Sunday, January 19, 2020

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #314

Welcome one and all to our weekly discussion. I'm happy to say that after five days of intense concentration—most of the time, that is—I was able to meet my work deadline with hours to spare. Now I can get back to the important things in life, like blogging.

Describe your most recent spanking. When and where did it occur, what were you wearing, what position did you (or the spankee) assume and what implements were used? Feel free to provide any additional details that were significant.

Please leave your response in the comments section below. After everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.
From Hermione's Heart


Barrel said...

Yesterday (Friday)! I took the day off after a week of travel since we had planned a session. We had lunch at home, with a glass of wine, then my wife asked me to shower so we could get started. Being naked after showering, she asked me to lay out the hairbrush, strap and two delrin canes. Unlike our usual sessions where I am restrained on the bench, my wife wanted to try a new position since she claimed I needed to be higher to improve her swing with the canes. So this session, I knelt on the bench and rested my torso on two pillows on the end of the bed. She started with the thicker of the canes. I received two sets of 10, thereafter she gave me identical sets with the thin cane. She wanted me to judge how hard the strokes were applied. I told her they felt like about 40% of her typical strength, and she agreed.

She then switched to the strap, which I had fashioned out of a shoulder strap from an old carry on suit bag I used for traveling. She told me she really likes the strap since she can swing it at 100% strength and it covers a lot of area when it wraps. She gave me 20 strokes and I could hear her deep breath before each, so they were as hard as she could swing. After a short pause, I got another 20 of the same strength.

Before we laid down for a moment, she told me there was more caning to be administered. We talked about her confidence in administering the cane with the same swing and strength as the strap. So she put me back in the kneeling position for 6 full strength strokes of the thick cane, alternating sides every two strokes. With a short pause but remaining in position, she delivered 6 full strength strokes with the thin cane, which were the worst.

I expected an over the knee spanking with the hairbrush next but she decided to stop, saying the 6 strokes of the thick cane had left deep red, weals and several of the thin cane strokes left bright pink, raised welts. This session was not as stress relieving as most since it was shorter, but the growth in her confidence administering both canes at 100% strength is something I look forward to.

Anonymous said...

I was in a foul mood, and it started on Monday morning, was very snappy, late for work, mouthing off, just one of those weeks. My wife did nothing until Saturday morning. I stepped out of the shower, care to explain this past week, I said I was sorry. Don't bother getting dress she said sternly, my turn to have a bad moody day.
I headed to the bedroom and she said Oh No, you get to the kitchen and I felt a strong spank to my bottom. In the kitchen she was scolding me when the phone rang, her mother, she told her what was going on and would call back. She notice I was erect and sternly said to get rid of it. I stood and stroked away until I cum, went to the bathroom to clean up and back to the kitchen. She had the bar stool in the middle of the room and over her lap I went. Hated that bar stool, off the ground, unable to get off her lap, my hand pinned to my back and her hand soundly spanking my bottom. Hello Dear, it was my mother-in-law, Hello Mother, could you go to the bedroom and get my hairbrush, Yes Dear. Here you go Dear handing the hairbrush to her. Been a naughty little boy son-in-law and she sat and watched the spanking. When I stood up, I was told no rubbing, hands at side, and my wife laid down what was going to happen the rest of the weekend. I faced the wall and when my mother-in-law finally left I was told of the chores that I will be doing, so got dress and did as told. Sunday morning I awoke, knowing we were going to church, and my wife was in the kitchen. We had breakfast, not much said, said I was going to take a shower, she smiled and I though nothing of it. When I stepped out of the shower she stood there, hairbrush in hand. Please no more, my bottom hurts, I will be in a better mood, promise. To the bedroom and now she said sternly. She pulled a chair out and over her lap I went. It hurt from the first spank and when she finished, told to get ready for church. I squirmed in the pew, could not sit comfortably and my wife smiled and told me best stop squirming. Leaving the church my wife asked for the keys and I said I could drive home, keys young man. A couple of good friends came up to talk to my wife and made a comment about my squirming. Was in some mood this past week and I had enough and addressed the problem. They smiled, and looked at me, I said nothing. My wife talked a little longer and then drove us home. Why did you tell them I said, she looked at me, your in enough trouble, now get on your work clothes, you have chores to finish. That evening she asked if I would be in a better mood, I said, I would. She said are you going to talk back to me anymore, no I said. She smiled, your going to bed early which is now, so get yourself ready for bed, Yes I said. I was just finishing putting on my pajamas wheh she walked in. Good she said now take down the bottoms, you getting a spanking to remind you and over her lap I went. One thing about my wife she will not put up with my attitude, behavior, and the more I plead, the harder the spanking. Jack

Roz said...

My most recent spanking was last weekend. We haven't had any real spanky action for a very long time and have recently been getting back into it.

This one was all fun and sexy and fairly light with lots of rubbing and other stuff in between:) A delicious hand spanking OTB.


Anonymous said...

We were planning a thing tomorrow, but Irene took a nap then summoned me from my home office about 5 hours ago. She had just bought me a red girly nightgown and she told me I needed a spanking. I put it on and she tied me to the bed face down, and spanked me with a ping pong paddle and then a two tailed tawse. Then she left me for 30 minutes.

She returned, spanked me again then untied me. Ordered me to kiss her feet and apologize. At the point I still though it wS just preliminary for tomorrow’s “date”. But the she tied me to the bed again, this time face up - and left to take a shower. She returned and put her big bottom on my face and ordered me to lick her. I did, she came with a force that can only be measured by the Richter scale, then she mounted my penis.

All a day earlier than planned.

- Rosco

Anonymous said...

I am normally paddled by my wife twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday nights, just before we go to bed, something I look forward to. The delicious afterglow is then enhanced as we settle into bed for sleep with my bare bottom pressed up against her warm body. These spankings are hard enough to leave some residual soreness the next day, something I usually find pleasant since it acts as a reminder of how much I love my wife. But it was anything but pleasant as we sat on a long and bumpy air flight two weeks ago on Saturday.

Because we were out of town and with company, the Friday spanking the day before leaving town was the last one I received until last Thursday (a delayed Tuesday spanking), after nearly a two-week hiatus. It was very good to be home again, by ourselves!

kdpierre said...

Talk about timing! Downright freaky!!! After a fairly long (probably since the end of Summer ) hiatus from spanking, Rosa just gave me a good one yesterday (Saturday evening) to get back in the swing of things. (no pun intended) It was cold in the house so I got to keep a flannel shirt on, but was otherwise bare. She used her favorite lucite paddle and did it in two installments with a short break in-between. After such a long period since my last spanking I found the initial round VERY hard to take despite her being pretty nice about it. However, once I sort of got acclimated to it all again, the second round was far Ouch! Still tender today.

Bonnie said...

Our most recent spanking was a Friday Night Special. It occurred close to bedtime in our bedroom. I was wearing a short pink satin nightie with white lace and a matching bikini. Randy sat on the side of the bed and I positioned myself over his lap. He secured me in place with his left hand while he wielded a stiff leather paddle in his right. By the time he finished, I felt toasty warm, nicely stung, and happily amorous. It was a perfect ending to a long week.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Reading the comments before mine - some of you REALLY GET SPANKED HARD!!

Not my situation, I only spank/get spanked for the sexy fun of it. But to answer your questions, Hermione:

"When and where did it occur?"
Alas too long ago. More than a year. But she was so cute and fun it was worth the wait.

"What were you wearing?"
Me: My best birthday suit!!
Her: Naked from her navel south.

"What position did you (or the spankee) assume?"
OTK!! My favorite. For both of us.

"What implements were used?"
For both of us - bare hand. She wanted to use a hairbrush and small paddle on me, but I was not ready for that.

"Any additional details that were significant?"
I got a real life medical wake-up call a couple days before. Really unnerving. Four days after we were to play - I was scheduled to meet with a surgeon. During which I would get a full medical examination!
I almost backed out.
Didn't because we planned this for a while.
Didn't because I thought four days was plenty of time for any redness or marks to disappear. (Usually gone the next day!)
Did I mention that with just her bare hand she could really spank??? And that when it was over I was as sore as I was bright red 'back there'?
That on day three I took another look in the mirror and, "Oh shit, no...!!"
I could not reschedule so I went ahead with my doctor's appointment and hoped for the best.

In the exam room (with the surgeon's two, drop-dead gorgeous 20-something year old female assistants!) - No one said anything.
Had the red/marks disappeared? I don't really know, but I think they did. Or enough did.



Unfortunately because I have been dealing with a stress (Brexit) related outbreak of psoriasis and did not want to present a rear end covered with red blotches and scaly skin I have not been spanked since July. Thankfully the psoriasis is now responding to treatment.

That session was a pay to play with a Moldovan Domme, who basically decided to use everything in her arsenal, apart from a metal chain flogger which was left out because of my special negotiating technique (begging). I was face down on a bed and naked apart from a red man thong. Two toys where broken on my rear end, a Manila cane and a horse batter. I can't remember everything else that was used but they included a leather flogger, a boot paddle (both the boot side and the wooden side), two leather paddles and the rest was just a blur of pain and endorphins.

It was the hardest and most difficult to endure whupping that I have had in over five years. But it left me so high that I did not feel safe to drive until after midday the following day.