Monday, January 7, 2019

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for January 6

What are your suggestions for brunches in the upcoming year?

Fred: I like the Brunches, it's an institution stated by Bonnie. Removing Brunches at a time when much of the internet is being censored would IMO be a bad thing. This one place we can have discussions away from the censor.

I do appreciate all the work that is done to make this happen.

NoraJean: I don't often participate but always love to read the Brunch topics and the discussions that follow, Hermione.

Peter: I seldom comment on this or any site, but love this site and the brunches. Any and all topics interest me. My lady introduced me to spanking, and has made me grow as a husband and a man. A few weeks ago for the first time i was disciplined at a party. Was arousing, humiliating and thrilling to me. A few days later two of the husbands called to ask questions and to admit this was an ongoing fantasy they had but were afraid to bring up with their partners.
Happy New Year !

Barrel: I just found your blog less than a year ago and regret what I have been missing. The brunch topics are enlightening, encouraging and in some cases empowering. I find a sense of comfort and belonging when I participate here. So, please...please continue.

I would suggest future brunch topics around the subject of where participants have found strength and motivation to grow in this lifestyle. I would also enjoy learning what triggered their willingness to express their views and share experiences here. Finally, I would like to know as their lifestyle grows, are they increasingly comfortable in letting others know that discipline and punishment is a key to their relationship.

Thanks for all you do, Hermione.

Roz: Thank you for continuing the brunch and for all you do for blogland. I think it's a great forum for sharing views and opinions and I always enjoy seeing the different topics and comments.

Jack: I will say this, if it was not for this blog, I would have never had the courage to come of the closet to speak and state what I had kept hidden. Yes it took the right woman, but it took this blog to take that step. Thank you for given me that push needed.

Sir Wendel: I do enjoy the brunch. Keep it going.

The Glenmore: I must confess that I rarely participate in these or even read them as it's so hard to differentiate between true opinions on the subject and those who use it to publish the same boring, obviously fictional accounts which have little to do with the subject. For example, of the 9 posts you have had so far on this subject you already have 4 of those irrelevant posts.

Some of then try to post the same crap on my blog but now I am set up to approve all posts and delete the crap or irrelevant ones.

You may consider doing the same to make sure all posts on a brunch subject are relevant and interesting.
Just my 2 cents...

Baxter: I too enjoy the brunches. I do participate from time to time. Please continue to do them. Thank you for all the work you put into your blog, Hermione.

Loki Darksong: I have always enjoyed The Brunches, both when Bonnie held them and now currently with you. The topics have always been very interesting given rise to conversations that were engaging and put up many variables in regards to the question asked.

Not only do I recommend that the brunches continue, but I also recommend that you keep the accessibility of posting as is. If a person takes the time to post an answer to a brunch question and then have that reply just dismissed only discourages people to reply to future brunches. Which in turn could possibly discourage replies all together.

Remember. Nothing is trivial.

Ronnie: Hermione, I too enjoy the brunches and try to participate every week but not always possible. If you are still happy and willing to continue with the brunches please do.

Anon: Yes, Please continue the brunches.

Would love to know from others if they have had success encouraging their Spanker to spank more frequently. I struggle with the inconsistency of spankings. I'm too often stir crazy for months before it happens and never for long enough when it does occur.

So, How to make this more fun for the spanker so he wants to spank frequently instead of once in a great, great while.

Thank you all for taking the time to respond and make suggestions for future topics. I won't be changing the accessibility of commenting on my blog, but I sometimes edit responses in order to make them relevant, and do not include those that are repetitive or have nothing to do with the topic.
From Hermione's Heart


Katie said...

Hi Hermione, :) I always enjoy reading the brunches, as well as participating when I can. The weekends are sometimes hard when it comes to blogging. Thank you for running them each week. I"m with Ronnie, if you enjoy it, and it is not too much trouble, I'd say to continue on. Otherwise, no worries! Happy New Year to you and Ron! Many hugs,

❤️Katie xoxo

Windy said...

Hermione, Yours was the first blog I ever commented on....your response was so welcoming that I got more interested in blog land and I fairly quickly started my own. Keep doing what makes you happy and do it the way you want to do it. Hugs, Windy

Anonymous said...

Jack, my spankings just don't happen at home. My wife takes great pride for lack of better wording in spanking me, she has told some close friends, and of course her mother. So I would hear about why women enjoy making the spanking more than a spanking. I've been seen facing the wall, spanked bottom on display, a couple of times while being spanked. It just seems women looking at spankings is a different light than males.