Monday, September 19, 2016

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for September 18

Our topic this week was improbable objects that might be used in spanking.

Bonnie: For me, it's those rotating ceiling fans. I imagine that if a sturdy coil spring could be added to the base of each blade and the fan were appropriately oriented, it could become a formidable spanking machine. I have to imagine that the high speed setting would be breathtaking.

Baxter: I also like looking at different items and wondering what it would feel like being used as a spanking implement. In my tool box is a wire brush which is a hard plastic and that might take your breath away. We were at a sheep and wool festival today and there are some big needles that are a couple feet long by an inch or so thick and I think those whacking a bare bottom would be good. We bought a gentlemen's dresser for me this past week and the one side can be a hanging closet if you take the shelves out. Anyway, the rung thing comes out and I handed to my wife and she immediately said maybe this would be a good spanking tool so I bent over and she whacked me hard and WOW, that was amazing. So yeah, looking at normal things and thinking spanko thoughts is normal for me and fun and my wife gets into it also.

Sir Wendel: If it can flip a pancake then it can spank a bottom. A section of hot wheels race track or plastic kids baseball bat looks like they would sting good. Mom paddled me several times with a plastic sand shovel when I was little. I’m sure it would make a very sore bottom now as well.

Liza: A lollipop.
Dr. Ken: I have a black plastic shoe-horn about two feet long that would pack a wallop....

Leigh: There's a bamboo back scratcher that I purchased in the dollar store that packs a mighty wallop.

Hermione: We have many wind turbines in the surrounding countryside, and I always think of those big blades as paddles.

Thank you all for your participation this week!
From Hermione's Heart

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Aimless Rambling said...

Those blades take two truck to carry them - that would be some spanking.

BTW, I loved your story on FF.