Thursday, January 21, 2021


The long nightmare is over.
From Hermione's Heart


kdpierre said...

I hope so, but sometimes when a rat goes from being out in the open to hiding between walls and dark crawl spaces, they can do more damage and are harder to catch. I also think there are certainly relieving aspects to the changeover, but let's not fool ourselves. This isn't over. And I think it's dangerous if we let our relief diminish our vigilance.

And maybe as a third party moderate, I don't necessarily feel like Democrats will be universal saviors. Still the last regime was SOOOOOOO bad that I found myself feeling relieved by yesterday's events, even if objectively they were just as boring as any that preceded them. LOL But after Trump, the platitudes and politics as (past) usual, yesterday felt .....nice. ;-)

That said, many of the executive orders did coincide with my positions. So.....progress in one day. That doesn't suck.

Red said...

Happy the nightmare is over, but so many problems exist. At ;least, there is a chance to move forward, not backwards
bottom sup

PK said...

I loved all of yesterday! Everyone was coherent, speaking in full sentences, speaking kindly and in ways to up lift others. I heard no name calling. It was like a cooling balm on a raw, burning wound.

But both Kdpierre and Red are right. The problems are real and they are still here. I feel like we have decent people to work on them now. Not miracle workers, but decent, caring people. I wish them the best.

Baxter said...

no one, especially Biden, has any thoughts that the job of president is easy. after that nightmare of the past four years, there is more than a glimmer of hope that lives in the US will be better. My first thing to do in the morning was to look at CNN to see what bs trump has started or commented on. today dawns and Biden is hard at work to reverse horrible trump policies. It will be full speed ahead for Biden, Harris and the cabinet as there is so much to do. Newspapers around the world are cheering them on as we all exhale a collective sigh of relief.

Erica Scott said...

We have so, so much work to do. Joe Biden was left with a terrible mess to clean up and I doubt he can do it all. Cheeto's base is still out there simmering and raving. It's going to be a long road. But... all that said, I still cried tears of joy three times yesterday. And the relief has me weak in the knees.

Dale said...

For the first time in four years: Today feels better than yesterday.

Roz said...

Such a relief that the changeover has occurred, and without incident. President Biden has a huge task ahead. As PK said, the problems are real and still exist. It's great to see President Biden off to a good start unwinding some of the mess created by the previous administration.



There is now a nice big gap between Trump and the football. Breathing a big sigh of relief.


Minielle Labraun said...

I feel such joy and hope.

WendelJones said...

Seems like all the Mighty Orange One's power disappeared after he was cut off from social media. Too bad Twitter and Facebook didn't ban him for life 4 years ago. The Misses said a feeling of calm came over her once JB was sworn in. I agreed but told her it still wasn't getting her out of the spanking.

ronnie said...

I think the whole world breathed a big sigh of relief. Biden has an enormous amount of work to do.


Fondles said...

I don't personally have a stake in American politics, I just know I was offended by the last man's stupidity. And I'm so glad that he's left the building.

Hermione said...

The news is going to be so boring from now on. What a relief!