Sunday, February 23, 2020

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #319

There will be no spanking for me this weekend (sigh!). I had eye surgery earlier in the week and among other things, I must not be in a position where my head is lower than my heart, so as to prevent an increase of pressure in the eye. I didn't specifically ask the surgeon if that included spanking—did you think I would?—but it's obvious that a bent over position would not be advisable. So for the foreseeable, we are on the wagon.

That won't stop me from thinking or talking about our favourite aerobic activity. Our good friend A.J. thought of today's topic after reading the responses to a recent brunch. Sissy bianca referred to a spanking that she called a "lightning round", which inspired this question.

 What humorous names or terms do you have for the type of spankings you give or get, the implements you use, the stages of a spanking, or anything related?

I'm ready for a good laugh, so please submit your answers in the comments section below. Once everyone has had a chance to contribute, I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.
From Hermione's Heart


WendelJones said...

Hey Hermione
I wish you a speedy recovery. Hope all is well. As for the question we do not have names for spanking sessions. Spanking, paddling and whipping says all there is to say about what is going to happen. As for the implements the only one that has a name is the Misses’ favorite paddle. It is a very light colored wood so it’s nickname is “The Betty White”.

Roz said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery Hermione. I love this question, alas I have no entertaining answers. I can't recall any names for spankings or implements, apart from the usual spanking references, such as roasting, tanning etc.


Spanky53 said...

Hi Hermione,
Speedy return to health. Well I have a paddle a friend gave me with the name I used to use to use in the scene...'SpankDaMan'...burnished on it. Whenever my Girl wants me to use it on her she holds it out and says..."yes you are".

morningstar said...

hope you heal quickly Hermione :) and can soon be back to spanking fun......

We don't have any cute names for spankings ..... but I do have a flogger that I call 'the sting of a 1000 bees'. It has about 20 thin leather falls and boy oh boy! when it connects it feels just like stinging bees

Anonymous said...

I read that "lightning round" and laughed! What a great line!! And a perfect description of what was about to happen! And I am so stealing that line!


I had never really been spanked for real since I was about 7 years old. One day, when I was in my 30's and at the end of a "fun" spanking, I asked my friend if she would mind giving give me a little more, but this time - REALLY spank me. Educate me! Let me know what a real spanking was like. Give me 100 more swats - for real! She did! I think, because I had been "warmed up", it wasn't too, too bad. But from that "The Grande Finale" was born.

On a side note I tried that one other time with a new spanker.
Her: "Really? You want that? 100? Hard and fast?"
And so she did. Before the end of the first SECOND I knew - BIG mistake! And because she was doing exactly what I asked her to do - I couldn't say "Stop!!!" I grit my teeth, held my breath and got the full 100. That one I have never forgotten.)

If I'm with a new and unsure spanker not understanding or nervous about what to do, I tell her to imagine she is angry at her boyfriend and to give me the spanking she would give him for his sins if she was angry at him. We later called it "the angry girlfriend" spanking. For some reason she knew exactly what that was!

And if she does exactly what I foolishly asked for, I refer to it as the "Bitch be crazy!" spanking. (Said with a smile of course!)

Use a hairbrush? For me it's very rare, but a "singing hairbrush", also "making the hairbrush sing".

Last, pity and imagine the poor spankee over your knee with a red bottom furiously wriggling around to escape the blows raining down. What I call from watching westerns and rodeo's as, "buckin' n' rearin'!"


ronnie said...

Hermione, wishing you a speedy recovery.

Not really. We do have a addle which was given to me by a blogger and we named the paddle after him.


Anonymous said...

We are on a medical hiatus also. Hope your eye heals soon.

Irene is a virtual thesaurus when she describes my behavior that warrants a spanking. As she is paddling or whipping me, she'll go through a long list then start repeating one if it strikes her fancy ...

insolent, petulant, pouty, willful, disobedient, defiant, insubordinate, naughty, mischievious ...

She does not have names for the implements (leather ping pong paddle, riding crop or tawse - unless a supple switch has been recently cut) and usually just tells me I need a spanking.

We both refer to the whole session - spanking, bondage, cunnilingus, intercourse etc. - as a "date".



Barrel said...

Here’s to hoping you heal quickly and know each day gets better.

While none of our implements have names, our more severe spankings are referred to as sessions. Sessions include whipping, strapping, caning are always longer, harder, more intense and include restraints.



I hope the recovery goes well and the procedure ends with success.

I have descriptive names for the stages of a spanking. At the start the "OMG this (expletive deleted) hurts, why do I do this?" stage. Then there is "I've got the breathing right and I can handle this." stage. And finally, if all goes well and the body chemicals start kicking in the "Hello Fairies." stage.

Most of my toys have nick names but there are too many for this comment.


Enzo said...

Here's to a speedy recovery Hermione!
As far as humorous names for spankings I have none. I just have descriptive names for the types of spankings, like most spankos do; such as maintenance spanking, attitude adjustment spankings, punishment spanking and good-girl spankings.