Sunday, October 17, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #405

Welcome, dear friends, to our weekly discussion time. Today's topic was suggested by Bonnie, the queen of spanking bloggers, and you know how creative Bonnie can be.

It's not easy to spank in a car. Have you found an arrangement that works for you? If not, tell us about your failures. If you haven't tried it, would you like to?

Please leave your response as a comment. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Only done it once, and over clothes, as we were in a small mall, on the side of a still open restaurant (with the employee door 15 yards away, and some came and went).

I was driving a compact car, ordered the spankee on passenger side to push her car seat all the way up, as did I. Told her to join me in back seat, me on drivers side, so she went otk over my right knee. She then went otk for the next 10 minutes or so. I positioned her so her butt was in the center of the back seat, and she was just 5'4' with short legs. I had enough room that I could get my arm shoulder high or so, and had room to spare w/o hitting either front seat or the door.

That allowed enough room to maneuver that she told me after using the rest room at the (other) restaurant 1 mile away we were going to, that her butt matched the red upholstered seats at the one we got sundaes at. We stopped at a different strip mall after for a shorter, same style top up session.

Anonymous said...

I actually spanked an amazing woman this afternoon in the back seat of my four door truck. I have to admit I was worried but she assured me she had done it before and everything would be alright. She was right it was one of the most mind blowing experiences of my life. It was so much fun. She not only has a world class bottom that can take one heck of a spanking, she has one of the most amazing souls I have every met. Did I say how much fun it was. I wanted it to never end and I wish I could see her tomorrow and everyday after. All I can say is thank you and wow!

Roz said...

We have tried it a few times, both over clothes and a naked bottom, always in secluded places.

It definitely has its limitations. We have tried both putting the front passenger seat back down and lying on the seat and otk on the back seat. The latter being more effective.


Bonnie said...

It's not easy to spank in a car and harder still to do it well. Even when we were younger and more flexible, spankings delivered inside a conventional passenger car were seldom satisfying - an appetizer at best. A spanking in a limousine, however, was quite satisfactory.

A big SUV seems like it ought to have enough room in the back, but there isn't much swinging space. In such cases, a short implement like a hairbrush (a solid wooden one, not the cheap kind that always break) works best. The back of a van or box truck is perfect, as long as you park it in a secluded spot.

The other option is to get out of your vehicle, again preferably in a private location. One of my all-time most memorable spankings was a hard paddling I accepted while bent over the hood of my then-fiance's Vega. We followed a tractor road back into a field of tall corn. The tailgate of a pickup is another good spanking venue. That one has a delicious traditional country corporal punishment feel. Drop them Daisy Dukes!

WendelJones said...

I tried spanking the Misses in the front seat. I did get a few good smacks but ultimately it was a fail. There was not enough room to get good swings for the spanks. The back seat work better. I could get her across my lap and had a bit more space for the spanking.
Does tailgating count as in the car? On a few occasions when we go hiking we administered bare bottom whippings to each other while bent over the open tailgate. Obviously in secluded spots.


I have never been in a spanking situation in a car. Nor have I in my camper van, but I would like to try it. The bed would be good, for a lay over the lap OTK spanking. The swivelling chairs, in the cab area, would also be good for a more traditional OTK. The dining table could be bent over for anything requiring a short swing, slipper, spoon, things like that. Long swing items, like canes and floggers, would be out of the question, though. Noise would be an issue on a camp site, so finding a park up in a quiet country lane might be better


Anonymous said...

It might be more common than thought. I think some women like to spank out of doors. We have done it several times but not for a while. The first was with people in the house. She made me ride with her out to an old logging road where she parked, ordered me into the back seat and soon joined me, picking up the clothes brush she ALWAYS kept in the glove compartment. She bared me completely and it was very embarrassing but probably not much chance of being seen out there. She used that spot several times when we needed a private spot and as far as I know we were never seen. It was embarrassing and a little scary but she loved it. We also back in the day had a couple of spankings administered while driving somewhere. She always stopped the car when she reached that point and ordered me into the back seat where I had to get bare from the waist down and wait for her to find a safe spot. Except for one time it was always a rest area along the highway where she would park away from other cars and quickly join me in the back seat. It was all over in 5 or ten minutes and no one saw us as far as I know but we could have been heard. It was good for me to know she would do it if I provoked her enough and it was more private than I thought it would be. But the embarrassment of sitting bare in the back seat stayed with me. She still carries that clothes brush in the glove compartment and would still use it if I provoked her.

Anonymous said...

Like Bonnie said, "It's not easy to spank in a car." So, no - except this ONE time...

Took my then spanking-GF to dinner - in February. A BITTERLY cold night. And she was dressed to the nines. Sexy. Silk! Sitting at our table she's talking away about something and I'm not even listening because I'm thinking how beautiful she looked and how I want her over my knee again. She finally notices my inattention and mid-sentence goes, "What??? What???"

I just stared and smiled 'that' smile. And then she knew what I was thinking!!! Gives out an "Oh, God," puts her hand on her face and, "Really..?"

I just smiled using my best imitation of Snidely Whiplash. Just nodded, yes. Tonight. As soon as we get to my place.

Then I told her to go to the ladies room and take off EVERYTHING underneath that dress; bra, panties, hose - all of it. She did. Jammed it into her purse. And then we had dinner! Where she got me all excited! Loved her even more, and she felt herself the seductive slut seducing me.

When we left I told her not to wear her winter coat, but to carry it the few blocks to my car so she can REALLY feel the bitter COLD of that night, hoping she would get all "nippley" (is too a word.)

Into the car and on the road we get about halfway home all excited, and I pull off into a dark and deserted 'scenic overlook'. Too damn cold to open the doors I had her just turn around, lie as best she could over the back of the passenger seat - and pull her dress up offering me her bare bottom. She did, and here's where Bonnie's reality became real: "It's not easy to spank in a car." Jesus; it was just awful. Angles all wrong, the position difficult. It was terrible. A couple of fun slaps foretelling what was to come, a bit of 'exploration,' and that was it.

It was much more fun when we got to my place. Never again tried the car thing. But thanks for bringing up a fun memory.


ronnie said...

I've been spanked bending over the bonnet of a car but never inside. Don't think it would work as we are both tall. Would be too uncomfortable.


Barrel said...

Never have and I doubt we ever will. Too many luxuries while doing it at home. Plus we usually use long implements that wouldn’t fit in a car.

I do have to laugh at Bonnie’s share. I had a Vega too and her reminder of that dog of a car made me laugh.


Anonymous said...

Several times when young, usually in the back seat. Was fun at the time, but as adults more comfortable surroundings are favored! Graham