Monday, September 5, 2016

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for September 4

Our topic for discussion was corner time, lines and other non-spanking corrections. You ahd this to say.

Anon 1: We use line writing, and it’s separate from spanking, as one need be able to sit to write. Corner time and sitting time outs are frequent and part of spanking punishment, along with soap and tape when necessary. And finally, it’s not unheard of, in the case of an f-bomb, for older wife to dish up a dose Castor Oil to Mr. just shy of 40 potty mouth.

Anon 2: Oh yes, corner time is almost always a part of our spanking play. Mr. Not-too-shy is often bound, naked in front of a window either before or after a spanking -- or even both. Ms. Spanker enjoys handcuffing him after administering a good sound spanking, or even a series of spankings he has so richly earned! (PS -love your blog; long time lurker, first time commenter)
Welcome and thank you!

Bonnie: After he spanks me, Randy likes to send me to face the corner to display his handiwork. It's not an every time activity, but often enough. His favorite variation involves shining a bright light on me and snapping photographs. In his mind, this is all just part of the spanking.

kdpierre: Add-ons are neither frequent nor extremely rare. They occur as the situations calls for them. Line writing has been the worst. We don't do corner time...but we do sometimes use a post-spanking outfit that covers up the more private spots but leaves the pinkened lower cheeks on display. Chores can then still be done but with added embarrassment. Revoked privileges are another add-on.

Katie: We don't tend to have add-ons too often. There is one that is ever-present if I forget to send a daily text, telling Rob that I have flossed my teeth... I know... but it works for us! If I forget, I am not to wear makeup that day + I get two cheeseboard spanks. Trust me, the makeup (I don't even wear much at all, but I like to put on a little each day) is the killer there. :)

Roz: When we had our domestic discipline dynamic we did use corner time, lines, loss of privileges and, on the odd occasion, set or early bedtime. These were often in addition to spanking but sometimes used on their own. They were very effective, at least a spanking is over quicker!

Nena: A punishment spanking is always followed by corner time, I need it to go from being spanked to every day life and it helps me really focus on whatever it was I got spanked for. We have talked about corner time as a punishment on its own or perhaps bedroom time for a longer period, but so far this hasn't happened.

A couple of months ago I had to write lines on several occasions, but somehow he seems to have forgotten about that option. Writing lines is very effective for me. While being spanked I never feel embarrassed, I am too busy dealing with the pain. When writing lines I feel very embarrassed the whole time. Sometimes my husband will stand behind me for a while, watching me write, sometimes while putting his hand lightly on the back of my neck and I just wish the earth would swallow me.
Finally I have a bedtime and going to bed past my bedtime will result in having to go early the next day, I might also get spanked depending at how far past my bedtime it was. If I go to bed extremely late, I will be sent to bed early for a few days in a row and there will definitely be spanking involved.

Welcome,  Nena!

peter: After a spanking, I am sent to the corner of the bedroom naked. Nose pressed to the wall,
hands always at the base of my back, Often she puts a small piece of paper under my nose. If the paper slips while I stand there, I often find myself again over her knee. The corner time can be as little as 5 minutes the longest was an hour. The paper has only slipped once.

Welcome, peter!

Sir Wendel: We don’t have add-ons. A sore bottom does the job all on its own.

 Leigh: Only in my stories.

Dr. Ken: I have used corner time on occasion. It all depends on the lady I'm playing with. Some like corner time as an addition to the play. Others tell me up front that it doesn't enhance the scene for them and they're just not into it. Since I believe in consensual play, I don't try to force it on them....

Anon 3: OMG!! Early bedtime! Yes! Every day for a week without dinner! The dinner that only gets put on the table if I make it! Lights out under the covers – no phone, TV.... When does the punishment begin!

Hermione: How well I remember having to write lines in high school. I was actually able to hold three pens in my hand and cut down the amount of time spent on the tedious task by two thirds. We don't use any additional punishments because spanking is an erotic activity, not a disciplinary one.

I am delighted by your enthusiastic participation this week! Thank you to all who joined in.
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