Thursday, January 7, 2021

WTF America?

You can't afford to wait another two weeks. Invoke the 25th amendment now!

The world is watching you.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

I’d rather repeal the 2nd.


PS. It may all be America, but it seems a world away from the left wing snowflake bubble where I live in Northern California

Red said...

totally believable, sadly, because Trump called his supporters to come to Washington, and when you hear his speech, to march on Congress, and I will be right with you. The speech by his son and Guiliani were equally VILE

morningstar said...

Yesterday has left me fearing what the next 13 days hold - AND the inauguration .... I can't imagine the worry Biden and his wife are going through now...

Anonymous said...

I am posting this where ever I can. I am a republican and I did vote for Trump twice. However, seeing what happened yesterday, I am appalled as are many republicans. The man is sick. He needs help. But I just want the message out there that as a republican, I denounce what was done. I support Joe Biden as my president and I will allow him to do his job to help bring this country back to its glory. What I am trying to say, is it is not democrat versus republican it is all coming together to be Americans. God help and bless our nation

Anonymous said...

Hello from Europe.
Actually, we have no right to interfere with you, but the election period Trump had so much to do with foreign embarrassment for us.

A former beloved partner has been lost, at your own request. And in the time that you were busy with yourselves, tearing yourselves apart domestically, you gambled away all trust in the world.

Can Americans ever be reliable partners again? There are reasonable doubts.
All the luck in the world to you in the days ahead.

A wonderful quote from the press: One of you said: "Whether it's Biden or Trump, it doesn't matter to foreign countries. However, Biden loves his country. Trump doesn't.

Let's hope that's the case.

With best wishes and greetings across the pond

Erica Scott said...

Sickened, saddened, disgusted, infuriated.
But not surprised. Not one bit.
And yes. He needs to go, NOW.

Roz said...

I too am sadly not surprised, but I am horrified at what has occurred and also fear the next few days ahead and what will occur at the inauguration. The inauguration is a real concern for the Biden's, and all Americans.



I agree, invoke the 25th


Spanky53 said...

i can't believe anyone is surprised by what happened yesterday. He told everyone from day one this would be the outcome of a loss. As an American it was disheartening.

As a Black Man, I was most struck between the difference the police and national guard treated this BLATENT INSERRRECTION by white domestic terrorist and the show of force and they showed when it was BLM.

If America didn't see the difference between how people act when they have no reason to fear the police vs those of us who are given examples everyday why we should. The stark difference in the images between Black and White America wasn't was heart breaking.

PK said...

It's all sickening. One thing I heard on the news was that for the 25 amendment, the VP had to send trump a letter saying you are unfit to govern anymore. Then, trump can write back saying, 'yes I can' then congress has 21 days to review it. Where I really, really want him gone I'm just not sure if can be done any quicker than waiting the 13 days. But as bad as it was it may have made some of the crazies come to their senses.

Baxter said...

The secret service and the US Marshalls need to remove Trump from the White House in shackles and throw him into a C130 and fly direct to Gitmo and leave his ass there.

As to the Europeans and other countries around the world, know that the majority of Americans feel badly and are infuriated of what happened yesterday. We are a peace loving people who were governed by a narcissistic psychopath who disrespected our Constitution, rule of law and democracy.

I get the level of mistrust, but urge you to be patient as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris take their oaths and start governing. The American people will prove to you that we are better than what happened yesterday.

ronnie said...

It really saddened me. I agree, he has to go now.


Hermione said...

Amen to everything you have said.


Anonymous said...

... for us Europeans, however, two facts are particularly scary.
First, Trump voters will not simply disappear.

In 2020, Trump was not only able to mobilize his entire 2016 electorate once again, but also gained millions of new voters. And of these many millions of Trump voters, quite a few believe that the presidential election was rigged. Many in europe think only the 'dumb' and the poor voted for Trump, as you sometimes hear in educated, liberal circles, but they are people from many walks of life. The typical Trump voter does not exist. And that's very scary for us outsiders.

And second: Society in America seems to be breaking down into groups and camps, that barely tolerate each other and are often devoted to each other in hatred. There is a struggle over the correct worldview: Does an openly homosexual man, for example, behave "American"? Some say yes, others say no. That's as far as the line of conflict goes. But what is very important: I believe the social divide caused the political divide. And not the other way around.

How Biden will solve this problem in four years is not foreseeable. Or rather, whether he will be able to solve it at all. On the other hand, we should not underestimate the self-healing powers of a democratic society. American democracy emerged from the Civil War in the 19th century stronger than before and, in some respects, renewed itself. The same is true of the Great Depression in the 1930s, which led in the U.S. to the welfare-state restructuring of democracy under the banner of the New Deal. In Germany, however, it led to the crushing of democracy and the establishment of the National Socialist dictatorship. So thus we are branded here and know what can happen.

With concerned greetings

Translated with (free version)

Dale said...

One reader suggests the "typical" Trump voter does not exist. That is true on some levels. There are many reasons why different groups of people voted for him and remain supporters even after his most recent seditious events. However, one thing that a vast majority of Trump believers have in common is that they watch Fox News Channel to the exclusion of all other sources of news and opinion. Contributors to Fox News continue to steadfastly praise Trump, repeat false conspiracy theories, and make unsubstantiated charges against anyone who dares to oppose Trump's treasonous actions against the Constitution. This gives comfort to those who desperately cling to the false notion that voting for Trump was the right choice to best protect American democracy.

ozarkhillbillyhippie said...

lost for words impeach 25 amendment what was he thinking it is not a tv show mr trump this is reality