Monday, January 6, 2020

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for January 5

How soon after midnight was your first spanking of 2020?

Roz: Love the topic. Unfortunately though, no spanking yet this year and it will probably be a couple of weeks at least. We have recently started spanking again after such a long period of no spanking so hopefully it will continue this year.

Bernie: Haven't had the opportunity, yet. It will be sometime in the early afternoon of Jan. 5th.

Graham: Tonight![January 4]

Yorkie: It was earlier this week. The wife and I were still off work and we were enjoying an offspring free house. To be honest we did it only because we were presented with the opportunity and it wasn’t up to the usual standards. Still, I believe, just like sex, all spankings are good spankings!

Wendel: Happy New Year Hermione! No spankings yet this year, hmmmm. Be back in a bit.
. . .

Hey Hermione. So the Misses is trying to figure out what sparked the sudden spanking she received. I put her across my lap in the dining room and walloped her bare fanny good. I am hoping retaliation is coming soon. 

Fondles: Sadly, no spankings yet. Hopefully on the evening of the 6th of Jan. Post dinner I hope. :)

Anon: New Year's day. Punishment paddling. Made what I thought was innocent comment about sil stopping by in sweats instead of usual jeans. Big mistake! Still sitting on pillows and probably still be black and blue next Sun.

Baxter: Yesterday, I was laying on the bed and my wife came in and wacked my butt hard a few times, I rolled over and said that hurt. She was laughing while holding the rubber riding crop. Being the spanko I am I rolled back onto my stomach and she obliged with several more hard spanks with it. Nice way to start the new year, many spankings ahead.

Bonnie: Randy and I stayed home on NYE and watched a movie. When it was almost midnight, we switched over to watch the ball drop. Afterward, we headed upstairs to bed.

In hopes of spicing up the occasion, I wore a little pink satin nighty with a matching lacy bikini underneath my old lady robe. I also set out a round headed leather paddle. As it turned out, Randy had the same good idea. We enjoyed a nice warm, stinging spanking followed by the year's first lovemaking, also warm and cozy.

Prefectdt: No luck so far this year but I am hoping for a little play time, before the month is out.

Barrel: I’ve been waiting all week, but since we both have colds and feel miserable, no. I have a urologist appointment in 12 days, so we can’t risk a spirited spanking before that is over. However, we have already scheduled a session for the day after the doctor’s appointment and have been discussing how to employ her strap, tawse and both canes to make up for lost time. It’s coming, just not soon enough.

Great question and participation. Thank you to you all for sharing.

Windy: It was last night for me and it has been a while since I have been sick for nearly 2 months. It's often embarrassing for me when we pick up the spanking thing again after an unintended break. But, once the shock of the first spanks are absorbed, then I settle a bit. And then later things turn kinky and sexy!

Joe: Last night was the first opportunity. My wife took it to a new level for the new decade. For the first time she tied me to the bed face down with pillow under my groin to raise my butt, it was incredibly exciting. First came the belt with many strokes delivered all over my bottom until she said I was bright red and my butt was burning. Next the wood paddle was used firmly on the sit spot many times. Now I was really blazing and there was a brief pause while she rubbed my bottom and more. Suddenly there was six hard and swift strokes of the cane which left six red stripes on me. She said it was almost done but since I had backed talked a little extra was needed and the tawse was next and for about 10 minutes it was used on my upper thighs, butt ventured between my legs several times and even a few on my back.

Hermione: On New Year's Eve Ron suggested some bedroom activity, but I reminded him that we had had rather a lot of champagne to drink and that would probably rule out a "happy ending" for either of us. He agreed, and proposed a date the following afternoon, at the usual time. So on New Year's Day we went upstairs at 4:30 pm for. I thought, a romantic interlude. To my surprise, Ron had laid out three implements: a short brown leather paddle, a longer black leather strap, and the black leather flyswatter. I was in for a spanking and it wasn't even Saturday!

Ron cycled through the implements a few times, but I could tell from the speed with which he applied them that his mind was on other things. He stopped sooner than he would have normally, to attend to the second item on his agenda. We both welcomed in the new year with much enthusiasm.

Bonnie is the winner!
From Hermione's Heart

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Anonymous said...

2015, married just three months, a new year and my wife sternly said it would start off correctly. She said my behavior at times was that of a naughty child and that it will be addressed. She stated that no longer will no longer not address it. It was on that New Years Day of 2015 that I was scolded like a child, had my pants and underpants around my ankles and put across her lap for a sound spanking. She was serious, and that hairbrush made it point.
This New Year Day like all those since 2015 start off the same way. A sound spanking over her lap, prior to that a scolding while I stand with pants and underpants around my ankle.
I would have it no other way, to find a woman who understands me, knows how to handle me, is priceless.