Monday, January 21, 2019

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for January 20

How can you encourage your partner to spank more frequently and for longer, and how do you make it more enjoyable for the spanker?

Yorkie: I don't know how to answer that as having adult children at home we rarely get the privacy we need. I can only imagine the frequency would be around once a week if it was just us. I'm pretty sure she would be happy with that.

Roz: This is a great question. Consistency of spankings is an issue many of us face. I don't have any answers apart from communication.

QBuzz: Tell them you want to be spanked more, and give them a minimum acceptable frequency?
If that doesn't work, find an extra spanker :D

Baxter: I do ask my wife for more spankings, suggesting she give me one when I get home from work. Once she did meet me at the door with the riding crop and I try to encourage more of that, but it doesn't happen. I just keep trying as I know I need it.

Barrel: To increase the frequency of spankings in our home, we have agreed I just have to leave an implement on her dresser in the morning. She always finds time later in the day to use it vigorously, so I have to be sure I am mentally prepared.

As for increasing her satisfaction and enjoyment in spanking me, she consistently tells me the part she enjoys the most is the actual spanking, rather than the build up. So as we are preparing for the spanking, I ask her if she will be especially strict and how she intends to color, or mark, my backside. When she has it to the degree she described, she has a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Bonnie: We have a standing date every week at the same time. We both look forward to our Friday evenings at home. Regardless of what else happens during the week, we know we can count on having this precious intimate time.

Anna: In our home it is also on Friday evening. That night our two sons spend the night with my folks. Peter seems to need to be rebalanced and nothing works better than a good long session
of domestic discipline. After he is eager then to repay me by seeing I find release and he doesn't .
It works.

Joe: Communication is very important; your spanker must be clear on what you want and need and you must show your appreciation when you receive it. Some people enjoy spanking and some don't. My wife spanks me only because she knows it is what I want and need. So since she makes that extra effort for me I make extra effort for her with things she likes.

Terpsichore: Nope...I'll let you know if I do... :-)

Bernie: Our deal is for me to leave an implement on her desk. A spanking will ensue that night or the next day. Seems to be working for now. The best!

Deena: This is a complicated issue for us. What has helped tremendously is communication. Getting the focus OFF of spanking, and putting it more on our relationship took a great deal of the pressure off both of us. Better yet, spanking or no spanking, our life together has improved tremendously. As he becomes more confident in leading, the rest seems to follow.

Ronnie: Consistency of spankings can be a real issue. Communication is very important. Maybe ask for a weekly spanking on a particular night (see Bonnie's comment) I like that idea.

Hermione: Communication is crucial to get the amount of spanking you need. Speak up and say it; don't wait for your partner to make it happen. A regularly-scheduled day and time works for us. As for making it fun for both of you while it is happening, try vocalizing to show that his/her efforts are much appreciated.

I hope these suggestions will be of some help. Please let us know how it works out for you.
From Hermione's Heart

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Anonymous said...

I missed the initial opportunity to respond - sorry to be slow.

First, this is not a problem for me as my wife Irene seems to like spanking me as much as I like to receive. I guess I am lucky. Now that the kids are out of the house, we can be more flexible in our timing and it is easier to wait until both or us are physically, mentally and emotionally primed.

But if I want to be spanked, I may make her tea or massage her feet. She likes it and then understands I am in a submissive space. Sometimes I will confess some minor transgression (she doesn't think any of my transgressions are minor!).

Also, I have tried to find the implements she likes to use. She likes the split-tailed straps, and I finally found one with a round handle.