Saturday, January 19, 2019

You Completed the Caption

Here is the cartoon with the original speech bubble restored. I suspected you would come up with many clever auto-related captions, and you proved me right!

Carl H: To customer on the phone: "Looks like your rear end needs to be greased"

Mike Glen: I'm sorry, But I will have to adjust your tranny.

Anon 1: To customer on the phone: "From what I am hearing it may be a slow leak."

To customer on the phone: "I was just looking and I think there is a problem with the rear end."

Windy: Guy on the phone mistakenly says, "I think this job requires a giant screw...... I mean, a giant screw driver."

QBuzz: 'Terry, can you bring a paddle into work with you? Debbie's wearing THAT skirt again, and you know that means she wants a spanking before we both give her a good seeing-to at the end of the day!'

Anon 2: "Hang on a sec, willya? Not there, Millie, it goes in the bottom drawer."

Crimson Kid: "Looking at that rear end from my perspective, I'm afraid that it's going to require a major realignment."

Sir Wendel: The headlamps need some tweaking, the suspension looks solid and the rear end looks firm but I won’t know for sure about the performance until I get under the hood and go to work on the old girl.

Anon 3: “Oh, and that reminds me your big end has gone...”

Hands63: Guy on phone, “From here it looks like you have a huge crack in your rear end “

Bernie: The boot on this model seems rather large. Do you think we can deal with it?

I'm hopelessly ignorant about cars so I couldn't think of anything, but I do have a great topic for brunch, coming up next. Please stick around and join in the fun.
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