saturday, July 9, 2016

You Completed the Caption

What did you think of this young lady proudly displaying the Confederate flag?

Lurvspanking: 'Shortly her flag would rise and fall as red and blue stripes were added to her white southern exposure.'

kdpierre: "Hmmmmm, makes me want to take a trip 'down South'."

"Excuse me young lady, but many find that flag to be offensive. I'll have to ask you to remove it right away."

"I ain't a'sure if they're right when they say 'the South is gonna rise again'.....but I sure feel sumpthin' risin'." 

Anon 1: She'd be much better prepared for a spanking, which she truly deserves, if she wasn't wearing the bikini bottom.

Anon 2: Seriously, do you own a mirror?

Ronnie: She should be spanked for going out dressed like that.

Jake: Well at least she is wearing the confederate flag in the right place!

Six of the best: Where there are stars, I want to put stripes. For there'll be fireworks to-night on that bare bottom of hers, with a good spanking.

Baxter: Well, young lady, I am of the same opinion of the Confederacy as you. I had ancestors fighting on the Union side. But everytime you pass gas, you are desecrating that flag and for that, I will take you across my knee and spank your bottom very red, as red as the flag.

Sir Wendel: “Lady, this is a respectable flea market; not no Walmart, so put some damn clothes on.”

Anon 3: "Too much white showing, and she'll be seeing stars when I'm done turning that hide red in fine Southern fashion with a razor strop!"

Katie: "Well then, she apparently likes leather. I think that she probably bought those panties to use as a spanking map for anyone interested. Amazing what one's attire or lack there of can say about a person's wants and needs! I wonder if she has a spanker?"

Vfrat25000: I believe we have a photo of Donald Trump checking out one of Hillary's VP Candidates

Sis is that you? Mom told me you were at choir practice.

Woman - Since you are staring so directly, can I ask what do you do for a living?
Man - I'm a personal trainer at the 24 Hr Fitness Center. What do you do?
Woman - I am a Vice President at Allied Bank and Trust

You want to go get some coffee?

That reminds me I forgot to put on underwear!

Lady do you have any idea what is wrapped around your bottom?
Not that it is any of your business but I am very proud of the State Flag of Detroit.

Dr. Ken: "X" marks the spot, all right...."

Hermione: The South shall rise again, after a good spanking.

That certainly was inspiring! Thank you everyone, and welcome to all my new contributors. For more inspiration, please stay for brunch, coming up next.
From Hermione's Heart

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