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Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for January 26

If your doctor were to notice spanking marks and ask you about them, what would you say?

Roz: Fortunately it hasn't happened, though there have been once or twice where there may have been marks that had just about vanished. I have always been careful about any marks when there is a doctor's appointment looming. Thankfully I also haven't had to see a doctor in an emergency situation either. Both marking and doctor visits are fairly rare. To be honest, I'm not sure what I would say.

Baxter: When I have a physical scheduled, I have my wife stop the spankings at least two or three weeks prior. I would have no idea how to answer a question like 'What is this bruise'?

Graham: I wouldn't want to embarrass the doctor, though I suspect she's seen it all. Also, I have some scar tissue from very hard spankings/canings when I was younger. It's not terribly obvious, but I'm guessing a trained, professional eye can figure it out.

Bonnie: I try to avoid such situations, but if there were no choice, I would tell the truth. When medical professions sense deception, they are much more likely to get others involved. If I say that the marks are from consensual play with my husband, that would hopefully be the end of it.

 Anon: My doctor is the same as my wife, a female doctor. She has seen the results of a spanking, really not much said.

Wendel: Spankings stop days before a scheduled appointment. If there was an emergency visit needed I would probably tell the Dr that the Misses spanked me for not eating my vegetables. The Misses would probably tell the Dr that she got a spanking for shopping too much. No point in trying to hide the obvious.

Glenmore: I doubt that any Doctor would be the least bit interested in any marks on the buttocks caused by a spanking so don't worry about it.

Rosco: No, but...

One doctor asked if I was gay after a rectal exam. I said my wife had a few toys ...

Also Irene gets a little wild sometimes, especially after she comes, and scratches me all over. Those marks have been apparent to family and friends, and there have been a few embarrassing comments.

KDPierre: This is one time I definitely agree with the majority: just casually explain it as consensual adult play. That should be sufficient.

Barrel: As I am at my urologist every 6 months for a follow up, this is definitely an issue for us. We plan in advance when we have to stop heavy sessions to let the bruises and marks heal, usually 4 to 5 weeks. But then start planning for a “catch up” shortly after I see the doc, which if fun, as she teases me how long and hard it will be. But I like the answers about candor, and thank you all for your sage advice.

Prefectdt: I would say to my Doctor that it is the result of the adult spanking play that I told you about, that you refused to believe that I was genuinely into. I have informed my Doctor of my involvement in consensual spanking but he refused to believe me, the same as most of my family, apparently I'm just not 'the type' (hurumph). Perhaps I should show up in his surgery one day displaying battle scars, then he might believe me.

A.J. OK, here goes.

If I had the time to plan I would have planned more time. I could not so I was stuck. I'm also a light player, and while I "red up" quickly, it quickly goes away.  However, this time I "got" a little more than I thought I would get!

I wasn't sure if it would be noticeable, but I certainly thought about what I would say if it came up.

1st option: "Well, she's really cute! A bit kinky, but damn cute."
And then a wink and a you-know-what-I'm-talking-about smile! That's very important.

2nd option: "You should see her!" (And yes, it was a switch session.) And then a wink and a smile!

I would not lie to him. And I think Wallace above is correct - They've seen it all!

I disagree with Glenmoretales. A doctor sees something he/she should ask! Went for a physical a few years back and, just talking in his office before the actual exam, he sees a scar on my hand and, "What's that? Where did you get it?"

I had shoved my hand with a sponge into a glass, it broke, and I was cut.
Him: A bad cut?
Me: Took a lot of bandages?
Him: Go to the ER?
Me: Nope.

And then I got the lecture on the physiology of the hand, and why - if it ever happened again - to get to an ER!

My last physical I was asked when I walk down a sidewalk or in a mall do I walk in a straight line or do I move left and right. That means something to a MD.
Do I get up in the night to pee? That means something, too.
Do I sleep soundly of wake up often in the night (heart problems, anxiety, depression, etc, a whole bunch of things.)
Why is your eye red?
What's that twitch?

The weirdest one I ever heard was a man, embarrassed, told his MD that his nose tingled during orgasm. His Doctor became very alert hearing that!
Cause: a sign he was having a small heart attack. He was ent to cardiology where it was confirmed - early.

Same symptoms in a female but in her finger tips or toes - same thing.
Details, people!!

I also think it professional for a doctor to ask a female about any marks just to be on the lookout for any abuse. A laugh and honesty ("Oh, yeah; the both of us are a little weird. And fun!) should take care of that.

Anyway, no one asked so I assume the little pink I had the day before was gone. The only thing I wondered after was - had the two cute female assistants in the room with us noticed and asked him later? That would have been one heckofa conversation, no?

Ronnie: I've always been careful about marks if there's a Doctor's visit scheduled. If there were and I was asked, I think I'd tell the truth about what we do.

Simon: I had to go to the doctor and have a prostate examination with some very obvious cane marks on my bottom. It wasn't my usual GP but a very attractive and young female Asian doctor who was a bit taken aback by the marking. I did what I always do in these situations and told the truth, that I enjoyed a good spanking and caning and she dropped the subject. This has not always been the case and one doctor offered me counselling as if I was suffering from some form of addiction.

Hermione: Once when I was being examined by a doctor, he noticed what he thought was a bruise on my abdomen and asked about it. Before I could answer, he looked closer and decided it was just dark pigmentation. His attitude was one of concern. If the mark had actually been on my bottom, I would have said that I didn't know it was there. I realize that medical practitioners have seen it all, but I would have been too shy to admit where the bruise actually came from. Bonnie does have a good point, though. Confession is probably better than arousing suspicion of domestic abuse.
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