Saturday, September 10, 2016

You Completed the Caption

Simon: Miss Johnson had only been working at the school for 2 weeks when she discovered that the rules applied equally to the staff.

Katie: Professor Ward worked late that day, and was delighted when his wife showed up at school with his dinner. She offered to help, and he put her straight to work!

kdpierre: Ms. Grady's judgement (and eyesight) were called into question yesterday, when she punished a student for teasing while somehow overlooking a much more flagrant Dress Code violation.

Daddy: 10 more lines to go and then off with the skirt. I will be naked long before I'm done writing!

Leigh: If she doesn't finish those lines, her bottom will get lined.

js666: When the new student teacher said she just wanted to be treated like one of the girls, this was not what she had in mind. Imagine her shock when it was shortly after announced that the school board had voted to restore paddling as an authorized form of punishment.

Baxter: I hate doing lines; it is a horrible punishment. Why won't they just thrash my bare bottom really hard?

Michael M: If this doesn't get me into trouble with the Head, then I don't know what will.

Dr. Ken: Mr. Atkinson was of the opinion that Rachel was not taking her punishment seriously....

Sir Wendel: I was really hoping for a spanking.

Kingspan: I will not tease the boys. I'll give them a full show. I will not tease the boys...

I can't top those!
From Hermione's Heart

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