Monday, January 4, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for January 3

Do you have implements that show signs of wear and tear?

morningstar: Lordie - what a topic!! I am sitting here grinning thinking 'do I do it in alphabetical order or just random'??

I have had more than a few toys break on me - 2 wooden paddles, 3 canes, and a flogger (a cheap one) fall apart.

As for normal wear and tear -- I have a suede flogger whose falls are not so suede anymore - it's been worn off.

Have a flogger that used to have small metal beads on each fall - all the beads have gone, some flying across the room.

Have a leather strap with split ends -- and one of the splits is dangerously close to coming completely off.

and a couple of leather tawse that are absolutely limp now.

I do seem to be hard on my 'toys'... the joys of living with a Sadist :) (it helps I'm a masochist).

Roz: We don't have many implements left at the moment, apart from the sturdy wooden spoon and leather paddle. The rest have already worn out or broken lol. Hmm, time to indulge in the new year sales perhaps.

Anon: No real spankings for me. All of my implements are in pristine condition.:(

Barrel: Yep! We have a 27” black riding crop that I bought probably 40 years ago when we started to explore this realm. It has been used extensively and now the leather piece at the end is quite frayed. Now that I think about it, that is directly the result of the welts it has left on my backside over all those years.

Our leather strap and tawse get treated with either neatsfoot oil or leather conditioner a couple of times a year to ensure flexibility, so they are showing no effects of their use.

I looked at the back of the hairbrush and don’t see any loss in the sheen of the lacquer which surprises me as that gets the most frequent and vigorous use.

Wendel: A few years ago I bought Mickey Mouse spatulas just to spank the Misses. One looked like Mickey's glove and the other was a mouse ear shaped tip with Mickey's face on it. They gave the Misses a heck of a sore red bottom but the handles broke after a few uses. All the other items seem to holding up good. 

QBuzz: Our favourite spanking belt had to be retired from day-to-day wear, and is now exclusively used for spanking bottoms. It is still functional in both senses, but it is showing signs of heavy wear, and we'd hate for it be damaged in a way that meant we couldn't use it anymore.

Bonnie: Most of our unworthy implements were vanquished years ago. Those that replaced them were constructed from tougher materials, tougher than my bottom, that is.

Those cute 3/8" pine novelty paddles from the roadside tourist trap are just fond memories. I used to take great pleasure in outlasting those spanking implement wannabees. It was less amusing when my 1970s authentic sorority paddle snapped earlier this year. But we have a whole chest full of sturdy alternatives.

Then there are the inevitable pervertibles. Anything in the house that could be used to heat my bottom has been used, and probably more than once if it didn't break the first time. These can usually be easily replaced so it's a minor inconvenience when they break and Randy has to go find a trusty solid wooden hairbrush.

Prefectdt: I wish that my toys had the chance to get extended or excessive use but they do not and are all in good condition.

Several years ago I had to put my cane collection on the barbecue but that was because they were so old that I had purchased them from actual school shops in the UK, in a time when they still stocked such items.

A: Our "implements" are our hands* and so the answer is...yes?
Repair? More like refurbishment! Got any suggestions?

* On VERY RARE occasions a hairbrush or belt has been substituted. They may have worn out, but not because of THAT!

Bernie: Excessive use? Yes, especially in the moments when they are being applied with vigor to my bottom.

Ronnie: P recently had a clear out of old/damaged toys so all ours are now in good order.

Hermione: Our dogging bat needed some glue applied to the handle end, because the stiffening rod in the centre kept working its way out. We also have a rattan carpet beater that broke and has been repaired. Most of our implements are of good quality and show no sign of wearing out.

Thank you all for revealing your implement secrets. Until next time, stay safe!

From Hermione's Heart

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