Sunday, February 9, 2020

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #317

Welcome, dear friends, to our weekly discussion of all things related to spanking. This topic came to mind while I was engaged in a rare event in our home. I was dusting the furniture, picked up a decorative egg timer in order to polish the dresser top, and thought about how the timer might be used.

Have you ever engaged in a timed spanking; that is, one that lasted a specified length of time? If so, how long was it and how did you time the spanking? If not, is it something you might consider trying? 

Leave your response as a comment, and I will publish a summary of our conversation once everyone has had an opportunity to speak.
From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

Great question Hermione. We haven't done timed spanking. I think I would be worried about being done before the timer lol


Anonymous said...

Yes, we've done timed spankings, which adds a whole new dimension. Most recently, I confessed to doing something that needn't be mentioned here (though you may guess!) three times while out of town for a week. The punishment was a 1-minute non-stop OTK with hairbrush, followed by a 2 minute non-stop and then finally a 3-minute non-stop. I got a couple minutes of cuddling in between. I suggested that she tie my hands for the last one, which was definitely a good idea. I would not have made it otherwise. Afterwards, all was forgiven and we had a great night! Not everyone's cup of tea, perhaps, but I'd recommend it if you've ever been curious. Graham

Bonnie said...

Yes, we've tried timed spankings. We used an old fashioned mechanical kitchen timer. Trouble was that Randy saw this exercise as some sort of competition. Even two minutes of rapid fire, full force hairbrush swats was excessive. I won't be asking for a timed spanking again any time soon!

Anonymous said...

Do not wish to try, a spanking from my wife last long enough and longer if I don't do as told. Her hairbrush and my bare bottom would prefer a shorter meeting. Jack

kdpierre said...

A long time ago I engaged in a spanking bet wherein my spanker sat across my back and arms pinning me on our bed and had 5 full minutes to do as she pleased. If I didn't surrender I would "win" a treat. (I lost in like the second minute!) But the thing was, even if I surrendered, she was not obligated to stop at that point and could use the five minutes to her liking.....which she did! It was horrible!

Anonymous said...

For awhile we were doing 10 minutes, hairbrush, over the knee for me... started on panties, about half way through they came down, and then the last minute was what she called the "lightning round" which was hard and fast. It was so brutal, I could not take it after the 5th week and would just cry, she felt sorry for me and we toned it down.

Sissy bianca

Anonymous said...

I only spank/get spanked for the sexy fun of it, so I have never done a timed session. All I can imagine is that one or both of us would be ready to move on to the next "event" but can't because of that damned timer!!! Kinda' spoils the mood, ya' know....

Side note: Ronnie, you got "rapid fire, FULL FORCE hairbrush swats"????? For two minutes??? Wow!

That has only happened to me four times in my life - every one of them memorable. All but one of them I would NEVER want repeated. But the difference:
- Rules:
- I could say "Stop!" at anytime and it would stop.
- The number of swats was set at 100. No more. (And no less, either..!)


WendelJones said...

We do timed spankings from time to time. The Misses only gets spanked by hand. For me it is split between the hand and the paddle. They last between 5 and 10 minutes. To keep track the spankee watches a digital cooking timer and counts down the minutes. It is difficult to keep count after 5 minutes of paddling.

ronnie said...

Sometimes P will say he's going to spank me me for two minutes with whatever implement or he's going to spank me for 15 minutes or so but no actual timed spankings.


Ozarkhillbillyhippie said...

Until the thin narrow paddle cracked if that counts My drunk are hurt all the next day


I have had timed spankings but strangely enough I have never asked for one. I have always been more than happy to play along when others have suggested this sort of play. For some reason, I prefer it when I do not know how long the length of time is but I know I have to make it to the alarm. The occurrence of the smartphone means that there is a good, accurate timer always at hand, in these modern times. I have lost count of how many cheap Egg/Kitchen timers have failed in their purpose.


Fondles said...

I don't think we've ever had a timed session but it's definitely something I might consider!