Sunday, April 4, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #377

Welcome to our weekly brunch. You are all invited to share your thoughts here. A comment that my dear friend Red made on a recent post was the inspiration for this week's topic. 

Would you ever consider going to a professional for a spanking? If so, what would be the circumstances? On the other hand, does the idea of being a professional spanker (or spankee) appeal to you?

Please leave your response as a comment below. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, and all the hidden Easter eggs have been found, I will publish a summary of our conversation.

From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

Happy Easter Hermione!

What a great question. For me spanking is something I enjoy within my relationship, it brings a greater level of connection and intimacy and enhances our sex life. It is also such an intimate act. Therefore no, I don't think I would go to a professional.


QBuzz said...

When I was single I did visit a few professional spankees to 'keep my hand in' ;)
As for my submissive side, I took the opportunity to explore my bi curiosity and meet up with dominant older gentlemen rather than pro spankers/dommes.
I love the idea of being a pro spanker/spankee but for men I think it's just a fantasy :D
Again when I was single I did enquire about doing some modelling as a male spankee (which is usually unpaid, and understandably so). But I never heard back.

Joe said...

This is a great question and I am sure everyone has different thoughts on it. For me it is something I have thought about for a long time and would accomplish a few things. My wife is still unsure of giving strong spanking, I have a desire to have my spankings witnessed. Visiting a professional can show my wife a strong spanking can be given without causing real harm and how to do it also I can have a witness without shocking a friend. We have talked about it and we just may do it.

WendelJones said...

I would not go to a professional spanker. For myself the enjoyent of being spanked is not just the act or the pain but also comes from knowing who is doing the spanking. Beside, the Misses can and has spanked quite hard in the past so I am good there.

Anonymous said...

I thought about it, being open with my dates, they understood but were not into that. I was dating a girl, had been about six months, when out of the blue she said that her mother felt a spanking would do me good. I asked why, she said my childish behavior, and my attitude. I told of my desire to be spanked, explained not for sexual, but I felt it would benefit me. I told her I was thinking of going to a house of prostitute and get a spanking. She listened, understood, and I thought that was the end of that. A month passed, the time to meet her mother, widow. She was nice, very much in control, and spoke her peace. We were going to spend the week, I had a bedroom, not far from my girlfriends. I recall like it was understand, I had just taken a shower, my girlfriend walked in while I was drying off, noticed my erection, and soon had me relieved of it. I went to put on my underpants, she was holding them and took them with her. I headed to the bedroom quickly, and to my shock her mother was sitting on a chair in the bedroom, hairbrush in hand. So you want a spanking, well you have earned one she said sternly, over my lap, NOW. I did as told, she soundly gave me a spanking. When I stood there rubbing, she said well is this what you wanted wanted. I could care less I was displaying myslef, my bottom was stinging and warm, and I said Yes. She smiled, grabbed my arm and I was taken to the kitchen, told to face the wall.
She made a comment later in the day about my wanting to visit as she put it 'The House', I said I did, well she said, trust me, I spank harder, longer, and with a purpose. It was a good half hour standing there, the two talked, and then my girlfriend said to get over her lap, I looked at her, NOW young man and I did as told. Make sure you spank hard, and you spank a long time, when he is squirming, pleading, and finally crying then have him face the wall. That first spanking from my future wife was nothing compared to the spankings she gives today. Always face the wall, no matter who might drop in. In recently she introduce me to little boy jammies, I wear them after a spanking, sometimes the whole day, and as she said I look so cute facing the wall in my jammies. Jack


Would you ever consider going to a professional for a spanking? - God yes and as soon as it is possible I will again

If so, what would be the circumstances? The circumstances would be that I want a competent spanking from someone who is experienced and skilled, has a good selection of toys, offers their services in a place where I can go ouch and argh as loudly as I need to and hopefully enjoys their work

On the other hand, does the idea of being a professional spanker (or spankee) appeal to you? - I would love to be a professional spankee but I doubt if I would get many clients


Anonymous said...

"Would you ever consider going to a professional for a spanking?

Uhhhh, will actually, I have.

"If so, what would be the circumstances?

The circumstances was my spanking GF had a career change and moved far, far away! With almost all the women I met hinting "No!" I began to really miss it. And one day I was in Los Angeles, discovered one of those underground papers that had ads for giving and taking spankings. Come in, pick your spanker/spankee, and go home all pink and tingly. No sex!

It got to me. I decided to do it. And let me be very clear, IT TOOK ME A LONG TIME TO DECIDE TO GO THOUGH WITH THIS! For more than a day before I made that call, I wondered if I should be doing this at all! It was not an easy decision. Even walking into the building that afternoon I was nervous, doubting myself, and ready to turn around.

In the end I went. To a place that had maybe 4 or 5 women on staff, comfortable being on either side of a lap. I told the woman I had scheduled with: "Really new at this! Never done this before. So I'm a bit nervous."

And she was wonderful. Understood, explained everything. Made jokes. Spanked me otk and bare-bottom, and let me return the favor. And we were both all smiles!

It was fun! On the way out she introduced me to the other women working there, "This is A! It's his first time and I just had him over my knee! He's a nice guy." (That was a recommendation to them that I was OK to play with.) And they were all so nice. Asked me how it was, what happened, was my tush sore, was it hard, and - will you come back...?

Yes. And I did. Met one girl who became a favorite. One day after we did switch play I asked her if she was native Californian or from somewhere else? Somewhere else. "Where?" She lived 9-miles - from my boyhood hometown. We were neighbors!!

It was fun and I never had a bad playtime. (I should note that it is usually a 1-hour session. But later I always opted for 2-hours because I know I'm going to talk to them so much because THEY ARE SO DAMN INTERESTING! All of them have great stories and want to hear yours. Even though we only talk for that second hour, I still compensate them for their time. Or tip them REALLY well if we go over.)

It has been a while but would I go again? Yes.
Recommend you go if you are thinking of it? Yes.

And by the way, I know of two pro women; one with a client who brings his wife to be spanked/played with; the other who has a married couple visit with her and she does BOTH of them! Together!

So, recommend you go with your spouse? Yes! Neither of you will forget it.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely! When I was single, I visited many pros and got to know some of them fairly well. Never once had a bad experience, and it only got better as the pro learned more about you.

I took girlfriends with me on more than one occasion. They always had fun and liked the pro. We never had sex at the establishment, but things sure heated up once we arrived home!

Now that I've been married 20+ years, I've not returned to any pros. My wife has no interest in a joint visit, and things are so good at home that I have no reason to pressure her.

Best to All, Graham

Unknown said...

In a word, no. The money aspect would color things in a way that would be difficult for me to ignore. I get why some people do it and also why it may work for others, but I think there are enough people around for me who can take on that role without money changing hands. I'm not sure why money so negatively affects things for me, but it does with so many things. (We have a pool table right in the center of our living room, had it for decades......and in all that time my one rule for guests, [besides being careful with the felt and not putting drinks on it] has been: no money bets. I hate playing cards for money as well. Anything. Money just makes things.......tainted.)

ricky said...

Hi Hermione,
Long time no email from me. My fault. I've had to change residences recently and had no online access, but fortunately have now, and want to say hello and chat again, if that's OK.
Yes, I've been to professionals because of their very professionalism and accessibility. I found them all very courteous, instructive, compassionate, and in no way sadistic, nor cruel.
I am too timid to ask a woman I've become friendly with to spank me, let alone the other way
So spank me! (PLEASE!!!)