Sunday, January 10, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #365

It's hard to feel cheerful after this terrible week, so help yourself to whatever medicinal aids you need. Maybe a good discussion about spanking will help us all clear our minds and reset our emotions.

What is the longest break you have taken from spanking?  What was the reason for the lack of spanking activity? What caused you to restart?

Please leave your response as a comment below. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

From Hermione's Heart


Fred said...

The longest without a spanking? NOW!
Unfortunately I am separated from my usual play friends, lockdown in the UK (plague Island) plus my ongoing medical issues means I have to stay isolated for my own safety and theirs.
So, no spankings since September 2020.
Big plans once lockdown is lifted and I have had my two shots.
Stay safe everyone.

Bonnie said...

Our longest break occurred almost forty years ago. Randy didn't want to spank me while I was pregnant because he didn't want to risk harming our baby. The break lasted almost a year! By the end of this time, we were both itching for some percussive fun.

And the baby is just fine.

Domhnall the Second said...

The last time I was able to visit with my Disciplinarian was in February, 2020. Life changing events and the Pandemic have completely prevented any spanking activity. I have no idea when I will be able to begin again. Not good!!!

Minielle Labraun said...

Hi Hermione, we’ve had some natural breaks due to health but always manage to gently play when we can. Even with words.
Although during the years prior to admitting and embracing my desires.... it was hit, or miss! Lol;)

Roz said...

Hi Hermione,our dynamic has evolved numerous times over the years and there have been a number of breaks. Some due to life stresses and changes, some natural breaks and periods where certain aspects of our dynamic worked well but others didn't for one or both of us.

We have gone a couple of years (I think) without spanking. Now we don't have an active dynamic and spanking activities are purely for fun and are spasmodic.


morningstar said...

Longest break??? I'm thinking a few months... due to health and/or lack of play partners.. I don't much like breaks (grinning) and am hoping there aren't any breaks in our future :)

WendelJones said...

Hey Hermione,
We stop spanking when we are sick. The longest was 10 days. I got sick, then the Misses got sick. She blamed me for passing it to her so once better she gave me one hell of a paddling. I was sore for two days.
The Misses was stressing out over the assualt on the Capital. I believe democracy will continue therefore the spankings will continue. I whipped her bare bottom with the belt Thursday to reassure her that all be ok and followed up Friday and Saturday morning with spankings. The Misses went to bed tonight complaining that her bottom is still sore. If she keeps it up tomorrow I am gong to spank her again.

Fondles said...

it's been so long without a spanking in these parts, a year? It seems forever. The house isn't conducive to spanking at the moment... and vacations have been out of the question (thanks to Covid), so we'll just have to wait I suppose.


The longest break that I have ever had happened in the 1990's and lasted a bit over four years. I do not want to say why as it involves another party, who I cannot hold at fault and do not want to incriminate. It ended after a psychologist, that I had been seeing for some time, finally got me talk about my spanko activities past and we traced the start of my problems back to when I had given up spanking. I had no network and so employed the services of a professional, for the first time in my life and had my life sorted out and stopped the medication that I had needed for some time in about six months.


Barrel said...

I think our longest break has been 3 months, which we just completed. It was driven by my annual physical, prostate cancer and need for another biopsy (ugly procedures). My wife loves to use her hairbrush which has a ribbed back that leaves striped marks when sternly applied. Those marks can take up to 4 weeks to fade. I didn’t want any residual marks when I exposed by tush for the physical and prostate biopsy, plus the week wait for the results in case I needed surgery. The good news, for the fifth time is no cancer progression so watchful waiting continues, for which I am elated. And I’m pretty happy to be spanked regularly again.