Thursday, October 7, 2021

Complete the Caption

Our dear friend Hilda is busy with her autumn chores, but her mind seems to be elsewhere. What can she be thinking about?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment. I'll publish your suggestions on Saturday.

From Hermione's Heart


Baxter said...

She could be thinking of many things. With the falling leaves comes the colder weather and she won't be able to wander around in her bikini outside soon. Or she could be looking at the red leaves, knowing her bottom will match them if she doesn't rake them all up. Or she won't be spanked with saplings but rather a less pliable riding crop or cane. Yes our dear friend Hilda's thoughts are on her behind, as they should be, the naughty wench.


Anonymous said...

“I know Rosco’s watching, I can feel his naughty eyes. That neighbor boy has scarcely missed a chance to ogle me from behind that window. I know I shouldn’t enjoy teasing him like this but I do. What’ll I do next. I next to catch him so I can give him a sound spanking, then make him give me a long slow wet kiss between my ample thighs. Oh my, I’m so wet just thinking about it. C’mon Hilda, how can you capture that pouty lad and make him your love slave?”

(With apologies to all those who’d prefer to see Hilda’s big bottom getting spanked)

- Rosco

Unknown said...

Taking her ease, she felt a cool breeze, causing a draft, right up her aft.


"Is that a Martian tripod coming towards me?"

Sorry, as soon as I saw this image, all that came into my head was the song Forever Autumn. From Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds


Anonymous said...

the geese are flying south, to enjoy the warmth. I wish that my bottom will have the same warmth soon, and often!
bottoms up

Simon said...

"It's autumn and freezing so why am I raking the garden in my underwear" thought Hilda.

Rich Person said...

"All the leaves are fiery red. Why isn't my bottom?"

ronnie said...

He told me to clean up the leaves and then come inside for my spanking, I hope it's a hard one.


WendelJones said...

My love is going to change the color of my bottom tonight.

Anonymous said...

If I just leaf through these leaves, maybe he won't leave tonight without spanking me