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From the Top Shelf - The Marriage Mentors of Maple Lane

When it comes to marriage, there’s a lot to be said for that helpful older couple who has been around the block a few times. They sure know how to teach the newlyweds a thing or two— as today’s tale will illustrate. From Rollin Hand's The Friday Night Bridge Club.

The morning after, Rob left early to play golf, or at least as well as he could play after last night’s party. It had been a neighborhood thing, just about a dozen couples crowded into Jim and Sally Simpson’s duplex on Maple Lane. The rent was cheap and for that reason the Maple Lane duplexes were populated almost exclusively by young married couples. Except for Rob and Amy’s duplex-sharing neighbors, the Wallaces.

They were the “old folks” of the neighborhood. Others moved in and out with regularity, but the Wallaces stayed. Stan and his wife Carol were in their early forties. They had achieved something like mentor status to the newlyweds in the other duplexes, always available to listen, sympathize and dispense marital advice. They’d been at it longer than the others, and had a depth of experience at marriage that made them worth listening to. But, as a couple, they were a study in contrasts. Where Stan was laid back, plodding, and quiet, Carol was bubbly, vivacious and a bundle of energy.

It was Carol who yakked non-stop, overindulged and told off color jokes. It was long-suffering Stan who took it all in without a word—only the occasional eye roll. But, strangely, they complimented each other. And there was something else. Amy had observed it last night. For all of Stan’s easy going demeanor around his wonderful but wacky wife, Amy had seen steel behind those grey eyes when Stan had cut Carol off from the alcohol. “No more, Carol. That’s it.” He’d said.

Carol had laughed and stuck her tongue out at him, drawing laughs all around, and had then been caught sneaking another drink. Amy hadn’t missed the pointed look and heard the sotto voce admonition when Stan grabbed her arm and said, “I think we’ll have a little reckoning tomorrow, Carol.” For the very first time, Amy had seen Carol blush and look nervously around, to see if anyone had heard. Amy quickly averted her head so Carol wouldn’t notice her eavesdropping on a private marital discussion.

So now it was food for thought. What was the nature of this “little reckoning?” It was interesting because she and Rob had been struggling with ways to resolve conflict in their own marriage. The honeymoon was definitely over, thought Amy as she puttered around in the upstairs bedroom, making the bed. And their fighting over money had tended to put a damper on their sex lives, which by the way, was getting to be boring and way too predictable.

Rob would be back soon and they had yet to resolve the issue of her recent overspending. Ok, so she was a shopaholic and a bit high maintenance, always pushing the envelope. Maybe what she secretly craved was boundaries, but Rob was maybe just a little too easy, a little too permissive. The more he let her get away with, the more she pushed. And that just made her cross and bitchy, it seemed. Didn’t he care?

On the other side of the duplex wall she heard voices. It was Stan and Carol. Were they arguing? Amy listened closer. Yes, they were, and from the sound of it, Carol was being scolded—like a child. This must be about last night. She caught herself. It wasn’t polite to eavesdrop. I should be ashamed, she told herself. None of my business. But curiosity got the best of her.

Most of the sound seemed to emanate from a picture on the wall. It was an old print that had been left there by the previous tenant. They talked about it but never got around to changing it. Amy carefully lifted the picture. There was a flap right behind it with light coming through. Amy held her breath. The voices on the other side became more audible. She deftly removed the picture frame and lifted the flap carefully to see what was underneath.

She sucked in her breath in shock. Underneath the flap was a fisheye lens. Somebody had, at some point in time, stuck this lens into the wall. With the wide field of view she could see the whole room on the other side of the wall very clearly. There must be something covering up the other end. I can see them, but they can’t see me. Who put this here? She decided it must have been there for some time. How many other couples have lived here and noticed this?

The second shock was who she could see and what was about to transpire between them. A cold knot of excitement formed in Amy’s stomach. Did she dare watch? She couldn’t turn away. Carol Wallace was standing in front her husband who was seated in an armless chair pulled away from a corner. She wore a flimsy silk nighty that barely came to her hips and very briefly cut panties. Stan was dressed in a work shirt and chinos.

Carol was a good looking woman with curves abounding in all the right places. Rob would no doubt call her a MILF. She shifted uneasily from foot to foot as Stan lectured pointedly.

“I’ve told you before Carol, three drinks is your limit. You lose all sense of propriety after that and it’s embarrassing. Furthermore you agreed with me on that. Then last night after I brought it up, you made a joke of it. But the worst thing was that you snuck another drink behind my back.”

Carol pleaded, “I’m sorry darling. I don’t know what came over me. I know we agreed.”

“So how do we resolve this?” said Stan. It sounded like a rhetorical question, part of a familiar ritual.

Carol visibly gulped and said in a quavering voice, “With a good spanking…on my bare fanny.”

Had Amy heard right? He was going to SPANK her? This was too much. That knot of excitement expanded. Amy felt flushed. Wild horses couldn’t tear her away now.

“That’s right. You are due a good sound spanking. Come here, Carol. Get across my knee. You know you deserve this.” Stan patted his thighs. Carol moved over to his right and gingerly eased herself into the classic and ignominious position of a child about to undergo parental correction. Amy’s breath came in ragged gasps as she watched the scene unfold.

Stan rubbed his palm in circles on Carol’s bottom as he reminded her of her wifely promises. She squirmed nervously, blushing and promising future obedience. Then he slipped his fingers into her panties and tugged them down to her knees. Carol had a bottom that was full and rounded. She was a voluptuous woman.

Stan began with a slow sonorous smacking of Carol’s ripe bottom, scolding her as he did so. The bare cheeks quivered at each impact of Stan’s palm.

The first few spanks startled Amy. They sounded like firecrackers popping. Carol arched her body, trying to diminish her target area. It was to no avail. Stan spanked her methodically, covering every bit of her lush bottom with loud smacks that left vivid red handprints.

Amy was so mesmerized she failed to hear Rob enter the room.

“Amy, what on earth are you doing?” His voice nearly made her jump out of her skin.

She turned, flustered, but managed to put her fingers to her lips. “Shsss. Come here. You have to see this!” she whispered. Rob approached cautiously. “Look for yourself. There must be a one-way mirror covering the lens or something.” Rob took in the scene. Carol was being soundly paddled by her mild-mannered husband. The sound of the muffled smacks was loud enough that Rob knew it was a real spanking. He could see Carol’s bottom ripple as Stan’s hand impacted it. She was wriggling shamelessly, promising obedience.

Amy pushed on Rob’s shoulder. “Let me see,” she said. Rob let her. The spanking went on for another minute at least. Then it ended and Stan was rubbing Carol’s bottom gently while she sobbed, begging forgiveness. He relaxed his hold and she slid to a kneeling position between his legs. Deftly she unzipped Stan’s slacks and pulled out an erect member that looked as hard as steel. Amy’s knees sagged as Carol proceeded to give her husband an energetic blow-job that ended with Stan closing his eyes and freezing as his climax came. Amy watched as Stan took his wife in his arms and kissed her lovingly, rubbing and caressing the buttocks he had so thoroughly reddened a few minutes before. She heard him say, “All is forgiven, darling. Next time be a good girl. Now let’s adjourn to the bedroom. I feel like I can go all day.”

Carol giggled with delight at the prospect and said, “That spanking made your wife one horny lady, honey.” She let Stan take her arm and escort her out.

Amy stood back and replaced the picture. “Oh my God, do you believe what we just saw?” Amy was dumbfounded.

Rob rubbed his chin. “Yeah, very interesting. Who would have thought? I wonder who put that there?”

Amy sidled up to her husband and put her arms around his neck. “Honey? We don’t have anything to do this afternoon. How about taking your wifey to bed, hmmmm?”

Rob grinned. “Turned you on did it?”

Amy licked her lips. “The way he handled her, took control and just spanked her like a child, because she wouldn’t obey…it got to me. It was sexy.” Rob raised his eyebrows and gave her a questioning look.

Amy grabbed his belt and started unbuckling it. “Don’t ask questions. Come on, just take me.”

The intensity of their lovemaking surprised them both. It seemed neither Rob nor Amy could get the image of that lusty spanking out of their mind, and they renewed each other all afternoon with a passion not experienced since the honeymoon.

“So she broke rules and he actually spanked her for it, huh?” said Rob. They lay on the bed side-by-side, their passions having finally been spent.

“Exactly.” Then Amy told Rob all about the exchange between Stan and Carol leading up to the spanking.

“Hmmm,” said Rob, rubbing his chin.

* * *

But several days later they had to confront the old persistent problem when the credit card bill came.

“I thought we had agreed on this, Amy. You don’t buy clothes over $50 per month without us talking about it.”

“But it was a special sale. If I let it go by, it’s gone.” She folded her arms in a pout.

Rob ran his fingers through his hair and sighed. He hated it when Amy got whiney—like daddy’s princess demanding to have her way. Then a thought struck him.

“You violated our agreement,” he said pointing his finger at her. He stood up, recalling Stan’s assertiveness with Carol who had also broken a rule. “ You went ahead and spent the money. I think there should be consequences.”

“What do you mean by that?” Amy sat up. This was a different Rob.

“I mean, we had an agreement about this, a rule if you will, and you broke it.” Then Rob gave her an intense look that sent a shiver down her spine.

“I actually think a little wifely correction is in order, Amy. If it works for our wiser more experienced neighbors, it should work for us. Come with me.” Rob took Amy by the wrist and headed for the stairs.

“Rob, no,” squeaked Amy, but she put up token resistance as he led her up to their bedroom.

He sat on the bed and had Amy stand in front of him. “This irresponsible spending has to stop, but I feel like you think it’s a trivial thing. Well, it’s not, and I need to make you understand that.” Amy was too stunned to react, but part of her was buzzing with both excitement and dread in the pit of her stomach. “So. You are going over my knee right now.”

Amy put her hand to her mouth. “You’re going to spank me? Like Carol?”

“Just like Carol. Come here.” Rob took her hand. Amy said, “Ohhhh!” as he tipped her over his knee. Amy was wearing a skirt and Rob flipped it up, revealing pretty white lace panties in a very skimpy cut. Rob had to admire his wife’s cute bottom poised over his lap, but he was serious about this. Amy let out a little shriek as he tugged the panties down, baring her bottom.

“Rob, stop now. This is embarrassing.” Amy felt she should protest even as she realized how sexy it made her feel to expose herself like this to her husband. The shame was kind of exquisite in a way. She felt her nipples getting hard.

Her competing shame and arousal reactions were interrupted by the smack of Rob’s sturdy palm on her bare bottom. Then she felt another. Then three more in rapid succession. Splat! Smack! Splat! Yeow! It STUNG! Her fanny felt like a hot iron was being applied to it.

As Rob had seen Stan do, he launched into a methodical smacking that covered the entire area of her behind, paying special attention to her sit spot. He alternated cheeks, his hand flattening the jouncy flesh each time he struck. Amy squeaked in protest and squirmed but he held her down with his arm across her back. The steady smacking continued. Amy’s bottom took on a reddish hue and her little yips of distress grew louder.

“Ohh…ahh, Rob. Oweee!” she exclaimed as Rob’s spanking palm cracked down in rapid succession.

“Shsss,” said Rob in between smacks. “Do you want our neighbors to hear?”

* * *

On the other side of the duplex Stan and Carol reclined with their backs up against their bed’s headboard and watched on the closed circuit TV.

“Oooh, they are getting into it, aren’t they?” cooed Carol breathlessly.

“Well,” said Stan with a nonchalant air, “we did give them a little nudge in that direction.”

Carol rubbed her own bottom ruefully and pouted. “I’d say that was more than a little nudge.”

Stan just smiled. “And you loved every minute of it, dear. You and your spank-loving behind. May I remind you, my darling exhibitionist, whose idea it was to put that one way mirror and fish-eye lens in the wall all those years ago? May I remind you just how many couples have seen that little performance over the years? And then adopted the same practice themselves?”

“It helped their marriages, though. We know that thanks to you and your cameras and circuits and whatnot.”

“Yes, we do. A good spanking clears the air and does wonders for settling marital discord of all types. Speaking of which, I have a bill here from Crate and Barrel that I don’t quite understand. I think it takes you way over budget.”

Carol’s hands flew instinctively to her cover her bottom as Stan said, “Please fetch the strap from the closet, dear. Then we’ll discuss your overspending in a way I think you’ll understand.”
Will Amy and Rob hear them and rush to the peephole? Or will they be too engrossed in aftercare?
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

In my case it was my mother-in-law who told her daughter that a firm hands does wonders, with a hairbrush. I tended to spend some, stay out with the boys. I thought she was joking when she said she was going to give me a spanking. I learned quickly it was no joke. Spankings get my attention and my wife does not hold back at all.

Fondles said...

Loved it! Great way to mentor the young couples who move in next door ;)

Roz said...

Great story Hermione, this was a fun read and I love the ending. Definitely a great way to mentor other young couples. No counseling needed lol


Anonymous said...

Fun story. Can't wait for the next segment!

Joe said...

Great storyloved reading it.

Unknown said...

fun story to read. too bad we do not have the nerve to share this lifestyle with family and friends.
bottoms up

olivia said...

That was terrific. LOVE that ending with the mentors comfortably watching the action next door. 💜

ronnie said...

Hermione, thanks for sharing this fun story. I loved the ending.


Anonymous said...

Cute (and sexy) story. Exhibitionism meets Voyeurism!! Whoo-Hoo!