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From the Top Shelf - The New Girl

This extract is from a spanking novel titled Reformed by the late Victor Bruno. As the title indicates, is about a Girl's Reformatory where young women convicted of crime are sent to be 're-educated' and where corporal punishment is liberally dispensed. This piece concerns the arrival of a shy and modest new girl to the school and, needless to say, her shy modesty is not preserved for long. The 'Lisa' mentioned throughout is Lisa Cavan, the main character in the novel.

A new arrival was introduced to the classroom. She was, Lisa knew, a nineteen year old by the name of Janet Hale who had received a three month sentence for shoplifting. There were tears in her dark eyes. How hateful that unfamiliar and degrading school uniform would feel to her, thought Lisa. Standing there, with all eyes on her, she would be hoping that it was all a nightmare from which she would presently wake.

No such luck, reflected Lisa sardonically. All of them there, in turn, had felt like that. But there was no avoiding any of the humiliation and the pain. It was simply part of the regime of reformation. It was one which Lisa could never have imagined possible (or endurable) until she had entered Redesdale Grange and experienced it at first hand.

"Only three months sentence, eh?" the bright-eyed class mistress was saying to the new girl. "Still, long enough to make you mind your P's and Q's in future, I hope!"

"Yes Miss.." whispered Janet Hale. Her hands were clenched knuckle white. Lisa knew exactly how terrified the girl felt but didn't really care. A hard veneer had been laid over Lisa's emotions in the last few months. She had become indifferent, even callous, towards the sufferings of others. Just as long as SHE was not the one suffering. That was all that mattered. It was an attitude of mind which, once upon a time, she would never have believed herself capable. Now she knew better. Inhumanity bred inhumanity.

Lisa realised by now that, if by deception or lying, she could get someone else punished in her place, she would happily do it. Those were the depths she had sunk to. Or rather had been brought down to.

"You know who I am of course?" Miss Carstairs was saying.

"Y-yes M-Miss-the-the class mistress," stammered Janet, a girl with soft brown, shoulder-length hair.

"Anything else?"

Janet shook her head. "I-I don't know , Miss."

"I am the Governor's niece," said Miss Carstairs, her eyes hard and cruel, "so I don't advise you to cross me."

"N-No, ohhh no Miss" cried Janet, clasping her hands together in an imploring kind of way.

My God, thought Lisa, how many times have I witnessed this scene? How Miss Carstairs loved playing games with a new girl! She was a truly sadistic bitch. Lisa felt hate burning in her breast and fought it down.

Miss Carstairs' finger was pointing at the middle desk in the front row. "As the newest girl, that is the place you will occupy."

"Y-Yes Miss.."

Janet took a nervous step towards the desk. "But before you sit down," said Miss Carstairs relentlessly, "I shall, as is my invariable custom, demonstrate to you what I do to girls whose behaviour or work displeases me."

White-faced, the youngster halted in her tracks. The same old routine, thought Lisa. How long ago it seemed since she had been through it! Yet in some ways it seemed like only yesterday. What vivid memories. She recalled how hideously shamed she had felt. All the same she stared at Janet dispassionately.

She watched as the young class mistress went across to the easel and took down the slim cane and the brown leather strap which hung there. Janet's frightened gasp was loud and clear.

"She gets either - and sometimes both - of these across her bare bottom," Miss Carstairs was saying. "Just as you are going to now, Janet. Not, on this occasion, for any fault but merely as a sharp public warning.."

Almost the exact same words she used to me, reflected Lisa.

The slim cane tapped on the trestle stool which stood against the front of Miss Carstairs' desk.

"Kneel on here, Janet. Lift your skirt and take your knickers down!"

The order was issued with cool authority , as if it were the most natural thing in the world to tell a modest nineteen year old girl to do.

"B-but please Miss...p-p-please...I haven't done anything.."

Janet Hale was nervously shying away from the young teacher, her cheeks colouring rapidly.

"I know you haven't. Just do as I say please Janet!"

"Miss, oh please I can't..no..no..please..I can't ...please..not in front of every-" Janet's voice trailed off into a pathetic tearful whisper.

"Do you want to be sent to the punishment room for three successive days of beatings, Janet?"

"NOOOOOOOO..NOT THAT!" squealed Janet desperately. Lisa saw that the poor girl was now down on her knees. The cane began to tap on the trestle stool again.

"Let me tell you, Janet," said the same relentless voice, "that if you do not obey my order, that's exactly what will happen. So I shall repeat my order and then give you thirty seconds to carry it out!"

"Miss..Noooo...I beg you please!"

"If you do not obey, I shall not alter my decision - however much you plead and cry later."

Lisa knew the horror and terror gripping the young girl's vitals at that moment. She had been asked to accept the impossible - yet the alternative was even more hideous. The eternal dilemma with which one was constantly faced at Redesdale Grange.

"I shall now repeat my order for the last time, Janet," said Miss Carstairs, eyes even beadier. "Kneel on the stool, lift your skirt - and take your knickers down!"

A ghastly groan, tearful eyes as well as hands raised imploringly now.

Do it, for God's sake, do it, Lisa was inwardly urging. Don't get yourself sent to that frightful room. You'll only have to come back and face this humiliation in the end anyway!

Do it girl!

It is scarcely likely that Lisa's mental urging was actually communicated to the trembling girl. What did get through to her was Miss Carstairs' iron resolution. There could be no doubting that what she said, she meant.

Whimpering, Janet forced herself to stumble towards the trestle stool.

"I'll do it..I'll do it..I will." she sobbed , the colour flooding into her cheeks again.

"Only just in time," observed Miss Carstairs icily. She watched as the girl first knelt and shyly lifted her skirt.

"Higher than that, girl! Right up, Janet- as high as it will go!"

The short black skirt slid up to the waist. The familiar little white panties were revealed over a shapely young bottom. She has a lovely little figure for one of her age, though Lisa. Maybe later that might turn to plumpness.

"Now get those knickers down! AT ONCE!"

Ah, the moment of supreme humiliation. At least what one thought of as supreme humiliation the first time. One learnt - oh yes indeed - one learnt, said Lisa to herself. She felt quite unemotional as the trembling girl pushed down her tiny knickers to expose herself naked to the watching class.

Janet was now sobbing loudly.

"Monitors!" called out Miss Carstairs.

At once, from each end of the front row, sprang a girl. They had been specially chosen, as being the biggest and most powerful in the class. In seconds they were up by the desk and had stretched out Janet's arms and pinioned them down with their hands, each gripping like a vice. Janet uttered a howling cry of shocked terror.

"I'm going to give you the strap first, Janet. Only five. Just a little taste, you might say."

"M-Mercy...ahhhh.. no please Miss..I've done nothing!"

"Afterwards, I shall give you a taste of the cane," went on Miss Carstairs, completely ignoring the girl's cries. "Another five..."

"Nooooo..please ...for pity's sake..noooo!"

Dispassionately, Lisa watched the clenching buttocks..so evocative of the dread coursing through the young girl. Once others had looked at me like that, she thought. And back then, I thought the end of the world had come. Nothing, but nothing, could be worse! Oh how innocent I was back then. As Milton wrote, 'if ignorance be bliss, 'tis folly to be wise'. Oh how true! If she had been able to tell Janet Hale at that moment, that this would be about the lightest punishment she would receive, Janet would almost certainly have not believed her.

The single tailed strap swung up and whacked down across Janet's bared bottom, producing a loud gasping yelp from her and raising a pinky red swathe across her pale flesh. Lisa watched Janet squirming with a sense of dispassion. What a fuss she was making over something so minor!

Down came the strap again, curling and cracking over the shuddering buttocks producing an even more agonised yelping gasp from the girl.

"Nooooo..aaaaahhhh..please..no more!"


As ever, Miss Carstairs was using the full sweep of her arm, giving it all she'd got. Lisa knew exactly the blazing, burning pain that Janet was experiencing. Unbelievably painful it had seemed at the time but as nothing compared to the pain produced by a triple-thonged tawse such as the male Block Overseer had used on Lisa's bare bottom just a few days before.

"Oooooo ahhhhhh!" cried Janet, her head jerking up and back.

Soon she would learn not to break so early, reflected Lisa, it only made things worse. After all this little 'sample' of things to come was just the beginning. The cane would feel much more painful!


"Aaaaagh no more..no more..pleeeeeeeease!"


The fifth and final stroke cracked across the squirming bottom-cheeks, raising a fifth rosy-hued band of burning pain.

By now, thought Lisa as she watched Miss Carstairs replace the strap and take down the cane, Janet will have forgotten all about the burning shame of her immodest pose and exposure. A different kind of burning - right across her buttocks - would have driven that out!

"Nooooo, please," Janet squealed, "please n-not the cane! I couldn't bear it!"

Casually, Miss Carstairs measured her trembling victim's bottom. She had heard these pleas a thousand times before. What these girls promised to do if only she would stop. It made no difference to Miss Carstairs. Each and every one got the hiding she had prescribed for them. These recalcitrants had been sent there to suffer and suffer they would!


The first whiplash stroke of the cane bit into Janet's bottom and a piercing shriek penetrated the room. The squirming contortions were even more frantic. Understandably so. It was never exactly pleasant, Lisa knew, to get the cane where a strap had just fallen. Certainly not when a girl was as new to the rod as Janet Hale. She continued to watch, her features emotionless, as the girl received four more vicious cuts at regular measured intervals. With each one the girl's screams grew louder..and her writhings more frantically convulsive.

Lisa was slightly contemptuous. She was making a lot of fuss over very little, she thought, proud of herself for the degree of will-power and fortitude she had built up over her time inside.

"Stand up! I said STAND UP, GIRL!.." Miss Carstairs was snapping. "And stop that childish snivelling. That was only a taste I can tell you. " She looked around the class, eyes smiling grimly. "Or perhaps I should say, any of your classmates can tell you!"

"Mmmmmffff..ooo...nnnnnn...ahhh" sobbed Janet, her hands clutching at her burning bottom.

"Hands away, and pull your knickers up!" ordered Miss Carstairs.

Swaying, stumbling, Janet Hale pulled up her flimsy little knickers which, miraculously, had survived her struggles without being ripped. Lisa suddenly recalled that, the first time Miss Carstairs had caned her bottom, she had twisted and kicked so much her panties had ripped in half..with the subsequent penalty of another thrashing later. So, she thought, maybe I am being unfair. The kid has coped better than I did! It was a sobering thought.

"Now go to your desk!"

With reddened, tear streaked face, Janet turned toward the class of grinning girls. Her eyes were cast down. Never before had she felt so ashamed and humiliated. To be treated like that, her knickers pulled down and her bottom beaten in front of so many. How could she survive that - even if they were fellow girls sent for punishment? Gingerly, Janet seated herself on the hard wooden seat - and her series of wincing gasps echoed round the room.

Everyone understood.

Everyone had been there before.

Janet Hale was taking the first painful steps down the path they had all trodden.

"French Grammar books out," said Miss Carstairs, sitting at her desk and laying the rod ominously in front of her. "Page 30. And I might as well tell you all I'm in a caning mood this afternoon so you better keep your minds alert!"

Every head, blonde, auburn, brown and brunette, bent over the hated text books. And in every female breast crawled a little worm of apprehension.

For there was one thing they had all learnt.

Miss Carstairs was a woman of her word!
I found Lisa's attitude and observations rather interesting.
From Hermione's Heart


QBuzz said...

Nice little extract.
'I might as well tell you all I'm in a caning mood this afternoon so you better keep your minds alert!' Nothing like hearing this or similar from teachers/parents/relatives/matrons etc to make naughty boys and girls behave!

Roz said...

Hi Hermione,

This was a great excerpt and I love the writing. Poor Janet, ouch! I agree, I also found Lisa's observations interesting. That last comment from Miss Carstairs had me squirming! LoL


ronnie said...


Thank you, a lovely excerpt you have shared with us. Didn't like Miss Carstairs and yes I found Lisa's observations interesting.


Hermione said...

At first I thought it was a little OTT but then I reconsidered. Five with the strap and five with the cane - a mere warmup in our house!