Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Escape to the Dungeon

Every evening we watch a recorded episode of Escape to the Country, a British program that features a person, couple or family in search of the perfect country home, complete with a large kitchen/diner, a wood burner, a nice garden (big, but not too big), and "character". Luckily, England, Scotland and Wales have plenty of such homes.

I always wonder if the prospective homeowners ever stumble across family secrets. The cameras whisk past some of the rooms, and the buyers are told later to explore on their own, without the cameras. Might they possibly stumble upon a spanking bench, a St, Andrew's cross, or even a pair of handcuffs? What exactly is that snug used for, and why is a hairbrush prominently displayed in every bedroom?

A recurring feature of each hour-long show is a visit to some establishment that reflects a buyer's interest, like an alpaca farm, brewery or dairy. On a recent episode, a couple was taken to meet a wood carver and helped carve a wooden spatula. The finished product was really quite good, and they were  allowed to take it home as a souvenir.

Do you think they tried it out in their hotel room that night?
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that if we were visiting and my wife saw that, I would be soon over her lap feeling the sting of it. She would not need a reason, but would say just in case you get out of line, this is here for that purpose and best try it out. Jack

Roz said...

Interesting Hermione, I haven't watched this, it's amazing what can be found in these places.

That spatula looks so good it would be rude not to try it out don't you think? LoL


PK said...

I like where your mind goes. That spatula looks delicious! I'd hate to think it was wasted on cooking.

Baxter said...

I certainly hope the buyers would use it on each other while discussing the house. You can imagine how the conversation would go.

woman - dear, I really want that house. whine whine.
man - no we cannot afford it. But we can afford this spatula that I am going to use on your whiny bottom.

Man - honey, we cannot afford this house
woman - we can and we will. you will get a new job now or ask for a raise. pull your pants down so I can show you what is going to happen if we don't get this house. hand me the spatula.


WendelJones said...

I wish I had the skill to make “Spatulas” like that. We would never leave the new country house because our bottoms would always be too sore to put pants on.

ronnie said...

I know the programme you are talking about but haven't watched it. I love the look of that spatula. I'd lie to know if it was used the way I hope it was.