Thursday, September 22, 2016

Complete the Caption

Six lovely ladies appear to be waiting...for what? that's up to you.

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will publish your conjectures on Saturday.
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

"Honey, sit up straight. We're going for 'snooty' not 'sultry'. "

Anonymous said...

Or for a more adult angle:

"Hey, no excuses, young lady! We're all wearing butt plugs and you don't see it affecting our perfect posture."

ronnie said...

Let's bring the boys in and have a little fun. Remember I get to spank first.


Anonymous said...

Now don't forget, as you judge how each of these women spank, pay attention to how hard he tries to get away and whether his ouches are real or if he is just trying to get her to go easier!


Anonymous said...

I'm telling you, the best thing we can do is for each of us to vote for a different spanker so the contest ends in a six-way tie. The last time I judged one of these spanking contests, the men who lost were so upset with the way us six girl judges had scored their spanking skills that they decided to demonstrate their prowess by each of them soundly spanking every single one of us judges on our bare bottoms ... and each one of them used a different implement, which, believe you me, made quite an impression on us and caused us to re-evaluated our scores and declare all the men to be winners. Of course, that pleased them greatly because it meant they all got prizes, but the only thing us girls came away from the contest with was the inability to sit down comfortably for a week.

WendelJones said...

Their form was wrong, they were out of sync and the costumes were hideous. I only give that spanking a “5”.

Anonymous said...

Look, I know it seems a little weird to watch another woman being spanked, especially when you know that you'll soon be over your boyfriend's knee getting the same treatment, but take it from me, relax and enjoy it like I am because I guarantee you, she's certainly going to take pleasure in watching us get our spankings. Just think about it this way, at least we're able to sit here and revel in her spanking, while she's most definitely going to be standing up like the sore-bottomed ladies behind us when she's watching ours.

Oh, honey, if you think she's doing a lot of hollering and kicking now, just wait until he takes down her panties and starts applying that hairbrush to her bare bottom. That's when things really start to heat up, if you know what I mean.

You're new to the Spanked Wive's Club, so I'm going to give you a little advice, don't be fooled by the indifferent attitudes of the rest of the girls because they're just putting on brave faces to make you think you're the only one who's anxious about being spanked by her husband in front of everybody. Take it from me, even though they'd like you to believe that they consider the spankings to be no big deal, and that all the kicking and squirming and pleading and squealing they do is just for show and to make their husband's feel important, it just not true. Take it from me, we're all just as nervous as you are because every one of us knows good and well that when she's face down across her husband's lap and he's blistering her bare, upturned bottom with a paddle or a hairbrush, her reactions are going to be anything but fake. Just look at the way Dan is applying that paddle to Joan's behind and how much redder it gets with each resounding smack, and tell me you think the kicking and squirming and pleading and squealing she's doing is just for show! Believe you me, she's feeling every swat, and will be for days to come, as will we all by the end of the evening's festivities. The simple truth is that no matter how old we are, or how sophisticated we dress or look, or what kind of airs we put on, or what kind of stories we tell to each other (and to ourselves) to make us feel better about it, the fact is that every single time we find ourselves draped over our loving husbands' knees with our dresses up at our waists and our panties down at out ankles, we're just naughty little girls reacting the way naughty little girls react when they get their bare bottoms soundly spanked for acting like, well, naughty little girls. There's no shame in it, it's just part of being a Spanked Wife, and none of us, despite what some of us would have you think, would have it any other way. So, welcome to the club.