Monday, February 3, 2020

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for February 2

Is there someone in your life who would not believe you if you told them you were into spanking?

Roz: That's a great question Hermione, I really don't know. I'm not planning on telling anyone but I suspect most people who know me would be surprised.

Bonnie: I have no idea and I'm not inclined to perform a test at this point. I do know that our daughter already knows more than she cares to learn.

PK: Since I promote my books on my real Facebook I assume anyone interested already knows. The friends and family I've talked to directly seem to find it plausible and amusing. I think more people would be shocked about Nick being involved.

QBuzz: I think everyone round my way tends to presume everyone has their own dirty little secrets in the bedroom, so they probably wouldn't be surprised though they probably wouldn't want to know the gory details either :)

It's very interesting to hear about situations where a friend or family member has learned about spanking activities...perhaps that might be a brunch topic for the future?

Thanks for a great idea!

KDPierre: When we told our neighbors about our lifestyle, they seemed a bit surprised at the roles. By one of life's weird coincidences, my neighbors sort of knew me before I moved in since both of our daughters once attended the same dance studio. Anyone who has read my posts, blog, or has met me in just about any setting, would never see me as the 'submissive type'. So when we came as as a "kinky couple" they didn't seem nearly as surprised as when we explained who was in what role. My Rosa is 17 years younger than me as well, and is very close to an age where she could be my neighbors' daughter. So I think they found it amazing that Rosa had the authority to spank for real discipline as opposed to just role-play fun.

Now, however, all these years later, my neighbor Marta has actually joined in as a sort of part-time contributor for suggestions to Rosa for punishments for me. In fact, just last week the two collaborated on the plans for a rather substantial spanking I am now to get as I went to pick up a couple of pizzas!

Wendel: I do not think anyone would be surprised to find out. We do not plan on telling either.

Jack:  former girlfriend, still keep in touch, but no idea what so ever. I thought while dating her about being spanked by her, but never followed through.

Prefectdt: I was sick and tired of lying to vanilla family and friends and decided to "Come Out Of The Study" in 2013, not long after my mother died. The thing is I wanted people to know and how big a part of my life it is but not make a big deal of it for them because I did not see why it should affect their lives. So perhaps I have been going about it the wrong way but no one seems to believe me. The last vanilla family member that I told is one of my cousins and I WhatsApped him a link to the blog. I hope that worked better but I have not had courage to phone him since.

Ronnie: I have no intention of finding out. Like Roz, I think family and fiends who know me would be very surprised if I did tell them.

Barrel: I think our friends and family would believe me, but I don’t intend to tell them. I am growing more comfortable being “kinda out” at brunch with all of you, and for now, that’s just fine. I would be OK if one of my wife’s single friends knew.

Hermione: My former work colleagues would be very surprised if they knew my secret, and migth not believe me. To them I was always rather uptight and straight-laced, and I believe I acted that way in order to avoid accidentally saying too much or revealing the truth in an unguarded moment.
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Anonymous said...

I missed this query originally. I don’t think our friends would be too surprised even though my dominant wife Irene is pretty sweet and friendly most of the time. I’m also friendly but can have that opinionated male vibe.

We’re pretty discreet but been at it almost 40 years now, and there have been a few times when we’ve almost been caught. One friend spent the night and remarked she’d found a riding crop in the bed. I wasn’t too embarrassed but hoped she realized it was for Irene to use on me, not the other way around.