Sunday, January 12, 2020

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #313

How was your week? Mine was quite busy, and I won't have much time to relax this weekend, as I have a looming deadline. But I will take a few minutes now to introduce this week's discussion topic, suggested by Barrel.

Who selects the implement or implements that will be employed? Is the spankee expected to present the implement to the spanker?

Leave your response as a comment, and I will publish an edited summary of our conversation once everyone has had a chance to weigh in.
From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

Rick almost always choses the implement(s). Sometimes I have been required to fetch them, usually if they are in a different room, but he usually does that too.


Baxter said...

My wife chooses between the riding crop, the very long shoe horn and the wooden spoon. I have no choice nor do I want one.


Barrel said...

Normally, my wife selects the implement. I am always required to bring it to her and present it. Most often she is sitting on the bench at the bottom of our bed for an OTK spanking, and she demands I put it in the palm of her hand. If she is really wanting to mess with me, she will remain silent and look me directly in the eye, sending me a clear message, “is there something you want to say?”. She expects me to ask or beg for the spanking, usually pausing again expecting me to request an especially hard and long spanking. “How hard?”, she teases, whereupon I have no choice but to tell her very, very hard. With a tap of the implement on her right thigh, we are underway.

Bonnie said...

Usually, it's Randy, though I can make suggestions.

Joe said...

My wife usually choices what she wants to use but I can ask for certain items. When I do that implement is well used.

Fondles said...

If I'm really craving something I'll tell BIKSS. but if not, he chooses... I am allowed to object - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't!

Anonymous said...

Choice, my wife has her trusty hairbrush in hand, in this home she decides.

Domhnall the Second said...

My Disciplinarian always chooses. (I wish you success with your "looming deadline".)

Anonymous said...

I buy them (or occasionally cut a few switches), but do so based on Irene’s preferences. She usually employs a two or three different ones during the course of a “date” (our term for a sexual encounter over a couple of hours that includes a few spankings).

We’re both in good health but Irene’s wrists are not as strong as they once were and she much prefers implements with round handles. Flat handled things sometimes fly out of her hands. Riding crops have them, but we finally found a tawse at Caneiac that does as well.

Our newest, her current favorite and our most expensive item ever is a leather ping pong paddle. Elegant, and a cross between wood and leather.

Over time we’ve gravitated to leather rather that wood. Slightly different flavor. Moreover, a slightly off target swat with leather simply smarts a bit more whereas with wood it ruins the mood at a minimum.

- Rosco

ronnie said...

P is the one who decides.



It depends very much on who I am playing with although I very often get offered a choice. I do like it when the spanker chooses a toy that they particularly like as they usually pick something that they are comfortable and confident in using.


Anonymous said...

In our case, Beth always chooses the instrument. Her favorite is a ping pong paddle that has a rubber lining, an old fashioned razor strop that belonged to her Dad and hangs as decoration in our bathroom, a hair brush and now and then i receive a caning.
When sent to our room it is my cue to remove everything but my briefs. Once undressed i stand in the corner, my hands resting
at the small of my back.
When she comes in she sits in a chair by the window and when she is ready orders me to stand before her. She has me kneel and then asks me to explain why she has to punish me for something i have agreed to do.That to me is hardest part. She then pulls down my briefs and leaving them at my ankles puts me over her knee or i am told to kneel on the bed on all fours.
After the punishment i sit in the chair on top of a itchy wool blanket.I n summer very nasty after a caning or the rubber paddle.
Not until we are in bed, often a few hours after the discipline does he hug me and forgive me.
I adore this woman and appreciate her guiding me
Ansdrew S

kdpierre said...

Rosa tells me what she wants and I bring it to her. The only exceptions are play games where I might suggest something particular, or if I feel extra bad about something and volunteer a particular implement to make things harsher. But even then the final decision is hers.

WendelJones said...

The spanker selects the implement. What either one of us picks depends on the mood. There are a few consistent choices. If it is girl night out the Misses picks the paddle. If the Misses give smart mouthed comments I spank her with the belt.