Friday, February 28, 2020

Friday FUN

One of my pet peeves is seeing graffiti sprayed on public buildings, boxcars, highway overpasses—well, just about anywhere. The wannabe artists need a sound spanking. But some creations, like the ones below, get a pass. Take a look.

They made this a happy day for me. How about you?
From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

Graffiti is a pet peeve of mine too, but these are great. Thanks for the smile Hermione. Hope you have a wonderful weekend:)


Anonymous said...

My wife has a solution for this type of behavior, one is cleaning, the other is not sitting.

PK said...

I can deal with it on man made structures. Here we see graffiti on stones near beautiful water falls - then I see red and I would get out the cane if I could catch them. But these you've shown here do have some merit.

kdpierre said...

The blue doors are the best! Funny coincidence on the graffiti theme.

There was a graffiti exhibit at a museum we recently visited. Honestly though? It was mediocre. Kind of a let-down, because I've seen amazing stuff out there.

ronnie said...

I hate graffiti as well, but I enjoyed these. Thanks.


Baxter said...

the graffitti folks have a field day with railroad cars and while there is talent out there, it is being used in a criminal way. it is unfortunate that our society cannot harness that talent and get these folks into legitimate creative things.

Anonymous said...

I second Baxter's comment. They're destroying private property. Repaints of railroad cars can be $30k or more, as well as trespassing and putting themselves in danger of being killed.