Monday, August 31, 2020

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for August 30

What changes have you made to improve your spanko relationship?


Bonnie: I was curious to read what I wrote back at the turn of the last decade. I said something about not comparing your experience to others and finding your own path. Today, I advise readers to keep evolving and changing to keep the excitement in your relationship. In our case, change has taken the form of new fantasies, new toys, new technologies, and new rituals.

Jack: My wife has added more time waiting, either in the bedroom, or in the front room, Said it gives her time to calm down and for me to think of what I did. She has decided that calling her Mommy is just not enough and so after all spankings will put on my pajamas for the remaining part of the day and could go further like for several days. 

Roz: This is a great question. I totally agree with Bonnie on not comparing your relationship with others and finding your own way. Each couple needs to discover what works for them. I would also say change things up with different positions, implements etc. If you follow the same pattern with every spanking it can become too predictable which can lead to unsatisfying for both partners.

Prefectdt: When I moved from the UK to The Netherlands in 1992 I was an uptight spanko, corporal punishment role play only character. I rejected all other variations on BDSM and was determined to stay exclusively in that small bracket. Allowing impact only on my bottom and hands and only with traditional spanking implements. But living in The Netherlands and then Belgium, I found the spanko community to be limited and opened myself up to some BDSM play and never regretted doing that.

So my change that I recommend, is being more broad minded and prepared to try new things.

Baxter: Getting my wife to spank me took years and she finally came around. I let her read a Fiona Locke book and she said she understood more about what I wanted and just reading it got her wet. that was a big step. But still took more time and patience on my part and encouragement. Now my wife will bring up the spanking subject if we are driving down the road, saying that what I just did or said was a spankable offense or I haven't spanked you in quite a while and you have been naughty. We have spanking implements around the house that are just normal things such as a cutting board with a handle in the kitchen or a long handled shoe horn in the living room, bedroom and in our camper. And yes, they all get used to great effect on a regular basis. My wife does tune up my bottom on a regular basis when she knows I need it or when I want it. So that is how it happened in my life.

Rosco: Answering first for my wonderful wife Irene, who’s now a senior citizen in great health and sexy as ever. Irene does not have strong wrists and sometimes would lose her grip on certain spanking implements. I found her a two tailed tawse at Cane-iac that has a ROUND handle. Problem solved.

As for me, I need to clear my head of distractions for a bit before I can really enjoy a spanking, especially work stuff.

And, at our house, spankings always include a bit of lecture about some fictitious bad behavior, and sometimes bondage or a foot massage.

Ronnie: As others have said. Change things up. Communicate with each other about trying role play if you haven't already and try new positions/implements.

Hermione: Talking things through helped us enormously. Ron accepts that I am more interested in spanking than he is, but understands that it is something I crave. Funnily enough, the recommendation that some of you have made regarding variety in spanking did not work for us. Ron is more comfortable with a regular routine: same day, same time, same position. His contribution to variety is in his choice of implements. This has led to less stress and more fun in the bedroom for both of us.

Thank you all for taking the time to join in the conversation this week. Stay safe!
From Hermione's Heart

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