Monday, February 17, 2020

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for February 16

What is your advice on using a flogger?

Qbuzz: I never really got on with the flogger, though I did once receive a demonstration from Danielle Hunt. It always reminded me of the 'towel snap' that gets done in boys' changing rooms - twirling it round so all the tails are entwined together and then whip the whole thing across your spankee's rump.

KDPierre: The advice for flogger usage depends entirely on what it is made of. Floggers can be well-made or cheesy novelty crap. And of the well-made variety there are floggers made from everything from deerskin, (mild to a point where Ron's arm will ache well before you even experience a tingle. Deerskin is for folks who want to play act the part without any real pain) To moosehide (which is a little worse and stings if a lot of swing is used) to leather (now we're getting somewhere) to rubber (holy crap! That stings!!)

I may be forgetting some others but those are the main ones. So my advice is try it experimentally before using if for a punishment or play session so you both know what this particular does and feels like. And as with any whippy/strappy toy, watch out for wrap-around. Better to swipe than splat....though controlled, targeted splats can work well too.

The width and length of the are also factors. Thinner being stingier. Wider catches the air and lands with less impact. Again, the best information you'll get is through your own experimentation. (it doesn't take long or require any special skill. LOL)

And if it turns out this one is a dud when it comes to sting, try using it on places you normally don't the back, soles, or breasts and genital area. And if it's nasty...well...LOL..have fun!

Xen: Absolutely! I love floggers, but we only use the thuddy kind (I think the primary one we have is buffalo hide?), so it definitely depends. Main advice would be to practice on the mattress before moving on to people. 😄 We don’t do it often because it requires more space than we can easily set up, but I enjoy the sensation.

Roz: Wow, how wonderful! We have played with a flogger a couple of times before it broke (it was more a novelty type flogger). I found it lovely when used gently,the tails trailed over the body and definitely reached placed often untouched! When used with more force however....ouch!

As for advice...yes, watch for wrap-around and experiment. Start off lightly and, of course, lots of communication and checking in to find out what works best for you both.

Simon: I agree that it all depends on the quality and the material the flogger is made from. However a good quality flogger is a fantastic toy especially if used on the parts that don't normally figure in a spanking scenario.

Prefectdt: You have your first Flogger! Lucky you :) I love being flogged.

I have no idea what kind of flogger you have. Floggers can vary in sensation greatly, depending on what they are made of and the quality of the make, so it is difficult to say how best to use yours without knowing more about it.

Many floggers can be a bit 'endy' giving the sensation of being lop spanked, if the person delivering only has access from one side. So for a first flogging I would recommend that you lie full length face down with Ron having access to you from both sides. Giving a number of strokes (five or six for example) from one side and then moving around the other side to give the same number of strokes. For a first flogging start easy and then experiment with intensity until you are both used to the flogger, preferably on an impact area that is used to getting the licks. Floggers being delivered from above are easier to control, once Ron has gained some skill then you can experiment with standing or bent over positions, with the flogger coming in from the side.

Floggers can become irritating for the recipient, if they become entangled or the tails become crossed. So it is a good idea if Ron pauses every dozen or so lashes (the word lashes gives me excitement goose bumps) and performs the ceremony of "Combing The Cat". By that I mean holding the flogger upside down and running his fingers through it, to make sure that all the tails are straight and separated. This can make a big difference to the quality of the play.

In the old days I used to be an up tight spanko, only allowing play on my buttocks and thighs but over the years I have loosened up this rule and with floggers I enjoy play from my shoulders right down to just above the back of my knees. It is a toy worth experimenting with, to find out how you like it.

Remember to give your selves a chance to get used to this flogger and that every flogger is different. So if you find that you enjoy this one, it will probably not be your last flogger. Happy spankings.

Willie: I remember the first time B actually purchased an implement without my knowledge, a whole rush of emotions came forth. LOL.

I can't add much more than what KD and others said. I would reiterate that as a experienced 'spankee' you probably won't feel much deep sensation with a flogger if Ron stays in the buttocks area. The torso, front and back, the back of the thighs and for more sting the front of the thighs provide a better option. I will say, even to this day, standing there having B flog my front is a tad intimidating as I'm always afraid he's going to miss or a fall will hit my face ( never has happened

Anyway there is a BDSM Domme who has a lot of great videos on Youtube, her name is Morgan Thorne ( She's also Canadian). She has 3 on Flogging. B became much better at flogging once he watched them. The first one, you can really skip ahead to the 20 minute mark. I am including the link. Hope it helps.

Ronnie: How lovely of Ron to surprise you with a flogger.

Can't add more than what others have said. I know the Flogger can be very sensual used on other parts of the body.

Enjoy and I hope you will share your experience with us.

Morningstar: Your first flogger!!! I am excited for you.... I love floggers always have guess I always will. In the day I had more floggers than could be used on me in one session!!

As Spankedhortic said there are so many different types it's hard to advise....

I hope you enjoy it!! IF you do - trust me - it won't be your last one :)

Wendel: We have had one for a while now. It is a nine-tail cat that we use only on the bare bottom. The Misses prefers getting whipped with the flogger over the belt. I do agree that it can get tangled easily.

Barrel: We do not have a flogger. But with such an inspiring conversation over brunch, perhaps we should. I will withhold my judgement until I read of our hostess's report on her first flogging.

Hermione: Ron was rather amazed at the length of the thing; he hadn't realized it would be that long. It's leather, rather stiff, and the tails are thin. I asked him if he had watched a Youtube video for tips, and he said no, he'd just wing it. Okay.

He started off with a warmup using other implements - two different  leather paddles. Then came the flogger. Ron didn't use much force, but it wrapped around my right side each time so it felt like a dull thud plus twelve fire-y bites on my right hip and leg. Then he started to enjoy himself.

"I've got the knack!" he exclaimed. "I'm going to get another one." He's never been that thrilled with an implement before. We both had a good laugh and he did seem to improve, but I still hated that wrapping. I might send him the link that Willie provided above so he can see how the experts do it.

Thank you all for the great advice!
From Hermione's Heart


morningstar said...

a longer flogger can make it a wee bit more difficult.... but having had whips used on me in small spaces the only suggestion I have (other than watching a video)is to adjust the distance from your body -- and the angle. Honestly wrapping is no fun!

but I'm glad you both enjoyed your new toy :)

kdpierre said...

You have a couple of options. Nothing says you can't trim the darned thing to make it more manageable.....but the other is what I mentioned before about wrapping..... have Ron SWIPE the thing across your bottom rather than splat-landing it. If the ends are swished across in a single fluid motion the ends are less likely to land in a single, off-target spot as a wrap and instead be dragged across your bottom. That said, I imagine leather with thin stiffer strands to be more challenging than a moosehide one with wide strands. But if you want to really challenge yourself........RUBBER.

willie said...

Stay away from rubber! B has a rubber one. Lol. If he won't watch the link suggest he swing in a large figure 8 and then walk closer to you . No wrapping that way. ;)