Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday FAIL

You guessed it! Another expedition to Walmart. Be on the lookout for exposed body parts.

I couldn't have said it better myself

Slip, sliding away

Too small, lady. Put them back where you found them.

His bum is covered; now what about the top?

Censored for good reason ;)

For more fun that's completely uncensored, Complete the Caption.
From Hermione's Heart


Baxter said...

Amazing, people can be so wacky. Do they do that only when they go to Walmart?

kdpierre said...

>sigh< Ah, Walmart.....the DMV of shopping.

abby said...

I hope they are all shopping for new clothes...but I doubt it!
hug abby

ronnie said...
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ronnie said...

Can't believe people go out shopping dressed like that.


Anonymous said...

Why is it Walmart shoppers wear clothing like that, and why is it the only ones you don't want to see. The man in the photo needs to be looking at bra's.

Roz said...

These people leave the house like that deliberately? lol. Hope you have a wonderful weekend Hermoine :)


Aimless Rambling said...

OMG - I really want the 1.00 savings for putting up with seeing the rest. lol

Anonymous said...

What a price drop! lol
There's a good reason there's a "people of walmart" website! lol

Cat said...

My question has always been...don't you own a mirror? And it you do, do you need new glasses? So lucky I haven't seen anything quite this bad at either of my local Walmarts!

Hugs and blessings...Cat

ancilla_ksst said...

I like to think most of them are doing it on a dare, as in "I dare you to go to Walmart wearing THIS!" but I think they probably are not. That one guy looks like he's trying on shirts right there. Who needs a changing room?

Hermione said...

I agree with you all - it's pretty sad but true!